. Roughly obviously every day is a little different and height being at 5’4 sitting here middle of 2020 about getting close to a year. Since my last show uh september 2019, where i won the fort way or the hoosier flex in fort wayne, indiana won the light heavyweight division as well as the overall, and that was two weeks after winning the light heavyweight division for mr indiana competition and then having A close call on the overalls um for the overall for mr indiana um, so obviously it was everything was very sudden. This year everybody had to make adjustments last. Second, nobody wanted to do the body weight and resistant band workouts, even if some of us had to. I luckily was fortunate enough. I have a full garage at my house that i was able to convert into a home. Gym was able to do majority of my leg days shoulder arm days. My chest was very limited and was able to pull on a full back day, so i wasn’t too far set back as far as my training has gone, but obviously some limitations as far as pushing my body to the limit weren’t there. So but i i was able to hold size so i’m, actually very happy with what i was able to do in that time period. All right. So i got, i got started a little bit before uh we jumped into things i started out with um. Actually, some lap pull downs which are not on the video and then i moved into flat bench press and what my style is right now i’m trying to combine strength, training of as heavy as i can go with, focusing on the contraction and slow movements.

So my training style is – and today you didn’t see all of it, but five sets the first two sets are going to be as heavy as i can go and get anywhere between five to ten reps and then the other three sets are focusing on anywhere between Eight to twelve reps, but very slow, lighter weight, controlled movements where i’m, just focusing on contracting the muscle with no momentum. So did that with the flat bench press. And then i moved into the pull down machine where i was using a close grip on the pull down moved from there to some high cable flies and kind of was finicking with the weight. I was feeling a little bit stronger today, so the weight was a little bit different for me as far as the contraction goes and move from there into a pull down motion on the cables with a bar and as you’ll see, uh do finally show a little Reveal my physique after about again, like i said getting close to a year of working on things, so we’ll see a little bit there and moved from there into an incline press and incline press. If you don’t know, if you haven’t seen my social media, i had a chest injury at the beginning of the year this year, so that set me back pretty significantly. That was just pre coveted, so that was january 10th. If that happened and went through that and then getting into covid so incline press, even though that’s not what injured.

My chest has been a big scare for me as i work that motion so getting that back into my routine and making that a strong point again has been huge. So today, you’re able to see, i was fully able to do that. No issues went from there over to the single arm row machine and there i i was getting kind of tired on that, so i didn’t do a strength side of that. Just focus on contraction to finish up my workout, for that. So, like i said, feeling pretty strong right now, as you’ll see i’m i’m on the lean side being 215. This is the leanest i’ve ever been at 215. i’m, not trying to pack on massive amount of weight i’m just trying to get about a pound a week of weight and that’s, not even gon na yield anywhere near a pound of muscle a week. So taking things slow being cautious trying to keep my waist small as well do this time i mean at first i had my phone, my donuts and my candy and my ice cream. My cake and everything i could want, and i could shove in my mouth. I was eating but cleaned it up after i got through that fun period, which was about a month after prep or a month after the show – and you know, i’ve struggled in years past i’ve really struggled with staying on point and i’ve. I’Ve got friends um all throughout the industry that i just said joe, if you, if you just focus on that diet, if you just focus on staying clean in the off season, you can do some really good things.

You know. So i really listened to jeff long i’ve, listened to my friends in the industry and really took that to heart this year. So i kept my diet as clean as i could. Obviously, i would have you know a meal here that was a cheat and can’t not have donuts come on, so i had my donuts, but overall ever you know, seven days a week i was trying to get majority of my meals in clean, which is surrounded with Chicken and rice a lot of eggs i’ve eaten a lot of whole eggs this year, um once again, they’re it’s, a leaner it’s, a leaner protein source and there’s. A lot of good nutrients in eggs and fats in whole. Eggs too, so been having a lot of that i’m keeping green beans, um keeping broccoli i’ve been actually focusing more on having greens in my diet, that’s been probably the number one thing for me: i’m, like a six year old, all right, i hate my greens. I hate eating them. My mom always had to force me. I feel like i need my mom there to keep forcing me to eat my greens, so i heard that voice in my head throughout this year. So doing my greens, with a greens drink every day, has helped in a lot of aspects, especially with digestion, i’m digesting food i’m getting hungrier a lot faster, too and less red meat. I don’t know what it is with my body in red meat, but if i get too much, i start getting more a little bit lethargic and my digestion does get a little.

Digestion does get a little more screwy um and i get a little more of an upset stomach so going on having about two red meat meals a day uh not a day a week and that’s helped me a lot in this off season. No just going right back to chicken or having having the whole eggs um. I i really have taken fish out of my off season this year. I really want to keep fish as a great nutrient to have during season it’s a there’s, so many vital nutrients in there and it’s a great thing to throw in instead of eating chicken during prep. So i like to keep my nutrients different through off season and during season, so i kind of got away from that um. I love mahi, mahi and i’ll still have it at times, mahi, mahi or salmon, but nothing has a consistency. I have um i’ve done a little bit. I stick to the stair stepper. If i do but i’m, my cardio is doing things outside of the gym. It’S working around the house it’s mowing the yard it’s helping out my friends with something in their yard, going over to my family’s house and helping them out with something so that provides a little bit of cardio within my life before i was just old school bodybuilder. Don’T make me do anything don’t make me move anything i’m not going to walk. I have two dogs, so i take them on walks that’s a little bit of cardio for me for me as well, and all that you know combined has helped me as well in this off season i’d like to say i’m in limbo, um, but in reality i Am looking at usa’s in december, if you would ask me about a month ago a mid amongst all the covid crisis in the middle of everything i would have said i’m not competing this year.

I saw the usa switched they’re going to be in la in the middle of december, so that’s what i’m kind of focusing on – and i don’t want to say – i’m doing it right now, but what i’m looking at is just continuing every day to improve making sure That i’m, getting my workouts in making sure i’m on point, with my diet as much as possible and working with jeff long continually, he’s, not we’re, not directly day to day working together. But i always come to him for advice and let him know the things that i’m doing and when it comes down to time to start prepping. You know, august september time frame when we start really looking at things. It’S going to be really up to jeff in the long run is to say you look good let’s do this and the difference for this year versus my every other year of competing. This is entirely different: where i’m, not a water, buffalo i’m, not a big guy. This year, i’ve kept it lean. So when we jump into prep it’s going to be let’s, keep growing let’s increase the food let’s increase the activity and let’s grow in let’s, not just focus on losing 30 and 40 pounds of weight. So i wish i’m going to compete this year. I really wish i am but everything’s going to be up in the air and obviously working with jeff and the covet stuff could come back.

So if it does obviously not going to happen – and i have no issue with that – 2021 is going to be as just good a year, even better than 2020 – hopefully so it’ll be even better year to compete in 2021 yeah, and this everybody says this is a Longevity sport: this is not a sprint and i’ve been in this for the long haul. I’Ve been doing this, since i was 20 years old and i’ve been lifting since even before that, but competing since i was 20 and i’ve never been in here to be on the olympia stage in two years. This is more about health. For me, this is more about me, feeling good and being happy with myself in the long run um. I really you know. I really want to thank um jeff uh long he’s he’s really been great um he’s, taken on more of a role model role. For me, even though, like i said, we don’t work directly, he his mentality, the things that he’s done with his life. I really i really want to model myself after it’s things that i idolize in the fact that he was a bodybuilder. He was a phenomenal bodybuilder. He might not have won mr olympia, but he was phenomenal and he has a lot of knowledge, but he’s got a family. He’S got beautiful kids, he has a loving wife, he builds a beautiful house and he has his great supplement company and he’s a businessman and he’s a family man.

First now and he’s taken that recognition. So jeff you know, since working with you uh, you kick my ass man, you really do, but i appreciate every bit of you um and you jeff um, honestly, our our friendship has meant the world to me. Um, since connecting with you i’ve learned a lot and talking with you has been been great as well and always my family, my family’s always been there for me and everybody that i run into. I mean there’s, so many great people that support me and i can’t list everybody always but everybody that supports me. It’S always got my back. We might not talk daily, but you guys do a lot for me and then. Lastly, two new people that i’ve met or really connected with in the last year is my friend sean and v veronica. They they’ve taken on a very close relationship where we’re busy in our lives, but we always connect and stay close to each other, so sean and v have been great. So thank you guys as well, and thank you everybody for everything you do.