It though, and fed, went across on a great stick, save made there by a lock, oh, my goodness, what a setup and pick to take the shot. Magnificent. The halfway point of the first period, bruins, have outshot the tampa bay lightning six to three. But the chances just a moment ago were even at two and here’s a steal and a carry back in by point breaking point trying to feed one across blocked down by crude point again out of breath. They store it’s, pallad and it’s one nothing and allow braden point to enter the bruin zone and then a good job by point to find that puck in the feet of tory crude, who initially made a good defensive play and then basically was able to stick. Stick handle around torrey krugen no chance here for yaroslav a lock as pawat was left all alone in front. Well, look at the numbers here bush by the boston bruins, one of the few visor less players left in the nhl chara sees this play pushed back in now by bergeron, and then it is driven back around and swept back further. The bouncer is settled down there by cirelli, giving one back for a lock score. It’S plot and it’s, two nothing lightning arrow. Sloth would like to have back kucherov able to keep the play alive. It enters his own and then this shot. I don’t think it touches the boston player. I’Ll have to take another look.

I don’t think so. I mean, i think, it’s one that halaq sees and that one that helac should come up with it’s far enough out yeah it’s, a one timer but that’s, one that the goaltender has to come up with hey bush on the one replay. There work back in deep in maroon. There gives it to the back to head then across into drive and a helac able to get a part of that one around to the outside. Now it is held by kucherov, drops it back off for johnson johnson, though back in the shot by hedman deflected score. Applause, lindholm eventually will block this shot and the puck just finds its way to the back of the net there’s the tampa bay, lightning moving the puck around the puck comes from the back of the point. I thought it was koocheroff, but it’s headband there. You see the puck go off of lynn holm up and over yaroslav hawk, that is down anticipating the puck to get there and tampa with a three. Nothing lead Applause, eleven forwards, the last couple of games, both those guys, have done a wonderful job, reggie and goudreau. Here guccio’s got a strap loose on his right skate there and what his impact has been on this series, but remember the hit by richie on yani gourd, 19th tampa bay, 21 boston, five minutes each for fighting, yeah, goudreau and richie know themselves know each other very Well, from their days in the western conference off, the boards must be handled now, flipped across and then crewed back over krejci.

There led to the back crew with the shot off the iron Applause, not just yet mcavoy able to give it a cross controlled back over by grizzly, held there by charlie coyle coyle got it on to debrusk. He scores jake debrosk with a power play goal, and it is three to one job here on the entry is mcavoy is able to gain the blue line, some good patience by boston, eventually able to work it down. Low coil does and depressed with this shot, and i don’t know if vasilevskiy is screened. Oh yeah, he’s, screened by kasha, not able to locate that puck. You can see. He doesn’t get that pat down quick enough as he’s trying to fight through a little bit of traffic and before he knows it, it’s too late. Oh, she shoots this puck so quickly that’s the key, and it will only take one more for the lightning as mcavoy blasts. A long one down.