As a bruins fan, this game shouldn’t have gone to overtime uh. This was this was a very, very well played game by the tampa bay, lightning that very nearly got away from them, and i thought to myself. You know if tampa bay loses this one they’re done if, if, after such a really good game as this, they come out on the losing end, they’re done they’re not going to win four out of five against boston, and you know the the difference between this year’s Tampa bay, lightning and the one that lost in four in the first round against columbus last year is simple. This team knows how to play desperate hockey and the acquisitions they made at the deadline are the guys that are doing most of it. So, while braden point has been fantastic again and kootrav had a decent game, coleman and goudreau are a huge part, a huge part of an entirely different identity that the tampa bay lightning now have going for them, and that identity is a winning identity. So let’s go through it. Uh coleman lion was driving things early uh they get a chance. Tampa bay had lost three straight game twos coming into today. So again you can’t afford to lose another game two, especially when you lost game, one which they did. Of course, last year against columbus, so this is again tampa bay, learning lessons and applying them. Uh early edge was for tampa bay, and you could see the desperate hockey for the bolts.

You could see it. This was a team well aware of the job that was ahead of them, and it was that level of urgency that they didn’t have last year that drove tampa bay fans insane that they do have this year. Uh richie would then score from bjork and 314 after bogosian. Stick committed suicide. I don’t know what else to call it, but it was one of those plays where they had it. In the goshen stick goes kaboom and the birds jumped on it and scored richie with the goal from bjork. There was no challenge from cooper. There was some debate about whether or not it was under the pad of the goaltender, but he didn’t challenge it and, according to the pundits on hockey night in canada and and from what i saw, i didn’t think there was enough there to overturn it either. I thought it was a good goal, so one nothing, but the shots were four to two in favor of tampa at five minutes. So this is the frustration here. Boston’S got a lead but they’re not playing better they’re, just taking advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves and tampa is not getting that so tampa bay would then score a goal. It was barkley goudreau. I believe that got that one and it was challenged as offside and as soon as i said this before. As soon as the goal is challenged for offsides. I take it off the board, because it’s offside, uh, very, very rare, that it’s challenged for offside and it’s.

Not actually offside in these playoffs so point had a slow zone exit and i know people are upset, saying yeah. It shouldn’t be offside well next year. No, that one’s still offside point can’t be dogging it when there’s a delayed offside, even though he’s at the end of his shift he’s got to clear that zone, because if he does, that goal is a good goal. So again, while there’s some people upset over how that went down, braden point’s got to exit the zone with some more sense of urgency. Since you, you want to have that offside. Go away. Um cooper after that yell at the referee you’re in nuts, and i i thought that was funny because the referee doesn’t make that call toronto does as far as i know, that’s toronto, making that call and saying yeah, no that’s a good goal or no that’s offside. So referee had nothing to do with it so i’m, not maybe he thought the referee was nuts for something completely unrelated. That happened at the exact same moment. We’Ll never know um things get kind of scrummy at five minutes and 32 seconds. Some garbled words on the tv meaning they were saying bad things. A four on four came out of it for two minutes: no goals on that, but coleman with a goal from bogosian and goudreau, and it was a nice goal and it doesn’t help that krug and carlo got crossed up and collided with each other.

That goal counts. So a defensive miscue by boston, tampa bay takes advantage and they tie up the game. Marshawn then had a pass to pastrnak later on in the period that just misses high um kalorne, like pastor, knocks shot missed high over the net. Uh colorant takes a penalty. The bruins go to the power play. I thought this was the best bogotians looked in years now, i’m going to say this tampa was playing 11 forward. Seven defenseman after two periods, bugosian had played the least amount of minutes of all seven defensemen. I i do think it helps pagozian to to watch his minutes, shelter his minutes and use him in in plays where he can be at his best, and i thought he played very well today. So second period krejci had a chance that went wide during a four on two and that one looked like it hurt like that. One looked like that’s that’s, one of those place where you got ta bury it uh evenly played start face. Offs were pretty even as well uh lots of early whistles after a strong first by tampa bay, so tampa bay had the lion’s share of play in the first early in the second period, things were kind of evened out between the two uh marshawn had a chance That was stopped. Uh tampa bay then presses at the five minute mark corrally takes a penalty. Tampa bay gets a power play. They were old for their last 13, going into that power play yeah, oh for 14.

After that one their power play, not a story tonight. Other than the fact that it doesn’t get goals and we’re at that time of year, where you really need your power play to be generating goals, doesn’t really cost them tonight, but it’s. One of those things of concern. As you go further into the playoffs uh bruins got a chance around the half a couple of chances. There helac then had a a a an equipment issue and vlader almost had to go in, but he didn’t so that that would have been interesting if he went in, and i would say that tomorrow these teams play again, we will still see halaq and vasilevskiy. I i can’t see the backups playing. I know it’s a back to back. I know there’s gon na be the speculation. I heard it during the game. You’Re you’re, not if it’s a one one series. If it was two nothing boston, maybe you think about giving vlader a start, but i i don’t, like the sound of that that just let hillac be in that he can play back to backs he’s he’s, a veteran he can do it. Gord then had a stick that snapped and i started wondering at this point. I started thinking in my mind like okay, so did marshawn have access to the tampa bay sticks before the game, because it feels like these sticks are breaking really easy and it’s suspicious moments. In the game is marshawn or did he pay? Somebody – and i started thinking about this and i thought well don’t mention it in the review, because people are going to think you’re serious crap.

All right palat then was guilty of a high stick. The bruins go to the power play and they score on it 19 seconds in it’s, marshawn from poster knock and krug at 14 33.. This is a game boston’s in the lead of, and they have not been the better team, not in this game. So what does tampa bay? Do they do what tampa bay didn’t used to do? They answer it’s a kucherov that scored from schattenkirk and point at 15, 29 and so not even a minute later, it’s a tie game again and there you go tampa bay, showing that heart, and i thought that was a great answer. Hedman then takes a penalty. The burns go back to the power play. They don’t score on that one. So, in the third period tie game, uh clifton takes a penalty in the first p. First minute of that period, the bolts go to the power play lots of pressure by tampa’s. Second, power play much better than the first, but helac made the saves and they still don’t have a goal. So this is the problem. The tampa continues to have rolling through game and game out. Their power play is an issue. Um coyle had a chance that was turned aside: uh halak stopped shattenkirk, uh and and really the game’s tied at this stage because of the arrowhead. So, at the end of the night, the stats aren’t fantastic for hallack, but he’s, not the reason that boston doesn’t come out on the winning side in this vassalevskiy then denied mcevoy at nine minutes and then on a breakaway five hole on halak coleman scores.

His second goal of the game from hedman, so his first goal was kind of a reenactment of of the bobby orr stanley cup finals goal against the blues decades back and this one was a nice breakaway goal, i’m, not going to say it’s, mario type, but mario Asks shirk yeah, why not so coleman with two really nice goals, five hole on halak uh, and this is the first first lead that tampa’s had so far in the series against boston. They haven’t had a lead until that moment, bergeron that had a chance to just miss white and then at 1602. The frustration returns for tampa marshon with the second goal of the game from corelli and pastrnak karali had been out on the ice for about a minute and a half a little over a minute and a half, and so, while you’re expecting bergeron to get on the Ice corelli with a really nice play there pass over to marsha and marshawn, puts it in the net and it’s a tie game and again. This is a game that boston’s been outplayed, but the third period was pretty even and now it’s a tie game with less than four minutes left in the period, and i thought that had to frustrate tampa they’d played a really really good game, and here they are In a tie, uh tampa bay, then pressed with two minutes left but they’re unable to score. So we go to overtime in overtime, early push by the bolts, hellac saved it and then palat would score from gord and maroon at 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

And yes, the right team wins this game. If boston had won this game tampa bay and their fans would rightly be really frustrated right now, but this is a great series that could still end up going. Seven and uh we’ll we’ll see if that ends up happening because sign me up. This was a great game. This was a very, very good game and i’m fine with tampa getting the win. Boston had won quite a few in a row and and and it’s nice to every now, and then you see that loss. It keeps things nice and calm and centered and again i i didn’t feel like boston, had played well enough for the victory tonight anyway. So, tomorrow, game three, they can come out establish themselves a little bit better. The shots favored tampa in the first 11 to nine 12 to seven in the second, though they were better in the first then, in the second third period, both teams had eight shots and then, in the overtime tampa bay playing that desperate hockey bolts fans wanted desperately. Last year and didn’t get they outshoot them nine to one in the overtime and fought in in four minutes and 40 seconds. Final shots: 40, 35. So yeah that’s, not right! Then the app hadn’t updated. It then so i’ll just make that which is good, because then that means hello got a 900 safe percentage tonight. The hits were 46.43 for boston. Power plays boston, goes one for three tampa goes over two.

If tampa hit on one of those power plays, we don’t need overtime. Uh, hello saves 36 out of 40. vasilevskiy saved 22 out of 25.. Both goaltenders played well enough. I thought hello was probably the better the two goaltenders, which is likely why we ended up with overtime, but game. Three is tomorrow and we’ll see how that goes. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below regarding this game. Don’T forget to hit like and subscribe if your browsing way 3 just happened upon this video and hey. Thank you guys so much for watching for all your support.