Four straight now we in 2020, we won the first game of this series. We we better not lose the next four straight, that won’t be good for my mental health or probably yours, assuming you’re a bruins fan uh one little public service announcement, uh tuesday, night’s game i’m working overnight and at uh at my job, and i will not have A video up in time to be up before the game. Three, because you know playoffs let’s have some back to backs, so i will not be able to have a game to review up. Instead, i’m gon na sadly have to post a game. Two and three review together so expect kind of a longer video i’m, not gon na make it more than 20 to 25 minutes, though so just just expect a double feature for that: one, because uh it’s 20 20 weird times so we have back to backs in The playoffs this year, let’s focus on the game, one where the bruins win 3 2, to go up one, nothing in the series, which is a great start. It is a great start and the bruins looked good for the most part doing it. In my opinion, i thought they uh had some very good moments in the game. I thought they had some bad moments, but overall i come out of this game with more positive than negative. That being said, do not take tampa lightly, despite winning the first game. As you probably saw from the first game, they can push us and they will push us uh to note.

Brad marchand moved into third on the most multi point games in postseason history for the bruins, with a total of 28. Now only one behind esposito and ray borg holds about every playoff record. You could imagine for the bruins outside of maybe goals. Let’S, have that too, to be honest, i’m, not really sure uh, but that’s notable and that’s, pretty cool for brad he’s been a beast in the playoffs for us every time we’ve gone to the playoffs with him uh three cup appearances with him he’s definitely had some Long runs which helped him get up there uh, so let’s talk about the lineups bruins no said nika, no lindholm they’re, both out and in comes bjork, hopefully rejuvenated and richie. Who is in there purely to hit people uh? How do i feel about that? I think that’s, okay against a heavy team like tampa, which also has some guys out there that are out there purely just to hit you like pat mern, uh and zach pagosian, and, like a few others, uh notable for tampa no stamkos big big loss for them. They played without him against columbus and playing without him in this series, i’m pretty sure for all of it. I don’t know if, if he’s even possible to even come back anytime soon, uh i’ll get back to you guys on that in the next one uh last playoff meeting, as i mentioned 2018 we’re, trying to trying to avenge that so char 29 seconds into the game Takes a penalty we cross check, call my opinion on blake coleman.

Uh really really set the tone kind of uh keeping the players in line, though i will say that much but uh that would eventually be uh tested later in the game. Nine minutes and pasta would get a post on a set play off an offensive zone face off marshawn with the amazing move to go back hand to forehand to get around hedman and get the puck to pasta. Who would then slap the post, sergei chap, holding call uh hell chris wagner another week called two week, calls to start off, not a big fan of that. I like to see the boys play, especially with like things that are like not even that, like impactful in the game, uh char’s hit, although a little high everything char does, is kind of high uh. He really just doesn’t get enough of him. In my opinion, or from the back i should say he gets him like a hand, not not the stick, which is why i think it’s a weak call if it’s stick to back, i understand, but it was like fist to back not really a cross check. Uh sergey chavs was holding on wagner. I just didn’t think there was much of a hold up. Eight minutes left in the period crew hits kasha for zone entry, tampa bay playing a high line, trying to stop the zone entry, but they get burnt here because of the pass by krug in the speed of kasha.

But vasilevskiy stops a great forehand backhand move by andre kasha, who uh we’ve been talking about andre caution in these videos a lot and how he gets the chances he’s dynamic. But he can’t finish and it really continues and it’s really apparent that he he can get. He can get to the store, but he can’t get out with a product, basically uh it’s it’s kind of frustrating, he’s kind of like a christian panini on the revolution. I know i see him with the ball. I know he’s gon na do good things, but i don’t have any faith in him to put the ball on the net same way. I feel watching andre caution in this game. Uh also vasilevskiy uh, despite the lower save percentage, a much lower one than herlock uh. You could make an argument uh. He was the better goaltender in this game when you look at the quality of chances that he stopped and then you look at the goals that were scored against him and he couldn’t really do much. You can make a real argument. There i wouldn’t, i thought hello, played very good and was unfortunate to get to not get the shutout, but i think you can really praise vasilevskiy for being a very good player in this game uh. We then get to the first goal. Late in the first period, mcavoy with the puck in his own zone hits marshawn up the ice for a breakout, two on one pasta, no gas in the tank he already used.

All his energy marshawn pulls up lets it play catch up to him all the players get into the zone, marshawn going through some tampa defenders to get the puck to the other point where carla was carlos shoots it wide. I should have changed, slides and look at that. Bottom left, pitcher shoots it at coil and coil. You can see the results in the top right tips. It right. Past vasilevskiy and the bruins go up at the break, one to nothing and i’d say deservedly so bruins. I thought played better than tampa for most of the period had some moments where they didn’t, but for the majority of the period the bruins were the better team. We move on to the second period 308 into the period hedman trips to york and the bruins have the most dominant power play. I’Ve seen them have since the restart it was really. It was really great to watch it really like with how bad they looked in the round robin and how met their playoff looked at the beginning of the carolina series, it’s refreshing. It honestly gives you so much more confidence in the team because we rely on the power play when the power play is rolling we’re, damn near unbeatable, just because of everything else we got going on. Uh pug movement was fantastic, get tired, tamp out to the point. We could get what we wanted. Krug did a hand off to create you at the point.

Creachee takes it down the right side down into the circle. As you can see in the bottom left picture, you can see pasta lurking in the background and that that’s exactly where he puts it beautiful pass by creating the pastrnak who slaps it past vasilevskiy, who couldn’t really do much if he got lucky, he could have saved It, but i mean you just can’t – react to that: it’s just impossible and uh bruins go up to nothing and are really putting the clamps on tampa. Bergeron arbor holds headman, and this leads to a tampa power play which we kill, but it kind of flipped. The momentum in tampa’s, favor and tampa started to get some stuff against us. Boston still was getting really good chances, though, during this period uh they had the better chances. This period, in my opinion, despite having less than like 10 less than tampa’s shot total uh. But you have the mcavoy one timer, the which vaseline skate. Sorry, the one timer saved by vasilevskiy from mcavoy. You had the kasha getting a cross crease from jake de brusse, which was also saved by vasilevskiy, because kasha can’t finish uh in 1336. You got wagner roughing on tyler johnson people were complaining about this one because they thought it should be matching. I kind of disagree i thought wagner wrapped his head and when you, when you put the whole wrap on some guy’s head when he’s really not even like looking in your direction, you probably deserve that penalty.

I didn’t think tampa really deserved one there, despite people being like what’s matching minors. What warrants the two roughings, i kind of thought that warranted it, but uh. If you hear my dog barking in the background, i i apologize. Uh 1646 calorim with a scummy interference on mcevoy, takes a cheap shot. Just hits him into the boards mcvoy not having the puck at all. Uh period end shots 18, 7 in favor of tampa but, like i said, boston with the better chances on the counter attack. But you did expect tampa to score this period and they probably deserved a goal because of the pressure in the chances that tampa was getting um but, as i said, vasilevskiy was facing the highest quality chances this period. But you can make argument. Both teams should have had an extra goal in this period. Um marshawn one minute in gets the puck uh woman into the third period. Sorry for that quick transition, one minute into sorry, one minute into the third period. He gets the puck into the tampa zone by himself saranac pins into the boards, but the hold up play was enough for the bruins forwards to give support and bergeron tracks. Mcdonough, who picked up the puck off the board battle between saranac and marshawn, goes around the net and look at that top right picture. That’S a five time selkie winner right. There boys and girls bergeron rips the puck away from mcdonough who didn’t have the best game in my opinion, and he gets it right to posh, knock and then slides it cross crease to marshawn.

As you can see, bottom left marshawn hammers at home to put the bruins up 3, 0 and you’re thinking. It might be really. The thing that kills tampa and tampa might just go away here, not to be the case 249 into the period bugos and richie matching miners, no real impact on the game. There 850 into the third tampa, with a good shift in boston zone, the puck pops out to victor hedman. He just hucks it at the net and it happens to find twine a lucky goal for tampa bay. But it makes up for the unluckiness they were having in the second period where they probably deserve to get a goal here. This one hits off mcavoy nixon a little bit. Hello sees it the whole way they were talking about the screen. I think hello sees. I think it’s just that little nick right there changes the height real, quick. It makes it just a little bit away from her luck’s club who just can’t adjust in time, because of how close it happens in front of him i’m fortunate to concede like that, especially when i thought at that point. Holak might be in the shutout. That was 8 50 into the third, and the bruins would have a 3 1 lead with about uh 11 minutes and 10 seconds left in the game. Um 640 left to lock, with a great save on a hedman wrap around to keep the bruins up by two 303 left vasilevskiy with a misplay up the boards to sergey chab up the boards.

It goes to bergeron said who hits marshawn for one time vasilevskiy, but this dude’s lateral movement, isn’t fair, he he’s flexible as hell too the fact he gets to all these cross creases. The bruins should have had an extra goal or two on these it’s kind of insane. How quick this dude is to react in his like recognition, but also the ability to get across it’s it’s, very impressive, and you see why he wins the or he’s getting the best i’m, not sure if he’s won one. But i know he’s been in the nominations. Like two or three times he’s only 26 and uh, he does have a tendency to crumble a little sometimes but like at his ceiling man. This dude is unreal and i thought he had a good game tonight, despite the score line: uh 8 46 into the period. So about a minute and 14 seconds left tampa pulled the goalie a little before that and they had the puck in the bruins zone. Again, hedman gets the puck at the point again and he just is putting pucks on net and gets rewarded for taking shots again, and this one again hits off mcevoy and goes in no chance on the deflection for helac, and it beats him another unfortunate one to Concede when you let a team pressure, you in your zone like this, sometimes you pay. The consequences in tampa bay makes it a one goal game with 114 left.

The bruins, however, kill off the remainder of the time without conceiving another one and take the 3 2 victory in a tighter fashion than they would have liked, so that that’s really the game right there. In the summary, as i said, i think the bruins play better. I thought tampa bay had their moments as well. I thought the higher quality chances just go watch the highlights it’s packed with byron’s one timers uh that vasilevskiy gets to. You can see a lot of chances over there where, if, like the shot, was a little bit better or vasileski, it was a little less keen to it. The bruins would have had another goal or two at the same time, if you watch that whole second period live, live like with the whole of its entirety, you would see. Tampa probably deserve to go there as well, but i think the puck luck they got in the third period made up for that a little bit and shows you a pretty accurate score line of how the game went, which is 3 2 bruins by one – and this Is gon na be a tight series? Let’S not let’s, not kill ourselves stamkos or no stamkos rascard, no rask. These are two teams that absolutely hate each other and uh it’s. Just gon na get more intense and uh as a casual fan or not i’m. Not a casual but for the casual fan. This is a series that they want to go seven games and i think they’re going to get it this time.

I really. I would really be surprised that the bruins did what they did to carolina. I think tampa. Bay’S got a lot more fight in them, a lot more veteran leadership and a lot more want than the hurricanes do this year. I think it really bothered tampa bay that they got eliminated for last year by columbus, and i really think they want to avenge that. I think the bruins will win the series, though i said that from the beginning, where i said that uh i said i thought they were the favorites after their series against carolina and a big win against tampa proves that uh, maybe i’m right, but who knows it’s Nhl anything can happen but uh. That being said, remember uh no game, two review you’ll get a game two and three review so expect that on either wednesday, night or thursday during the day. Thank you, as always, for watching hit the subscribe button. If you like, my content, you want to follow the burns cup run with me and i’d.