How do you see paul the bucks being remembered in history? Well, you know they’re gon na be remembered because they took a lot of courage for them to to step to the forefront. But if you think about that day, it was discussed between boston and toronto about you know, boycotting that game. But toronto i mean uh milwaukee took the lead on this. They didn’t talk to orlando magic. They didn’t talk to lebron. You know we playing. If lebron played we don’t play, they stepped to the forefront because of that it was a domino effect amongst the nba and all across the sports world, but they took the league, so i give them props for that that took that’s a courage. You know: giannis mvp, defensive player of the year has a chance to win a championship and to say hey, we we might be done with possibly the season and it was a major effect on all of sports world. It took a lot of courage. No, i agree. I think obviously it’ll definitely go down in history, four years removed from cap taking his knee, but i think more than ever we just kind of showed our power. We did it like. Like paul said it was a domino effect across sports and that’s. What we’re trying to empower the country with we want to, let you know, we’re powerful, as athletes you’re powerful as the people, we need to get out there and vote, and when we go out there and flex our power we all get out to the polls.

We can try to change this world, but we’re going to need everyone’s help, it’s, not just the nba’s job. I think player empowerment took hold in the nba earlier than in some of the other sports, where, frankly, just seeing guys in the nfl wake up to how much power they have and there’s some see it. Be it here right so then watching the nba players not come out on the court on wednesday. Let some of the guys in the other sports see. Well, you know we could do that too, and i thought that was very yeah and it’s. Also not just talk. You know now we’re we’re we’re moving forward with action. Yes, you know what i mean it. It like doc said everyone’s looking for the nba for the plan. No one in the world really has a plan. There’S people whose jobs 24 7 is to find a plan and they don’t have a plan. So we have no problem putting that on our back and trying to help, but, like doc, said it’s going to take all of us, not just the nba or professional sports. In general yeah this isn’t on nba players to solve racism and by the way it’s never on victims of oppression to solve their own oppression, but obviously contributing to that fight has been so so valuable. I do want to talk about how we got here. To this point, being back on the court, on the one hand you see some of the old heads right of the league chris paul udonis haslam was very key in sort of building consensus and all this over the past 72 hours you had lebron james, enlist barack Obama’S help and all of this, but you also had voices like the celtics jaylen brown.

You had donovan mitchell. Do you think matt there’s been a little bit of a generational shift, or at least the younger guys in the league joining the older guys and saying we take responsibility for this too well it’s it’s important because just like in basketball, we’re handing off the torch. So these guys are much more aware, it’s, just a different time. When me and paul came in the game, it wasn’t about money management, investing it was about having fun. You know, it’s a whole different atmosphere in the game. Now these younger players are coming in more equipped more tuned to not only sports but life and business, so i think it’s great when you see younger players really stepping up and having their own voice and beating their own chess because, like i said this affects them, Just as much as us and we’re all these, these older guys, you mentioned they’re almost done so. The next generation is strong and in good hands. There has to be a generational shift at some point. You know it’s going to be a time when lebron is not in the league. Chris paul is not a league, so now it’s, like they’re handing it down, like you, said: it’s it’s, like they’re handing it down to the younger generation, to continue to carry the torch and be loud and have a voice and use their platform and so i’m proud. Because, usually, you know young guys kind of shy away and let the older guys, you know, take the forefront but to see them.

Take this forefront and on these issues it’s great to see, and it shows that we’re going to be in good hands. Moving forward and it’s brave of them right, they don’t always have the endorsements piled up the way the older generation of players have. They don’t have as much career earnings for them to step out and know that any team that’s getting them next is going to get a guy who’s vocal. That takes some courage too, and i admire that and i think it’s important. You know right to the other day we talked about owners aligning with players more. These brands are going to start having the lining of these players, because we don’t want brands that don’t want us to be ourselves and speak for what’s right and we’ve already seen. Adidas do that with donovan mitchell matching a bunch of his contributions, the idea that he went out there in his early 20s that so many of these guys in this their early 20s. Taking this on is so impressive. I was not that impressive in my early 20s. I don’t know what most of you were out doing: um as we go forward. I do want to check in with you guys on who you think the biggest winner is now that basketball has resumed paul. What do you think is the win out of this um? I’M going to say everybody wins in this situation, because you got to see what came out of this.

You know it. We got awareness from the owners, you know from from governors, you know what came out of this. We got more voting access. You know they opened. The owners opened up these arenas now to say uh. You know we need people to go out and vote that’s, a big part of all of this. That was the biggest win on august. You know they was able to form a coalition. The owners uh the players and coaches and stuff that was great, but immediate response was just the voting rights and so like that’s, a big win and a step moving forward, as we continue to have these conversations on down the line when the season is over. When we can go out back in our communities and meet with these different mayors, these governors uh, you know that this is very important right now that that this is happening. I think the the winner, like paul said, is all of us understanding that how much stronger their voice was in the bubble than individually the the bubble voice with the nba logo behind it travels around the world. You know now we’re looking for action, i think uh, you know milwaukee not only obviously boycott the game, but then they are online with people who can make powerful plays in their community and i think that’s what we need to do. We’Re opening up arenas for polling stations, my team and i came up with an id, and i heard lebron’s team might be doing the same thing um, but we we needed myself paul former players to go out and work these uh these polls on election day.

You know you see one of your favorite players out there working the poll for an hour so that’s going to draw. We need everyone to get off their butt and either do an early mailing ballot or come out really early, really early it’s going to walk to wherever it’s going. So we got to get it there. We got to get out early but, like i said, just more hands on more involved. Our message is strong. Some people want to hear some people don’t, but we don’t care we’re fighting for what’s right. Look. Everyone in this country is allowed to have a voice is allowed to speak, and your point about the milwaukee bucks is so fascinating. If you followed up on the story it’s, not just that they sat for two or three hours in their locker room. They were on the phone with the lieutenant governor of wisconsin, with some of the officials who, and they were informed by the way – they’re basketball players they’re not supposed to know about what legislation is going through. The wisconsin state government in any moment, but they were told. Hey we are trying to get a special session back to pass police reform and we have not been able to mount the public pressure. The governor has been calling that for this we cannot mount the public pressure to do it. So you know what the milwaukee bucks walked out of their locker room got a piece of paper said: we need to do this for this legislation and guess what guys they are opening that special session, and i think that’s great too, just from seeing me on the Show the other day i had someone from sacramento um from the capitol reach out to me talking about they have 10 new policies on the governor’s desk that they hope to get signed.

So people are watching.