What are you talking about youtube? Okay, i think immediately it starts lagging. Why are dude? Why are i’m so done i’m. So what like? This is the only stream that any of this stuff has happened in any of this stuff, it’s good. For me now, let me know i i don’t even know i don’t even know. None of this stuff has ever happened until this stream, and i have no idea about any of it. No idea about any of it. I don’t even know if it’s youtube, i don’t even know it’s streamless, i don’t know it’s my computer, i don’t know if it’s my wi fi, i don’t know so how’s it going y’all hope, you’re having a good day, let’s see so the second period i started And the boston ruins are on the power play. It looks like it’s, okay now, but it’s pixels, because that’s like apparently we’re doing that now apparently that’s a thing now, and i should i just do the webcam like i’m sick of this crap it’s, not even my computer. My cpu is: is amazing, it’s, not my computer, it’s streamlabs being stupid, it’s youtube being stupid, it’s everything, everything, stupid, how’s, it going nathan good to see you lag r2 and also stupidness and it’s doing the same stuff. I did in the last stream the pixelated the random lag out of nowhere. I don’t know i don’t know and it’s good on my end, but sorry guys, i’m i’m just kind of going through it right now, because i don’t know how to fix any of this.

I don’t know how to fix any of those fucking things it’s just out of nowhere, it and it’s good now, but for how long? How long? How long is it gon na be five minutes until it’s? It just goes and out of nowhere disconnects from the stream for no reason at all passionate, please just score there holy crap valstovsky were to save my gosh. Are you just doing a grave raging? Well, welcome, sportsland good to have you, i think. It’S a i mean we haven’t had any issues for a couple minutes. Hopefully we’re: okay, if it isn’t, then i’m, just gon na use the stupid webcam feature where we can’t have the freaking notifications, because i don’t care anymore. I don’t even care. It looks like we’re. Okay, though, now hopefully, let’s get some no lag hype good vibes in the chat down below for that 20 seconds to go in the hat and the bruised power play. Oh my, how? How have they not scored on this they’ve had a bunch of crazy chances? Grizz, like not a bergeron, not able to find poshmark on the blue line, and the puck goes out so five seconds now in the power play oh and martian coming right into shots, but good block by circuit chev let’s go! Oh now. The pickles pixels are back thanks so much. How have those? How about the brewers not scored holy crap? What a couple of great chances the power play, though, is over the bruins there you go.

Let me see holy crap. That is wait. Am i just delane? Okay, i i thought i was i was just delayed. It was just my screen: okay, so it’s about five seconds: no i’m, not good at owen i’m, not good, hopefully just there’s no buffering, because again this is i’m, not mad, because it’s lagging i’m mad, because these are issues that might make me never stream like this Again, if i have to do it for the webcam, then so be it. But if, if stream can’t have the stuff like that which sucks, because it makes this stream so much better jonathan thanks so much for the two and holy crap zach thanks so much for the four dollar nations, absolutely appreciate you both we’ll, take the bravery we’ll. Take the braver, i appreciate the nations man – absolutely absolutely hmm. It keeps taking me to this random. It keeps making this random live stream that it wants me to use. I don’t know why, but it just does let’s see. Are we back? It looks back: okay, okay, we’ll see it’s pixelated. Of course i have no idea boys. I have no idea discussion feature on the like comment section, so here here’s what i mean here’s, what i mean so i’m going to show i don’t know. If i can. I don’t know how i can be able to show this um, but it so we have stream labs. I might as well give you guys an explanation at least the best i can um with streamlabs every.

So it has like the checklist that it does and it says it it’s published the youtube broadcast. Thirty percent, your stream has started, but there were other issues or there were issues with other actions taken failed to publish youtube broadcast. Your stream has been created, but we can’t publish it on your on your channel, even though, of course, you’re seeing this so that’s. Obviously untrue check your internet connection or go to the stream control page to public management annually.