Coburn flipped one fought off in front and held out of a net mouse scramble by halak, here’s, gord, pivoting and angling it on to the back red there by shattenkirk. But then the stick fails and able to step by now on the wing and feed it across. All in a ripper by bjork wouldn’t go scramble in front; they poke at it there and it’s a goal. It’S a goal out of all of that it’s over the line and the lightning are arguing, but it counts as a goal. Animatedly. The referee pointed toward the net itself. It was in the broken, stick and now he’s in trouble, and he doesn’t want to take a penalty as he tries to get back richie’s able to get some separation. The one timer by bjork doesn’t go and then the ensuing scramble in front and eventually it squirts past andre vasilevskiy, who gets it is anyone’s. Guess minutes played here in the first period on back in deep lifted around by goodwill. Richie gets credit for the goal from bjork and a shot tipped in tie game on a toss from the point right here: good job by gord to get in there after the physicality the shot to the neck quickly, that’s offside, that’s offside. That is offside. Incredible! Look at that after review, there was all five on the plate. Therefore, no gold, please reset the clock on by richie, battled four by coyle, gotten on to richie ritchie a shot that wouldn’t get through moved on by gore.

Some trouble for blake coleman taken away by coyle coyle there, but then bogota Applause and on across pagosian can bring it further got by one escapes down to the ice coleman scores and the game is tied around crude splits. The d, the feed and coleman’s able to get inside and tip it past a lot. This is beautiful stuff again anytime, you face a penalty killing unit that wants to be aggressive. You got to change sides to relieve the pressure, see how boston adjusts here, here’s poster knock, oh just away from cirelli around the front it comes to marshawn then to the outside. It is swept onto the back again and it’s grooving across to pastrnak astronaut drew one score side of the net. Marshawn was there and it is two to one Music worked along by kucherov and then along now for point wrapped up there by clifton coming along his point again emerging and looking for some help, and then he dances free and gets it back over for her. The toss by shannon kirk and the redirection in – and it is two to two fired it back around and it curled back up for the play by nordstrom, carried back up by corelli hand it over to clifton it’s clifton, with a shot that sailed behind the net. Kept alive, though, by chara and then fired right, back up ice and moving back in now as crowd would score. Coleman has broken the tie Music.

What a pass here by victor hedman onside settles down the rolling puck and then his puck just finds its way. The bouncer came back on carlo, got it across corrally there marshawn with a shot and that one he has to follow up on marshawn yet again, turning around to the outside, with it now his posture knocking his shot and that went off at teammate corrally now, carlo. Now poster docker shot knocked down rebound scrambled in front and a feed by marshawn would not go, but now it’s foster knock again side of the net marshall stars: Music pucks to the net. This one here blocked by hedman in front they’re, not able to find that puck boston just keeps retrieving pucks right. There failed clear by johnson and then a beautiful passing play unlike prior periods. It is not the hitters that are going to start this period, krug across carlo ahead krug able to take it there and poke it back ahead, but it’s not out gord, with a good keep dropped back further. It is corrally to play it for the bruins and he’s able to get it along, but not out again back deep it’s gore stymied there by crude puck, taken to the outside by pallad, pull out a shot and it went off the glove up. A lot wrap Applause Applause. Well, much like we celebrated the work of boston on the tying goal.