I think i’m gon na move those since they’re in the way. Remember those fries with that hot you see the steam coming off that cheese i’m, not gon na turn it over this time, that’s the fries chicken wings. Those are garlic. Barbecue, see that cheese. These the regular barbecue yeah look at let’s. Do a thumbnail all right that she they made it extra hot now yeah i got my corn too y’all and i got the um garlic pomegranate more than fries yeah yeah put these up like that. Oh yeah, that’s a little better right there, yeah! Okay, everyone see the chicken they want to see what we eat. Well, i guess you’re going to show it to them, see right there, i sold them my chicken already, oh okay, what y’all up to today nice day it ain’t raining here, i’m having rain for the last, how many days three three days, ain’t! Really, no! Oh more! But anyway, we still in quarantine, so very much to do. We could have went to the beach, though no no that’s, why i said i looked at him: y’all what’s wrong with the jersey beaches, my birthday coming up next month, y’all and i thought i was gon na – go back to virginia beach, but you can’t go there. Trying to go there and when i’m out we’re supposed to be in arizona, can i go there yeah.

I ordered my skateboard today, so we’ll be here probably a week like i’m gon na find time to do with all this just corona virus and all that i’m.

Finding things to do i’m, taking it back to my childhood y’all yeah i’m, a big guy, but i can steal about a skateboard ain’t, no big deal that’s easy. Did you put it in the last video yeah? I go to my skates that’s. How y’all finally found something finally found something now our kids are scared to death. They like look get helmets, get knee pads, get elbow pads, get all that they like stop playing get they’re like i don’t know what y’all trying to prove y’all going through something in life but yeah. I need to go ahead and get um some elbow pads and knee pads, it’s good yeah we’re, using the store yesterday, looking for bikes, i’m gon na do that offline. They have one bike: um i’m, both talking about i’m getting this yeah. The bike was so small. It’S ridiculous, my my knees was hitting the handlebars and everything and he talked about something i’m. Getting this i could just um what’d, you say: pull up the seat, pull up the shoe a little bit. You see how i was riding around the arm. Store though i was riding down, i was running around warm up y’all. I could still ride the bike, so that’s good. Barely he was you know. I just took my knee.

I wasn’t comfortable. I got to get a bike, but you almost brought the bike. I know. Hey i was like okay, i don’t know who gon na get that back to because it ain’t for him i’m happy.

He changed his mind. It was the old school one too, and the big thick wheels. I know the other guy look at a lot of miles. Out of that it was real thick. It was sturdy it’s. Just too small yeah remind me of debo only um on friday that’s, his name. We had that little bite that’s what you do Laughter, yeah that’s. True have videotaped. Well, i almost bought it though i was like he gon na waste his money because nobody, he can’t, fit that back and nobody else can either but i’m happy. He changed his mind at the last minute. I was close though y’all so bad. I want a little bicycle. I was like don’t. Do it. Y’All went back, i was up early this morning i went to a couple places looking for bikes or certain things: no bikes, nobody got bikes. That was funny. There was only one, so you thought you were gon na get that one yeah. I see a lot of people on on my youtube doing that uh, sardine and oreo challenge. No, i can’t i can’t do that came up with that. I can’t do that sorry way. Jose no, i can’t eat the stories, but i’ll be sardines by itself, but to add some oreo cookies to it.

I can’t do it. I can’t eat, so i didn’t buy it that wasn’t even a thought. For me, coco said she was throwing up all night coco empire.

Okay! No, i can’t do that. No thank them! What is that noise? Music, y’all speaking of making noises um with my mouth? Oh yeah, bitch marky you’ve, been in the hospital for a couple weeks, yeah let’s, say: um pray for me, ain’t going good, it’s health related problem. I got um diabetes yeah. He had that song, the vapers back in the day. I must have played that on my um on my little boom box for my radio just back to back 20 times straight when that came out yeah i was living in california. I played a little bit of football and i had you know how you wrapping paper around your ankles and your arms, and all that i had my arms wrapped up and i had to worry the vapors on it. Y’All used to love that song don’t be so corny that was back in the day. The vapors will the picture around here somewhere, i don’t know oh too bad won’t have it put on there. He never looked healthy. I knew um bismarck back in the day his cousin, i grew up with his cousins lauren lee rolling pregnancy right, um, Music. Back in the day he used to come out and visit all time sure they’re, not mine. This time y’all, i don’t want that.

Many just a couple i don’t want to beat you i don’t know yeah so hope the beds get um, help y’all, say, pray for the babies.

Hope you get right. I hope it’d be okay. You also had a song with just a friend that was big. I thought you were taking a couple: okay, oh you can’t be singing no song that’s! All you want yeah. Now these fries got a little seasoning on them. You see it looks like an old bay or something mm. Hmm really good look real good and then you dip them in the cheese, pretty good. Congratulations to russell and sierra on a birthday little baby, yo y’all, like the name, though i love the name it’s just different it’s, win harrison wilson. What no my bad yeah ryan that’s, what i am harrison russell name is different. I’Ll go with that. It’S wilson, wynne harrison russell! You said, rent harrison wilson, my bad! I got it all wrong. I was like what harrison wilson either way. I, like the name when, why would never talk the name? Occasionally no it’s a win win situation. You said i showed you a corner, it’s a win win. I know that was funny that’s cause. I had. I had the papers on my arm back in the day. For playing football, yeah it’s a win, win situation, hey congratulations to sierra! He gon na win more no matter what so he’s gon na win baby.

What eight pounds good sized baby! I don’t know about that. Now eight pounds the baby was that’s, i don’t know, and the baby was born on my son’s birthday, Music ain’t that crazy.

He was like beautiful thing. Beautiful thing: are you gon na win anyway, yeah i’m? Looking at this thing and then once he ever was singing happy birthday to him, she was singing on instagram right it’s, not shaving, it’s everywhere. Now it was so nice yo sierra look like 50 different people, though i swear that makeup or whatever they do. I look at pictures back in the day. She looked totally, i mean six months ago. Nah. She looks the same to me. She looks the same makeup or whatever they do to her she’ll be looking different, who she look like. She looked like sierra okay, i’m gon na give her my opinion, that’s, all no, you you. When you see it, you see it without makeup and you don’t know who she is without makeup, but she was she on. I don’t know what she is without. She looks. The same to me, no i’m, not um, sponsored these that candle’s not sponsoring outside showing them, but she always looks the same to me. Uh my niece. I was um looking at the picture, jennifer lopez, my niece was saying how good she look. I’M sure i do. I will too, what are you saying? What do you mean? Oh you want a package, a package, maybe it’s my skates, this guy’s gon na come next week, though right or faster y’all had to get the ugly ones too.

They had another nice one, like i said, y’all kids, i could they scared.

They scared us. Oh my bad. The body works. If that’s my bathroom body words, i could do a haul, they had a great sound all the soaps, the hand, soaps 375., also yeah what’s. Your name kanye west apologized to his wife for his behavior, but no matter if you don’t, take your medication or whatever you need to take. The same thing will happen on your next campaign. Uh campaign, no same person act like that. He he’ll take care of yourself. I’Ll take his medicine. Oh he publicly apologized, just like he. Probably public publicly humiliated her. He apologized. He said you had my back when i didn’t have yours. I’M. Sorry. I’M! Sorry, for that, once again he can apologize all he wants. He better go get uh. He better take care so the first time he walled out well, she said she’s been dealing with they’ve been dealing with that for a long time who said she been holding down the kids and you shouldn’t do that yeah. She must really love her was trying to get divorced for the last two years, though, did he say that when he was um in a manic state, he ain’t saying that now he said his wife didn’t say nothing about no divorce, so i don’t know kim had That other basketball player he was down there, he was, you, know, cool or she never guess you didn’t have enough flavor for it.

I don’t know i didn’t even have to say that i’m just saying he was down to earth.

He was you know and she’s married for a couple weeks, and now they do that i’m. Just saying humphreys, you love, who you love right now, chris humphries. I guess you love him. You love him. I can tell you love him from the start and why i have the big wedding and everything, because she was a good guy and she thought she’d just have a good guy, and that would make her happy every time right. Every time the food escapes my mouth. Okay and i got ta – go scrub it and put stuff on it before i wash it. Dudes are staying out, it makes no sense. Hey y’all, ain’t, gon na hold y’all know. I got ta see what package came i’m saying right now that delivery man he um, hit that door here i’ll. Do it real hard y’all? I think y’all heard it you jumped cause. I wasn’t expecting everybody to be knocking on the window that hard yeah. You saw him coming, yeah i’ma, see it coming when i’m. Looking at the camera um from the corner of your eye smarty. Looking straight, i saw something: i’m gon na pull down my eye. You saw something no through the um here. I thought i saw something and he ran right here all right. Let me go see what it is hopefully that’s for us and not one of them, kids, because they always order something too.

It can’t be my skateboard y’all.

I just ordered that, like four hours ago, you didn’t come that fast special delivery. I didn’t spend the extra money to get it delivered. You know same day or whatever, hopefully it’s my bathroom body works and on all my skates, all right, y’all we’re gon na let y’all go enjoy the rest of the year. Then you can do a haul yeah saturday i’m, not showing y’all those cakes. When i get them there, because they’re ugly that’s, the only ones they had on my side, they’re sketchy, they look like little kids, i want some grown and sexy escape i’m gon na show my skateboard on here. Probably nobody wants to see her in this table. Y’All i’m, not playing that’s, not that long. You got the same one. Your daughter got yeah almost i’m, a big guy. I can’t be on a little tiny one. I’Ll really be falling all over the place and the wheels will just go flying. I need something: huh! All right, y’all got ta, enjoy the rest of your day. We’Re gon na go, do what i usually eat and then go for a walk, yeah y’all thanks for tuning in and everything thanks for the support.