scott slips through the hole and miles taylor, grabs him and breaks him down. Connor cook drops it off underneath incomplete intended for mcgarrett kings, jr cook there’s, a shovel pass underneath to the first down for josiah price. Great call from the 37. cook short drop this time to the far side and caught by mcgarrett kings jr. He gives it to lj scott Applause, we’re gon na get big jack conklin number 74 on a hold, only offense number 74. ken narrating out of the foul repeat. Second down: they run the option. The reverse: shelton gets around the corner of the blocker and shutting out of bounds at the 43 yard line cook another handoff to scott. He spins dives, and i think he got it for the college. Football playoff and a handoff to scott again and scott goes down in midfield picks up two Applause: great catch by burbridge lj scott in motion out of the backfield cook’s gon na throw it here’s cool off the sideline got it first down: spartans burnbridge for michigan state 506 to go cook again, looking backside running directing now, takes it himself and gets out of bounds inside the 30.. This is the 12th play of the drive that started at the road 18. Second and three scott on the move, breaking tackle cook to scott and scott, goes down to the 20. cook, handing it off to scott still running powers. His weight forward against inside the 15.

iowa’s defense hold scott. They grab him from behind, but he picks up the first down first down and 10 of the 13. lj scott, the deep man they give it to him. The freshman looking and he’ll get to the 10. lj scott. The true freshman running effectively gets through the hole and down to the five 233 pounds out of hubbard ohio. They give it to him looking and they knock them backwards. Applause yard line for michigan state a minute 48 to go, lj’s got the deep man they give it to him and he is tackled hurdles forward. It gets down to about the two out of the shotgun runs. The option keeps it did he get it lj? Scott again and he doesn’t get it – brings up third down and goal at the one inch line. Third down and goal at the one for michigan state.