Um. You would know better than me if that’s true or if players on other teams are also discussing this and if they aren’t. Why is it that it’s, just your two teams discussing this i’m guessing that the discussion um? Obviously it started with the raptors and obviously that’s? What we’re playing um and you know, it’s been talked about with other guys on other teams um, you know we people are upset we’re, angry and we’re just trying to come together and figure out a way on. You know how we can do something and obviously people are going to say well what is sitting out and what is that going to do um, you know, obviously you know we set out. You know again on the rest of the playoffs. You know that we understand how big of a impact that we have you know everybody’s going to have to talk about. It, continue to raise awareness. We don’t want to just keep playing and forget about what’s going on in the outside world, because it’s affecting us it’s affecting everybody and we’re more than just basketball players or people um, and you know we have these wrong emotions and feelings. Question in person kyle goon um was talking to us about sort of how you guys have been talking about. Well, you feel like there’s more, that can be done also for balancing the the idea that the mba and going further in the playoffs it gives you a bigger platform.

How do you kind of um suss that up and what have you guys talked about as a team that stood out to you on that front? I mean it’s, something we’re still talking about, know we’re just trying to get. You know the message, because that we just want to be more than basketball, because it’s, bigger than basketball and obviously basketball gives us a unique platform to use um. You know, because, obviously i have a lot of influence on people and what we do and what we say what we promote and we you know the impact that we have and we try to figure out the best way to use that gerard blakely yeah, hey jason. I asked uh grant this the same question a few minutes ago. I want to ask you as well uh, while you guys are in the bubble, uh there’s a certain amount of patience that you guys. Obviously, uh don’t really have much of a choice but to have with, as far as trying to bring about systemic changes being actively engaged in that and i’m. Just i wanted to hear from your perspective, how challenging is it to be patient with that process, but yet still be active and engaged trying to move that process forward and that’s what we talked about every day, um because it’s, tough, because we’re in a bubble we Can’T leave um as much as we would love to go back to our communities and um stand with.

You know our people. You know we’re we’re in this bubble and kind of isolated from everybody else, and i think that is very frustrating. A lot of a lot of players have voiced that i know some guys have talked about going home um. You know to to be there. Instead of kind of being isolated, chris gasper jason, can you hear me yeah, okay, um? I i just want to ask you you know: do you feel like whatever you guys try to do in these incredibly disheartening and challenging times? You will do it together with the raptors or do you feel like the raptors will make their decision and you guys, as a team, will make your own decision. Oh, i mean we’re trying to figure it out today and if, if certain guys, certain individuals, you know make their own decision that’s perfectly fine, everybody is entitled to feel how they feel and act upon. You know how they want to act. Um. You know nobody’s going to be judged um, one way or another question of person, malika andrews in what ways has being in this bubble, exacerbated or changed your feelings, because last time this happened that it was caught on video and went viral. You were home. How is is this different? Do you think that makes the feelings more acute? I think what’s different is obviously you know the first incident that happened a couple months ago. I think guys were able to, you know, be on front lines, be be seen be in their communities in the neighborhoods um and right now, it’s tough, because we kind of stuck between the decision of you know some people can’t go home, but we understand what we’re Giving up about being here the worker, so many people um so many hours they went into making this all possible um.

You know so it’s a tough decision. You know, i know some guys have thought about going home um, because there are a lot of things. Just bigger than basketball, we understand that you know we’re people first and foremost like we might be not just basketball players, so the the feeling of being isolated kind of from the outside world that’s kind of how i feel like that. I know a lot of the other gospel saying here: question person, brian mahoney, i mean i couldn’t, imagine trying to decide this kind of decision right now. You guys are talking about it being an individual. Was there a part of you who says, i mean i’m playing the best basketball in my life right now my team is on a roll. I want to keep going or are you able to block out the basketball part and say um? This is a bigger decision than that. How many points we scored? You have to win that actually don’t matter right now, um, you know, being a black man in america. Is you know more important than what i’m doing at the basketball court using my platform, my voice uh to help create conversation and change is more important than anything i can do out there when you think about a man being shot in his luck. Seven times with these kids in the car it’s way more important than anything. I could do out there before just knowing that those these two kids be traumatized the rest of their life.

You know seeing that their dad gets shot for no reason i couldn’t. Even imagine you know how that’s going to affect them the rest of their life, so much things that’s a lot of things way more important than anything. We’Re doing unexplored final question for jason dan wakey: hey jason, uh, two questions, quick um: how seriously are you considering going home? Is that something that’s on the table for you and then? Secondly, uh has your sort of faith in the platform of players been uh diminished? At all i mean you guys have done a lot said. A lot been on front lines and, like you said you know, you can still watch a black man get shot in the back seven times. Is that do you get a sense that guys are discouraged that um? You know all of these efforts have seemingly maybe haven’t had the effect you wanted. I mean it’s easy to get discouraged um. If you look back at history, any progress that’s been made has not been a smooth and easy path. There’S always been setbacks and anything you do in life. Anything you try to to change for the better it’s, not always going to happen on the first. Try um it’s impossible to think that the world will be perfect in the span of three or four months but uh. I think we understand that you know one setback like this can’t we can’t give up and we can’t stop what we’re doing, because i think we have made an impact um.

These last couple months have has been good for changing progress in the way that the conversations and everybody’s willing to listen and come together. Um, you know it’s, not gon na happen overnight, it’s gon na take time, and unfortunately you know we don’t want things like this to continue to happen. Um, but you know, i think setbacks are is um is a part of progress and change and that’s what we’re? Trying to fight for jason! Thank you very, very much for the time.