Third, from this distance should be able to control the spin that looked like he’s almost stopped at the bottom of the of the swing in the bunker, a couple of good tee shots from bubba and tiger par putt here for dustin johnson Music kind, uh, oh that’s, Something kind of waved at that one again. These greens are extremely quick as we’ve seen just to that’s, just to give that one to almost a you know a brain, cramp or something because it just it was a poor drive, it’s interesting how different players approach different golf courses, how certain holes might look to One player and may not look to another and dj electing to go with the irony in good shape there as we head back the 11th second shot for dustin johnson. This whole ‘2 good look at there at uh, dustin johnson, just putting his left hand on his right bicep. I think you’ve got to make your fair share of putts when you shoot the score that he did. That was just phenomenal wasn’t. It was just amazing to watch win the title, but i think he shot 61 or 62 on the sunday you shoot 61 or 62 on sunday. You, you know usually do something really special, which he did good save there from dj. It’S difficult to sort of you know, move traffic a little bit and then sort of settle in over the shot and then get your focus straight back.

Oh jane managed to do a pretty good job of that there. When you see the undulation in the green, there there’s a lot of movement in these greens a bogey at the 10th, a couple cars since then now trying to get back to even oh. This looks really good and, i think, a little hangover on the first holster. I mentioned that a little earlier. I saw him on the putting green warming up and you’re just sort of resting that left hand on the the right bicep there it’s, obviously something to do with alignment there bk you. The alignment was not bad, just trying to maybe soften that out. I think sometimes dustin does get that right. Forearm and right elbow just creep a little high, and that would be definitely the case where you could no matter what we were playing, how about that? He thought he had killed it. The ball had other ideas: it’s, not often that dustin johnson has six feet for par and a par 5 fedex cup point leader, dustin johnson, when you start standing there and you start saying to a player, i think it’s a six or i think, it’s a seven You’Re you’re taking their feel away, longish parsees, okay, what i spent a lot a long time with fannie this just a fairway wood for dj here at 17. that bunker down the left side. There is 319 definitely in range for dustin johnson might have been a little bit of a tow hit there for dustin and he loves it.

He understands his role pressure release valve ahead to 17 dustin’s. Second, oh, how about that that’s a beauty right there all right! Meanwhile, ahead on the green dustin johnson for birdie yeah great shot in there, it was good to see dustin make that one get himself back to even park we’re on the tee at mark, carnival rejoins us yeah, 500 yard par four go to the dog leg from Right to left, hopefully it’s not in that tree now this whole located back left dj, trying to bring this in right to left all right. I have a feeling about this one. I just as you look at this putt this buck can work right to the left and as a player, i think you just kind of feel it look at that almost yeah. He knew it was gon na come in there at about about three o’clock, almost got it higher, so they’re kind of getting to know it a little bit dj. I love the look there from behind the recovery shot here at 1.. Four players in this field now wait a minute. Yes, i think they kind of negate each other it’s, not steeply downhill. Dustin’S been a little wayward with the driver. Today, i’ll sit down, so i over cut this one. I believe. Look at that bounce got a terrible bounce in the fairway, then kick straight left to just get in the rough 116 now sitting down there pretty deep.

So this should release when it lands on. I just didn’t carry it quite far enough it’s getting a release. Raj Applause ahead to two dustin johnson for birdie: this should have pace. That’Ll run out. Justin thomas hit the first tee shot of his group. He actually hit it in a fair way right up against the collar there on the left. Well, that one looks really good to me. Then we, head up to the third second shot for dustin johnson, looks like that. Ball was sitting up pretty pretty good there. That always makes it tough off a downhill lie. When the ball is sitting up, you always tend to catch it out of the top of the club, and that might have been the case there for dustin johnson, too came up short of the green in two and pitched it to here. Colin yeah good look here for right dj. I think wow hit that a little too hard may not be too difficult enough down as we head to the par 4 4 with dustin johnson one under and over at the fourth second shot for dustin johnson. On the way, yeah from 87 yards right, rough cut right had to play left that’s. Really the right play that’s pretty about as much as he could do boy. Did he roll the rock well last week, another good puck there from just inside 30 feet they’re the kind of ones that you want to make, but at the same time you want those little stress free one, foot, tap ins.

I prefer the stress. Well, i mean i want to make it, but the stress, free, tap ins are definitely good, see we’ll stay at one over currently three off the lead that’s held by four players head to the fifth dj on the team, with just an iron yeah. Yes again just playing for good position here. Second shot up at the fifth for dustin johnson good shot there for dj the ball. You see there on the right side of the green, that of justin thomas, so he was able to escape a two of five and scrambling that’s uh. You usually see a little better number from dj on that that one was always low from the get go. You could see he was up and out of that quickly, 180 yards today, yeah it’s, sort of a mid right hole, location but dustin didn’t like that one quickly and i don’t know why i could hear him calling whoa whoa whoa cinnamon it hit that. I think he just misread how good it was going to come out of that rough. I head to six dustin johnson for his par. You know i was going to say that’s a difficult one. There ball below his feet, tape location, whether the sole or the cavity would be better for a putter. Well, could i? I would definitely think that it would make some degree of of change to the feel and also you know the moi of the potter like it’s.

You know you’re changing it see how the big fella does over here in the trees, hell he’s locked up over there 125 and try to hit something at the right side. Oh oh that’s, not where you want it. Third, at the par four yeah tough shot here. For dustin not much green to work with and downwind, but the one saving grace is it’s a little bit back up the hill. This man passed all the tests. Last week, 30 under was the winning score. We’Ll tell you that 30 under will win this week and it may win by 25, or so that number will work and it isn’t going to take nearly that much this course has hosted two pga championships. Two u.s opens a u.s senior open, u.s, amateur kpmg, women’s pga championship and now this event five western opens along the way, also, which was the predecessor to this event, that’s only three off the lead tough day he’s had his chances dustin johnson now for birdie. At eight oh hang on, i was gon na, say late in the day in the shadows over the hole, he did a pretty good job move up to nine dustin johnson, not one to shy away from a challenge that one looks like it’s caught that bunker on The second bunker, on the left side there did did the job with the first one wow that hurts tiger now, a couple over here’s dustin’s same number, trying to grab something at nine and that’s a really good shot, absolutely great shot there good angle, that’s the difference.

Well done that’s a great birdie. It is a great way to finish it up.