Here’S pastrnak moving in fiddles behind his back comes up with it again works to the outside. Let it on back now and then got it to posture, knock again. Another fancy move and a shot. Oh, my goodness, it’s wide. Both teams have won one brought on by cologne stoked it on back circuit, champ brought it on, gets it back yet again, a cross down for killorn and their shot he scores well tampa has been so desperate to get some success on the power play, quick work And the tampa bay lightning take advantage Applause, the collision, gourds home, free the patience and then he’s able to elevate on yaroslav hawaii. Now it is palat, then, on back for circuit chef, kutcher off to sergey chef again, then palat had to tow it up and get it to escape from skate to stick and holds. It now threw one in front that ricocheted on back and is played by kucherov. Again, Applause liberates got it back for circuit jeff. He scores a rocket from circa chef and the power play clicks twice in a row. Creature able to guide it back to the point posture knock across now it is crude groove forced in deeper and around it comes led back onto krejci krejci women onto posture knock across the kruger shot. He scores eventually creature to pasha, not chaining the sides, and then krug puts it right off of brad marchand. Just like we saw in game two from david paschanov same area, that’s.

What you need, i mean you need to get settled down. There. You’Re excited you’re nervous everything’s going on there, but when you got a legend there talking to you there, it kind of just brings you down a little bit and settles you down kasha with a shot that is stopped there by vasilevskiy. Now he faces a break away from point who scores braden point makes it five to one and now a scrap after between johnson and crude and johnson, down on the ice and krug on top well points able to sneak by everybody. As you see him in the neutral zone, he snuck behind all the bruins defenders and a nice move. Here i mean he gets ladar to bite like he’s going backhand, then back to forehand. Okay on across here, it is poked, along by bogosian, sent back across and carried on by coyle hoyle had that one tapped away in a five to one lead with 220 to go brought back ahead now by gord and gordo’s shot that’s fought off not covered yet, But floated on by the bruins – and it is chris wagner trying to play further coloring, got in the way, poke back ahead and then followed up and escaping with his escort and a rebound they score, and that is kalorne and it’s six to one. I have a feeling that mr oltek from the shooters union is probably going to say something about the size of equipment that the goaltenders wear too, but at any rate here, is point bringing this back in swagger’s around and dealt one around for kucherov who scores not As much tonight, though, decisive one last try and that’s it, he only allowed one.

His teammates got for him.