. This video, we give you a piece of breaking news body. Language expert reveals megan’s gesticulation actually looks ridiculous. As i reported, meghan markle appeared via video link as she spoke out about the fight against gender and race inequality, while addressing young women around the world at a digital global leadership summit last night, and followers quickly flooded twitter, with tweets remarking on her fake flowing hair Hollywood glow and bare shoulders comparing megan’s awful look to her more reserved former royal look. Meanwhile body language, expert blanca cobb described the los angeles native’s appearance as redesigned and rebranded describing her as gesticulation. That actually looks ridiculous in her own right. Speaking to female cobb said this was a very redesigned and rebranded megan with her body language, suggesting she has now fully ditched the royal experience and is back on track on form as a d list actress who craves attention she looks awful. Her nose is weird, the dress is a sack. Rumors of you know was sparked deliberately and her hair looks like a wig don’t. Forget the plastic surgery to change that nose that her heritage gave her. She has denied her own heritage, all her adult life and is now preaching to others to be proud of theirs. Megan’S hideous look was more ridiculous than being a hollywood actress and wife of a prince. The smug spark is back. She has nothing new to offer, but a mishmash of scheming words. The smirk is proof positive.

She is not a genuine person, she is all about. Poorly staged photo ops and non stop propaganda. She continues to be ruthless, vindictive and devious in her endeavors and actions. Cobb continued her eye gaze, commanded, the camera and when she told her audience to chase your convictions with actions, she coupled it with a small but dramatic pauses and the slow looks that looks ridiculous. I think she’s trying to look like a boho chic, really undignified. If you think about it, an almost 40 year old woman, who’s supposed to be pretty high up in the british royal family, this was possibly megan’s most important speech to date and it was clear she was more than up to the challenge. But i didn’t see any redeeming qualities in this person. All i see is a de listed social climber that had everything and now, due to her ego and her obsession for fame, she lost everything and is now trying to struggle to stay relevant. She couldn’t look more plastic if she tried yet there. She is preaching individuality, confidence and wokeness. What a colossal mess indeed so ridiculous when she was at her most confident here and the way she ended up, praying hand. Class pointed at the camera means her message of support should have inspired a whole new audience. Ms cobb added her own right. She would not be here without the royal experience. Her speech was fine and, as you would expect, since the hard work that paved the way for her to be part of this is lost to her.

She mentions female leaders such as prime minister jacinda ardern, but has not acknowledged and seems almost defiant to the leadership of queen elizabeth to me, that is what is missing from megan and harry’s. Grand escape is a morsel of respect or gratitude for what they were given and continue to receive. They want to live like royals or better, be admired as royals have the privileges of being royals promote themselves as royals, but look down on the institution as beneath them. Her behavior towards the queen has been appalling to the point of unforgivable shame on harry for enabling such disrespect towards his grandmother, possibly the world’s, most admired woman of the last 60 plus years. Meanwhile, a lot of people also went on social media networks to discuss her disgusting appearance, a twitter user wrote she does straighten her hair heavily. Anyone seeing her dry frizzy locks in early pictures can confirm this. However, this latest offering is extensions. Lots of them she couldn’t grow hair that long under any circumstances, another user retweeted. Oh, please. She is 40 years old, with lip, fillers, hair extensions and still no talent, poor harry didn’t know he was marrying a fake and now he probably doesn’t go near her for fear of something fake, falling off out or shifting that woman won’t have another child she’s too. Vain no reason for it, but she thinks she’s amazing. The works would be happy if you could just go away a fan added.

How can megan talk about empowering girls and women when she has hair extensions? Young girls and women sell their hair to buy food and medicine for their families. This sickens me, i feel sad for harry stuck in america with a woman who cares only for lights and cameras. He is his own enemy. The press, far more intrusive than the uk harry, blames the press for his mother’s death. In reality, she courted publicity and megan, like diana knows exactly where the cameras are william must leave out the olive branch for harry to grab onto when he needs it. Besides that, more than 11 000 comments slammed megan on the daily mail. The most voted is megan is a typical los angeles liberal. Since harry grew up in the royal bubble. He does not know about how the real world functions and also does not know these types of girls. She will profit from his fame to the max possible extent. She won’t care. If that means humiliating harry in public, she will make him her agent and bleed him drive financially to the last sense. After that, megan will throw harry out like a piece of garbage and live happily thereafter from the divorce settlement. She won’t have any remorse she’s a narcissistic, twit poor harry would start thinking with his head. He was thinking with his pants when he married megan and now he’s, relying on emotions, which change every day. He’S made a lot of poor decisions lately well as robin williams.

Once said, god gave men two heads, but only enough blood for one another fan wrote. I don’t understand she’s trying so hard to stay relevant, especially with these talks with young leaders. If she truly cared about the race and inequality, she would have left the uk straight after the wedding and become an activist. But no she stayed in the uk, happily spending millions of taxpayers money never did her royal duties always complained and whined was a hypocrite, always trying to upstage everyone manipulate people and always causing some kind of scandal and then plays the victim when things don’t go her Way, oh wait. Kate has a new hairdo, so our friend must have gone wild picking up a wig from somewhere probably combine two wigs to put it together. That would explain the different lengths the girl has gone mad. Indeed, in style reports, kate, middleton, debuted, a new post, quarantine haircut, the duchess of cambridge made an appearance on bbc breakfast for a segment that aired tuesday wearing an amelia wig stead, polka dot, dress paired with espadrille wedges and revealing a new haircut chopped into soft layers. Framing her face with caramel highlights as quarantine measures have eased in england, the duchess has begun making her first rounds of in person appearances after months of public engagement via zoom. She sat down with bbc to discuss tiny, happy people, an initiative for new parents and their babies, aiming to address the language gap among children aged under 5 across the uk during the appearance.

She also joked that she’s become a feeding machine to her children. Prince george princess charlotte and prince louis, she said my children have bottomless pits. I feel like a constant feeding machine for them. Louis doesn’t understand social distancing. He goes out wanting to cuddle everything, particularly any babies younger than him. Kensington palace also shared photos of kate. During the making of tiny happy people back in november posting a series of shots of her on instagram in a long sleeved, blue dress and black pumps. She said in a statement about the initiative. Families and carers are at the heart of nurturing the next generation of happy healthy adults, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn to for advice, tiny, happy people is an invaluable resource that provides parents and carers with support and tips, as well as Simple activities to ensure children develop the language skills they need to have the best possible start in life. I am delighted to have been part of its journey and hope families across the uk will enjoy exploring the resources. Earlier this month, she and prince william had their first in person joint appearance since quarantine, coordinating outfits for a visit to the queen elizabeth hospital in king’s lynn, to mark the 72nd anniversary of the united kingdom’s national health service. Meanwhile, many backlashes still come to megan. The next to react is i actually, in the early days, used to defend meghan markle, because i remember how hard the british people were on catherine before meghan markle came along with all the weighty katy stuff and judging her family as middle class, social, climbers, etc.

But truly meghan markle has shown herself to be really indescribably toxic. For me, it started with all the belly rubbing and grabbing when she was pregnant. You could just tell she was an attention seeking narcissist. I actually feel bad for harry it’s unfortunate that he couldn’t find someone who would love and care for him and the last one added markle is not a good example to follow her preaching is the hypocrisy of the greatest order. Marco is a middle aged woman. Without ambition and integrity at the age of ‘, totally dependent on her husband’s daddy, taking money from him to finance her idol life using men to further herself in life is also not a good example, as well as disrespecting her own family and her husband’s family. If young girls are anything, i hope they will not become as markle and you. What do you think about megan’s speech and her appearance? Please leave a comment for me below, and everyone can discuss together and remember to like and share my video if you loved it, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel to not miss any new videos from our team. Now have a nice day and see you in the next videos. The beauty of the soul is a precious human thing, not even a face or appearance appearance. Although beautiful only senses the senses and to understand a person, we often have to judge a person through the beauty of the soul.

Many people are coloring, but indifferent, focusing on personality and dignity. Meghan is creating an elite cover for herself it’s ridiculous.