Thank you very much. Let’S start out. First of all, it’s national ice cream month and you’ve got a brand new flavor here milk and cookies ben. Can you tell us a little bit about it? Yeah, absolutely so, of course, uh ronald reagan came up with the idea of national ice cream month and uh. We love to celebrate it as well, so we introduced our milk and cookies flavor uh for this month and um. That is going to be a delicious vanilla, ice cream, surrounded by chocolate chip cookies. So obviously a really cool and delicious treat for this time of the year, all right and up top there. You know he’s just he’s, just preparing away they’re, making a delicious ice cream casserole with this brand new flavor tell us what you’re doing there uh david yeah uh so i’ve. I have lined uh a little small pyrex here with chocolate chip cookies and what i’m doing is i’m taking uh big scoops of our milk and cookies ice cream and i’m gon na i’m, making a i’m gon na spread it out and make a layer, and so That way, it will uh, it’ll kind of you know, make a nice soft layer there and i’m. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to repeat the same, the same thing and what i’m going to do that twice if i’m going to put a layer of cool up in between it and put some fun all right, well: ben, while he’s up there putting This delicious looking dessert together, let’s talk a little bit more, i mean bluebell.

Ice cream is synonymous with summer summer summer. Time is a great time to enjoy some bluebell ice cream. Absolutely, and you know going back to national ice cream month um. You know. Reagan said that that the third sunday in uh in the month of july would actually be national ice cream days. Oh wow, of course you know in our house. We celebrate that you know and, and we uh you know and for bluebell in general. We typically, you know, release a flavor this time of year. For that – and you know, milk and cookies this year has been that flavor um, and you know what i did want to say is that you can find this flavor at any major retailer um. You can um and if you don’t see it on the shelf, you know, of course, ask for your store manager for it and we’ll make sure we get that delivered to the store it could be flying off the shelves, because man it’s been hot absolutely and what More iconic snack is there than milk and cookies i mean that’s. Something we do year round is milk and cookies. Well, absolutely you know and i’ll be honest with you it’s one of my favorite tasting flavors um. I love the fact that it’s just a simple vanilla, ice cream and chocolate chip, cookies um, you know we have customers that that’ll just put you know, vanilla in between chocolate chip cookies and make a cookie sandwich, and you know i think this just kind of fits That you know that mold and that that fun um fun little treat that you can.

You can get kids or adults alike and david. How far along? Are you on your creation? There we’re actually getting pretty close to being done. This is such a fast and easy. You know simple treat, for you know parents to make while kids are at home this summer, or you know just any time on the weekend, um so i’m, just adding a thin layer of whipped, topping to it and um. You know you just take us. Take a spoon and just spread it out. You just it’s almost like a like a layered cake, almost but we’re doing this with a chocolate chip, cookies and ice cream. After this, then, what we’re going to do? Okay, now, then we’re going to have to so we’ve. Now, we’re, just going to take a crumbled, crumbled up chocolate, chip, cookies and we’re, going to sprinkle it here on top, oh man, yeah, so more chocolate chip, cookies, the better and then we’ll. Take that and then i’ve got some chocolate shavings here. So, of course, there’s gon na sprinkle, you know sprinkle some more chocolate. I mean you can’t go wrong with that, more chocolate too sure. So we add and ben. I guess this is one time you wish you were there with david. I know this is kind of unfair isn’t it i don’t even get to participate at least normally we get on a set together right. You know i can at least try it. We got to have you, gentlemen, in our studio, sometime to to make some more creations with that wonderful bluebell ice cream.

Absolutely, and it looks like you finished up there, david yeah. So this this is kind of a mini version. Oh wow right there yeah and i i made up a big one. So if you’re feeding a large group, you can actually you know, do a big one like that. You just put it in the freezer for a little while get it. You know nice and cold and right it’s ready to serve those two would last about two minutes here at our station right now. I i think they wouldn’t last very long at all – well, ben and david – thank you so much for stopping by today and virtually here via zoom. Thank you for sending us some great ice cream and this flavor of milk and cookies, i think, is going to be a hit for y’all this summer. We appreciate you having us. Thank you all right. It is bluebell ice cream, milk and cookies it’s their flavor. For this summer, you saw that great recipe.