Please raise your hand if you have a question and identify if your question is for zidano or patrice we’ll start with matt porter from the boston globe. Hi guys um, i’ll, i’ll i’ll throw this one. As a dano um, is this one you flush, or what do you learn from this game tonight? Uh we’re gon na have to move on from this game um. You know obviously um not our best game um. You know we. We uh um, realized that uh um. You know that was uh one of those games that you know nobody wants to look at, but you know definitely something that we have to move forward from and get ready for. Next one kevin dupont, boston globe, hi guys, if both of you could answer bergy. If you could go first, please uh around the country. Tonight many of the leagues cancel games some outright mls five games off the board; nba no games all in response, mlb three games all in response to the social unrest in wisconsin. So you guys made your statement before the playoffs about standing in solidarity. Uh tonight you played so wondering. Did you have any discussions among yourselves uh whether to play tonight or not? What do you think of the nhl going forward tonight and how does all that fit in with what’s going on around the country yeah? I think i’m just going to keep that obviously we’re. We stand against any type of racism.

My my um stance and our stance. Doesn’T change uh again any form of injustice. Um, and you know i i’ve made a statement earlier a few months ago. Z did as well, and i stand behind behind that statement. I want to be part of it part of a solution and obviously um. There needs to be change and um. You know that’s that’s, where i’m at i think, it’s um um. You know obviously it’s about human rights and and that’s it that’s all. I have to say for that. Definitely we support um nba players, um and uh. All the all, the leagues that showed their support, obviously um. You know it was so close to our game that uh um, you know we, we were just getting ready and uh, but um pretty much saying what patrice said. You know we we support um, the fight against racism and injustice um. You know there’s different ways to express um, that fight uh and obviously nba players. Uh expressed uh um um, their um their opinions by by boycotting the games to today um. So we it and um yeah steve conroy boston, harold uh that’s right either you was there any discussion about following the nba’s lead in not playing what was the question. What was the question? Sorry, it was uh hold on a second steve. Go ahead again. Didn’T hear me: yeah, we got you okay, what was there any discussion before the game to follow the nba’s lead and not play? No? Like i said we were so close to our game.

Um. We obviously took uh um, you know. After our pregame pregame meal we took naps and then we were on the bus, so i don’t think any of us was watching the tv unless until we got to the ring at that point was obviously too close to the game to um to start any discussions Or or um you know making um you know, trying to you know: change, uh change, the you know, uh move the games to different dates, um. You know we had the afternoon game and we were just basically following the schedule the nhl are provided to us, emily. Benjamin uh, first dana we we saw you uh, go over to talk to dan vladar before or as he came in, and you share anything about what you what you said to him or what your message was. I would like to keep it internal um. You know we we have different discussions, but uh, you know just uh. While he was going tonight he’s it was his first obviously game, uh his playoff game and you know he’s uh, he’s, obviously a great goalie and and we we support him um. You know he was obviously putting tough position, but you know i think that he he made some big saves for us time for a couple more for the guys, jimmy murphy boston hockey now patrice this one’s for you, um matt, dunber earlier tonight said that he thinks Players that are not of color need to need to really do more uh to make this statement into and to unite everybody um.

Do you agree with that? Yes, i think it’s and i’ve said that before it starts with uh with everyone you know and and and i’m part of that disease, part of that we all need to find ways to uh to be, like, i said, a part of the solution. You know my statement, doesn’t change, my stance, doesn’t change. I’M. I want to be a part of it. Um and and yeah i mean i’m. I stand against any type of racism and and injustice and yeah. I want to be a part of that guys. Thank you very much for your time.