Yeah i’m. Very happy with the way you responded. Uh. You know first goal: bogo breaks the stick and you know can’t, you know get another stick so uh. You know. Puck was uh bouncing in the crease and found his way in the net, so uh. But i thought we had a great first and then obviously they tied the game with uh. You know less than four minutes left and you know very happy with the with the way we responded and i think we deserve to win today. Next question: uh josh clifford, the canadian press foundry just just take us through that goal and just the relief of seeing it go in the net and give your your guys. You guys back to level terms in the series yeah, i think uh. I had a bug and i shot it and patty had a rebound and went around on that and finally backdoor. I think so uh you know very happy. I uh i put it in and, and we won next question diana tampa bay times um. How important was the response to the offsides call waving off the goal, um to be able to still come back and tie that up and kind of keep responding to each of their their goals? The first two there like eddie, said it was huge every time you know, even when they scored and when we scored from the offside uh. We we responded every time. I thought we we play real.

Well uh. You know that. Third, maybe we we stopped uh skating a little bit, but other than that. I thought i thought we played well we’ll go to joe smith, the athletic uh victor. Obviously, you guys are playing without mcdonough today, a guy who plays a lot of minutes. How do you guys feel you guys responded as a group and what do you think of the goshen school? Our questions is this story yeah that was a skilled play, obviously and uh. You know we’re very happy with everyone that stepped up today. Uh, you know kobe and luke hasn’t they haven’t played in in a while, and you know for them to go in and play uh. You know they were tremendous tonight i thought so uh you know. Mack is a guy that is very important to our group and plays a lot of big minutes for us, but uh. You know the way kobe and uh luke, especially you know, stepped up to the task today, uh, you know as a team major you’re, very proud of them, coming into to a game like that, and you know, look like they haven’t. You know missed the beat. So very happy with the way they played next question: eric, lightning, yeah for andre uh. I remember you once said in 2015, you like to jump after overtime goals, and that was for a tyler johnson goal. What was this jump like when it’s your goal? That gives your team an overtime victory.

I don’t know i was just very happy and i’m seeing patty to scream, and i just i was just very happy. I don’t know what i did. I might jump too, but i just we’re happy. You know for a team and we’ll take a few more next j record 95.3 uh, hey this one’s, for you just talk about the style of a guy. Like blake coleman, i mean he was playing so well just wasn’t getting rewarded with the goals, but for him to pitch in too tonight man. He was absolutely huge, yeah, two big goals for us key key times in the game as well. So you know cozy, and you know goody and gordo has been playing some some really good hockey and uh. You know for them to to score two big goals for us today was uh was huge, so uh, you know very happy with the way they play uh. All over the eyes – and you know everyone’s gon na you know we obviously got ta – keep keep improving, keep playing better, but the way they’ve played uh. You know they’ve been doing a lot of good things, so we’re very happy with the way they play we’ll. Take two more next mike zeissberger yeah. This is for victor just following up on that. What does it say about your gm julian that in february he brings in bugosian and goodro and coleman, and tonight they, you know not only they’re brought in for grit and to eat minutes, but they all three of them.

Uh contributed big offensively tonight, no it’s huge, and you know as a player, you look at what the organization do. You know they go after players, they think is going to help us help us win. So as a player, you get obviously very excited about that, and you know we know from from previous. You know seasons we played against them. What kind of players they are so we’re always very happy to have them on our side and, like i said they bring a different element to our game, but at the same time we know they can contribute offensively, and you know you don’t, maybe don’t expect bogo To to walk guys like that, every game, but you know they have that in them and you know they feel comfortable, they feel comfortable in the way that we play. So you know they’re going to keep keep doing this and we’re in good shape and our last question: zidane, tv, nova, sports, Music, diving past you diving just that whole sequence, uh yeah, i mean i saw obviously bogo uh picking up some speed and uh. He just kind of had that look in his eye like he was about to do something, so i just made it a point to get up in the play with him. Try to give him an option on the weak side, and you know he made a heck of a play. It’S really all on him. Next question: uh it’s dave feno with the fourth period, blake, obviously short order, uh all together in terms of uh being with with yani and with barclay together on the line.

But your continued success just keeps going uh. What do you attribute to that success and the chemistry that you guys have built in relatively short order, yeah just three guys that they want to work hard and want to get better? And you know i don’t think any of us loved our our game one and we were quick to get to the video and and learn some things and and some ways that we could play differently and uh. You know to their credit. They both uh played great games tonight and uh. You know, i thought you know. Goody should have been rewarded uh with that goal, but a tough break, and i thought we just kept plugging away – and you know, like you said it hasn’t been a long time but we’re we’re, starting to learn each other’s tendencies and really rely on each other and It makes the game easier. Next question: media center, hey zach, it’s chris johnson, from sportsnet uh i’m, wondering you know a younger player might have the the bad luck you did on the stick break early in the game and have a difficulty recovering from it was. Was that difficult for you to do or and make plays afterwards? I mean no, i mean. Is this an unfortunate bounce uh those plays happen, sticks break all the time it just uh. I just happen to be the last guy back so um. You know, i think, uh the guys rebounded well, we you know, give up that goal and then the goal gets called back against us and we just stayed the course and yeah.

I thought we uh. We did a good job sticking with it next question, joe smith. The athletic soccer heard you say an intermission that you did that end to end rush practice. Yesterday, um, i wonder if you could compare the two and uh just take us through that. What you saw on this one uh, you know anytime. As a defense, you can jump in late and try to be that second layer of offense uh, you know it’s huge for our group. Obviously, as a defenseman, we have a lot of skilled players up up front at forward. So you know they’re going to find you, so you know goody found me building speed and rd zone and uh. You know i saw an opportunity to make a play and um. You know it’s a good finish by kohlsey next question: diana nero’s tampa bay times um similar, i guess, to chris’s question about the broken stick, but just um. How important was the response to the offsides call and i know blake you said um. You thought that one. You know should have uh berkley should have gotten rewarded, but to kind of be able to follow up and tie it up shortly. Thereafter, uh yeah, i mean, i think i think uh we were playing well enough, that it really didn’t phase us um. You know i just felt like it was a matter of time before we’re gon na get another one and um. You know i would assume that’s, probably part of the reason we didn’t challenge on their goal too.

I think you know we were kind of carrying the play in the first and um. You know when you’re playing well it’s it’s easy to stay up and positive, and you know obviously it takes uh some leadership as well to uh to get the guys right. But i thought the response was good and every time we hit adversity at any point in this game, i thought we had an answer and it’s a sign of a good team. We’Ll take a couple more next question: eric erlinson, lightning, insider yeah zach was pretty evident early in the game. How aggressive that the d was as a whole? Was that part of the game plan to make sure that you guys were up in the play and was that going through your mind as you kind of make that play yeah, you look at all of our defensemen um. You know, i think, we’re all pretty good. Skaters so anytime, you can jump up in the rush and you’re not going to get it every time, but um you can at least be a decoy or at least draw coverage over to you, and you know something else might open up. So if we’re in those positions uh, sometimes they work out the way it did when blake scored our first one and it’s. You know those things are it’s part of our game plan it’s part of the way we play as as a whole team. We’Ll, take two more next kaylee fox sports florida, hey zach uh, with the win tonight, andre bacilleski set the tampa bay lightning record for the most postseason wins.

I know you haven’t played with him for that long. But what does it mean to play in front of somebody um as stout as he is yeah i mean he’s, you know, he’s been our best player, all playoffs he’s, you know kept us in every single game and you know giving us a chance to to win So for him to do that i’m, not not surprised, he’s. Obviously, a world class goaltender that he’s shown you know year in and year out, so to play right in front of them is obviously an honor but it’s uh. It gives you that kind of that safety net of that comfort zone to be as aggressive as possible defensively and that’s. How we’re going to kill plays? Is you know, being physical and aggressive, so he’s gon na you know, bail us out when we need to, and obviously you show that again tonight and our final question john romano yeah blake a couple days ago, cooper said that the personality of this team has changed And credited uh a lot of the guys that were acquired at the trade deadline in february. How how odd is it to sort of play that role to come into an established team and yet help change the way they operate? Yeah, i mean obviously tampa’s been. You know one of the best for a long time and i always hated playing against him and it’s nice to be on this side of things, and i think when you come into a team that’s so well rounded, it really makes your job easier because you just You just get to play your game.

You don’t have to do too much there’s. So many guys that can hurt you on this team, and you know i think i think bogo would say the same thing. I think we’re just trying to do our job. You know we were all brought in for a reason and very specific reasons to help this team win, and you know i think, if we stay true to ourselves, then uh we’ll be in good shape. Thank you both be impressed and a lot of things went against your team early tonight. You know their first goal, then the offside. How are you guys able to stay the course and and not get flustered? So if you want to have any chance of winning and going deep in the playoffs, adversity strikes in the weirdest ways, and you never know when it’s going to happen, and you know sometimes you’re just dealt a well. You know a sandwich that doesn’t taste very good. If you know what i mean and it you know, pagosian stick breaking the unfortunate incident of you know the first goal and how that went in and and and you know, trying to go against a goal call by a ref uh and it it just. Then the no you know the the art offside, that’s called against us uh and then even given up the lead with with four minutes left and if there was one message that was going on it was we we liked everything that was going on about the game.

Um and there was a recipe – and you just had to – i know it sounds so cliche, but we just had to stick with it and some teams that you know if you, if you have mental weakness at all you’re, probably sitting there saying poor us but it’s. Just not been this group that’s not how they operate and um anytime there’s a mishap. They just turned the page and it was uh that was. It was needed tonight. I’Ll tell you that, because um they need to be rewarded for the work they were doing and in the end they were next question: hey john it’s, chris johnson uh. We saw a range of emotions from you tonight. I thought uh from your vantage point. What was it like to go through that, as you were eating that sandwich? Oh, not that sandwich doesn’t, taste very good chris um, but the sandwich we ate at the end of the game really is uh a delicacy, but it was uh. No, to be honest, it was that’s what the game is like that’s, why we’re in the game, it’s so much fun like i’m sure that people watching it and they’re either lightning fans or brewing fans or hockey fans like you’re, the right, the emotions that everybody’s riding You know on their couch trust me we’re riding it on the bench as well and and uh, but that’s part of sports and you it’s it’s. Not always, you know what you do physically on the ice, it’s mentally, how you like approach things and how you can respond, and – and you know, especially at the end when we get scored on and you know, boston starts bergeron’s line right away, like you, don’t even Think twice like cirelli’s, going back over the boards and and and his job is to shut them down, and they did and not only that they spent time in their uh in their zone.

And you got to believe in your guys and the guys have to believe in the in what they’re doing and that’s what’s been going on in a room and it uh paid off tonight. Next question: media center: hey john uh day for note of the fourth period um, you had five guys on your uh on the ice tonight that contributed offensively that weren’t on the team a year ago. What have the additions at the start of the season with with maroon shattenkirk and the guys brought in in february? What have they meant to your team and how has it changed the dynamic of your club? Oh man? Well, the big big one for us is, you know when bogosian came available, we knew that that he had that in him. It was remarkable what these guys have done for us, and you know from i’ve, said this earlier. We’Ve grabbed a bunch of guys that have got chips on their shoulder, um and from maroon to shattenkirk, to bogosian and and then our gm also went out and picked up. You know some guys that have a little dirt under their nails. You know, and the colemans and and the goudreaus and um, not necessarily those players were brought in to put points up on the board. They were brought in to make us a better hockey team and the fact that they are contributing in these big moments. You know showing up on the stat sheet.

It just goes to show the the character they have in them and and it’s not going to be cooch every night. It is most nights, but it’s, not every night and the same with point and and to have some of these other guys. Chip in that you need that you need to have depth players, do it for you and uh. I couldn’t be more proud of those new guys and and especially palat. I thought platt had a hell of a game and to be rewarded. You know with with seti and maroon out there.