Blake coleman had a pair of goals last night and barkley goodroll, who will go back to sergeichev and now they’ve got their set up kucherov over on the left side back to sergeyev to palat scores that bumped the slump, a one timer from andre palat from sergachev And it’s a one, nothing tampa lead. Black’S got ta, have watch how deep he is in his crease, not a whole lot of puck movement. That’S a long pass mind you a really big body in front of him in zidanochara and let’s, see what his vision is. Did it hit anything yeah there? It was okay, deflection off the stick of chara that’s. Why the reaction of all act? It looked like he couldn’t believe it beat him. It is uh a common place in the national hockey league now for shots to be deflected into the net here’s yanni gourd in a long turn shoot scores. Applause and jeremy lauzon is complaining that the play should have been stopped. Kevin berg, the linesman watch right to the left of your screen here, he’s trying to get out of the way, and he actually sets a pick and how about gord? Do you talk about taking advantage of the opportunity all of a sudden, linesman can’t, get it away? Knocks the defenseman out, but a really aggressive, move and excellent patience drags helac. All the way across the crease knew he had all of a sudden some open ice didn’t waste.

It saucers are back to sergey pallade, still, no one timer. Now he just snapped a shot that went off the skate in front of the net kucherov much movement at all back to circuit shoots. He scores. Didn’T need to be that much movement. He just placed that shot beautifully. It looked like they were going to penetrate down low one rebound comes back up and you can see kucharov taking chara all the way down. You saw hellac point, but halak never even picked this one up that high forward your responsibility is to try to block this shot. Parlin home is more of a screen than a block and sergey chef just walks right into that one and pounds it right. Underneath the glove of halak Music, krejci back to pastrna over to tory krug, bergeron and marshawn at their new spots march on the side of the net or not krug, fires a shot score Applause, oh that’s, four goals from basically the same spot every time and look At the confidence in the movement pastor knock across, and this is tory crew just putting his head down, and you can see vasilevskiy’s response, he’s thinking, okay, shot he’s gon na bury it and instead it’s a shot pass that’s just trying to hit something whether it hits The stick kucherov again over on the left side and he’s gone outside the blue line to get lost a little bit, and now he skates back in fires, the puck across palat to the net he locks down.

They score alex kellorn was in front of the net and palata the side, and the tampa bay lightning have taken a 4 1 lead and they’ve got a pair of power play goals. Front hallack was already down and leaning forward as he’s going after the rebound check from behind, but that’s the puck, and he went to the bruins back in comes krug, he’ll pass off andre kasha takes this shot. Vasilevskiy made a nice save hasn’t had to make a lot of them. Another battle behind the play that is going to be a strap in a curious situation that was groove, went hard to the net. You can see in the back they’re just pushing and shoving now and how about this and brayden points scores a beautiful goal. Meantime, at the other end there’s a scrap going on it’s, tori, krug and tyler johnson. They were almost simultaneous. I mean the gloves were coming off literally while point was coming in Music: lauren tries to come right back in the gosians there. Another breakaway pass, yanny gourd is in he shoots and he missed the net on the rebound. Killorn scores, six one tampa honey gore. Do you remember the goal he scored earlier just makes this play happen in the neutral zone right in the middle left all alone, and these hard we’ve seen circuit check shot tonight in a couple of different ways: you scored on a slapper. That was a beauty, a snapshot or wrist shot.

Braden point back in he’s at a beauty tonight his centering pass kucherov scores 7 1 tampa the big boys are dangling. Staying on side here was kucherov, yes, that’s on side, no chance of that one being called back between the legs and then just the soft patch maroon to coleman. He stood up by charlie mcavoy, but continues to the front of the net from the blue line.