You know nba players decided not to play today in the wake of jacob blake shooting in wisconsin, some baseball players and major league soccer players and teams followed suit um in solidarity. Why did you guys uh decide to play today? You know, i think uh, just just personally with our team, we uh, you know we played last night we played today. We really didn’t find out um that the other leagues had taken their stance until we got here tonight so uh. It was something that uh you know, i think, for us is something we found out by the time we got to the rink and um something we’ll have to address going forward next question, joe smith: the athletic hey alex. I know you guys have been confident in the power play with the chances you were getting uh. Why do you think it worked even better tonight and you think that having koochov on that left side of your unit really open things up for you? Well, i think, last game. We had definitely a lot more opportunities, especially on i think, was our second, our third power play and we had confidence going off that um. It seems like it’s, been a little while, since we scored – and i know guys – were we’re getting a little frustrated at times, but tonight was a great night for our confidence. When you get a couple, um helps you momentum, wise, helps your confidence going forward.

Next question can campbell the hockey news uh. Thank you, but my question was asked: we’ll, move on to diana nero’s tampa bay times, um kevin after the hockey diversity alliance, video. You said it was um important to kind of speak up and show support um. What are some ways that you guys as a team and as players can do that, whether that’s not playing or something else that might be available to you guys, uh. You know, i i think, to your point: um, you know, everyone is, is taking different actions and and uh, making sure that you know their voices are heard and their support is heard. Um. You know again, i i think just discussing that with um friends of mine who are involved with the hockey diversity alliance, um and seeing you know getting making sure that you have a pulse on on what’s, going on whether it’s supporting through the community um just making Your voice heard um, you know whether it’s through social media or whatever it might be um. You know, i think the most important thing is just showing support and obviously um. You know just trying to to change and listen and uh. You know just try to obviously be supportive of everyone. Who’S uh who’s in with the cause as well next question eric yeah for alex just in the grand scheme of things to kind of keep one game perspective. We talk about not highs and lows after a game like this to to make sure and understand what could be coming for you on friday in terms of the bruins performance yeah.

I think you know in these games when you get up, i think six goals at the end, the type of hockey that’s being played is not the hockey that’s going to be played on friday. So you don’t want to pick up any bad habits. In that sense, um, we kind of have to just switch gears get back to the way we were playing in the beginning of the game and just readjust because um, you know that third period is not going to be indicative of how the game is going to Be played friday, we’ll take a few more next question: kaylee fox sports florida, hey alex, you had uh just an incredible regular season, a little bit slower start in the playoffs, but tonight, obviously turning that around what was working well for you tonight um. I think the power play was working well, so i get a goal on the power play. You just make the most of your opportunities. I think i was fortunate to get a good bounce off the wall. Um. You know it’s not like. I feel like i’ve, been playing bad hockey. It’S just kind of been snake bit a little bit so to get two tonight helps me confidence wise, going forward. We’Ll take one more question: uh yeah, hey kevin um. Of course, your power play was a big part of the tonight, but you dominated in pretty much every facet of the game. Um was it.

What was it? Was it the momentum from last game, or did you guys change something? No, i i don’t think it was. It was any sort of change in our game um. I think the the big thing coming into a back to back game, especially in the playoffs, is uh which team is going to get. You know to their game first and and play um their style of hockey and and over overtake the game. So i think we we certainly did that uh. They came out physical and and uh. You know we’re we’re, changing that aspect of their game a little bit to start. We weathered the storm and and uh you know we just stuck with our game and and, like alex said, we get up by a few goals. Uh we don’t change our game. We don’t try to do anything different um. We make sure that uh, you know. We know this is a long series and we’re, certainly not going to see that type of bruins team. On friday, night uh you’ve been asked a lot of late about what’s been wrong with the power play. Well, i guess what went right for that unit tonight, allowing it to score three goals and how much is switching kutcher off and pilate helped that unit kind of break out of its slope uh. Well, at some point they have to break out right, like um, like the boston. Bruins have a vote too, like they’re trying to stop us, so they’ve got a plan and they execute a plan.

And then you know we have to adjust our plan and and uh tonight it worked out and and to be honest, i think the power play the last one we had last night uh, even though we didn’t score. I thought it was a huge uh momentum boost for our team and the power play and um the it was just a carryover into today and uh at some point they were bound to go in um tonight they came in. You know in bunches and and we’ll most definitely take it, but it’s just a confidence boost for the guys, especially when they haven’t been seeing the results and so um. You know good on them to stick with it. Next question eric erlinson yeah john’s in the just scheme of things, it’s one game in a series: how much do you kind of make sure you have that mentality? No matter how this game went knowing how much experience those bruins that the bruins have coming back on friday yeah this is come on. Let’S, be honest: this is an aberration. This doesn’t happen in playoff hockey and uh the president trophy. You know champions um, you just you turn the page in this one. Just like you turn the page on an overtime. You know thriller. You can’t hang your hat on that one and you don’t want a team that has a clunker and, and you can’t, hang your hat on that one: either uh they’re, both just one wins and uh we’re only halfway there and so it’s uh, like, as i said, It’S it’s a funny game, and it can you can’t, just you can’t ride the emotions uh too high or too low just we won tonight, um we’re, happy about that and let’s take a break tomorrow and get back at it for uh game.

Four next question: joe smith: the athletic hey john i’m, i’m sure you saw the other leagues with the nba and um baseball players. You know boycotting uh. Some recent events would happen, uh wondering if everybody talked with you guys and your team this evening, when you get to the arena about that possibility, for you guys, would you support a player or two if they decided they didn’t want to play tonight uh. You know obviously now um, you know, i i think the world’s changed uh in just the short time that we’re at the rink. You know when i got here at 4, 30. uh, i think what’s happening now at 11. 15 is much different than what it was happening at 4, 30, so uh, i don’t know all the details of what have hap what’s happened in other leagues, i’m aware now, but at the time we knew there wasn’t things being discussed with our group i mean we Were preparing to play the boston bruins and you know when you have such a short turn around from playing last night to today um you know that was really all the talk and and so it’s. You know that was basically all that happened like i said. I think, obviously a lot of things we’re aware of now that we weren’t as aware of uh for the game next question: jay wrecker coop, not easy when you go into the third period like that, because you kind of got ta change like what you’re doing as Far as guys playing time was there any thought in your head to maybe go to mcelini there and try to get vassi off his feeder a little bit, or do you just kind of want to keep his status quo yeah that’s? All we did.

I mean we thought about, you know a ton of different scenarios, but um Music. Well, like i said you saw what we did we’ll take a few more next question diana tampa bay times. I know it’s not a drastic change but um as far as little tweaks to spark something. What did you um see from kucherov on the right side and plot on the left there and that’s? What you mean results i’m. You know i don’t know rewind the tape. 10 minutes you get my view on it. We’Ll take two more next question, john, the score: hey, john, a couple: a lot of fans! Sorry, sorry, two seconds i didn’t realize the face of the person came up on the screen. This is the first time i’ve been able to see that hey john how’s it going. I actually get to see it it’s going well, uh lots of fans are are up in arms, about the nhl falling behind in terms of uh. Being up against social. Social issues. Is not the first time matt dunba, actually even tonight said hockey is always behind me and he doesn’t understand. Why can you speak to that? Do you do you have any reasoning, any rationale for why hockey seems to always be following the other sports in terms of social issues, uh that’s so hard for me to comment right now. Um, like i as a being a part of a professional league and and i watch so many good things that all professional leagues do from charities to you know i look around our arena and and um.

You know i sit back and and look at like what happened when we first got here and the emotional speech that that matt gave that was extremely moving and still guys talk about um, all the like. What has gone on and what’s happened. Um, unfortunately, like we can’t control, some of the things that go on in the outside world, and i truly believe that uh, whether it’s pro sports or the business world or whatever it is like at some point, we’re all going to have to come together and – and I think whether you say the nhl is behind her ahead. I think the league has done so many good things and so many different avenues – and you know this is one that we need to pick our head up and and take notice and there’s. No doubt we will, and so you know, it’s hard for me to answer this question, especially like i said: what’s happened while we were playing and and before that um, but i know in the the league and the people running out of um at some point everything Will be addressed and and, like i said, we’ll get ourselves up to speed and support what needs to be done and our last question paul hi, john uh. The power play was obviously very impressive tonight, but i think uh, no less impressive was that, while you guys were on that, oh for 16 stretch on the power play, you still managed to win five out of seven games against very high quality opponents.

Do you think this? You know a game like this is a statement of just how powerful the lightning can be when, when it’s running in all cylinders, i i think the statement is we have a pretty good hockey team and the other statement is the team in boston has a pretty Damn good hockey team, too um pucks went in the net for us on the power play uh. To be honest, we haven’t, i, i don’t, know what we ended up with in power plays tonight, but that’s, probably cumulative what we’ve had in the five prior games put together um. So you need special teams at points to win the game for you um, but in the end, it’s.