I think this series, i have boston with the edge in this series, and if gordon hayward were to be playing in this, it would be even more of an edge uh they’re gon na need some help. They’Re gon na need guys to step up here and you guys to play well, and even if you look at the other series, i think that they are the third best team right. I think it. I think it goes the bucks, the celtics and then the toronto rapper, i think they’re only their best team in the east in the east. I think they are the third best team in the east and it’s close i’m, not saying that they couldn’t beat that in third. What needs to happen. They need the kawhi to take off the clipper jersey and come back that’s. What needs to happen for them to go back to back? This is equivalent. This is equivalent to us losing garnett to injury in our second gear, going to back to back. We made it to the second round, and that was that was our ceiling and that’s. The ceiling for the toronto raptors versus celtics wow yeah, he said it he’s. This is true, i was, i was rambling, ultimately let’s be real, but you think that’s for them. If you need luck to win a championship on on any level, you need things to go. Your way – and they had a lot go their way last year and they deserve to win a championship because kawhi wasn’t 100 healthy they nursed them.

They helped get him through the postseason, but they had things go their way. Couple ac and acl and achilles they had some things go their way. I can’t bet on luck, so that’s the thing i can’t look at them and say: hey they’re, gon na have that same type of good fortune and they’re, not nearly as talented kawhi was on that team. They would be the favorites absolutely that’s what they need for. Back to back there, it is that’s not happening all right. Well, the raptors will respectfully disagree with you. Yes, they should, and in this series look the celtics have lost gordon hayward. He is not going to be in the series, possibly beyond that. Remember he suffered that ankle sprain game, one of the first round, he’s also gon na have the birth of his fourth child that he was planning on leaving the bubble for so that might delay his return as well paul. How will hayward’s absence impact boston in this series it’s going to impact their depth because they’re already not a deep team, but what that says is hey jason, tatum and brown gon na have to play more minutes, kemba walker. You got to play more minutes and step up. Enos cantor come on let’s go. These guys have made them. This. Guy is another step. This guy jason tatum has to take another step towards super stardom with gordon hayward out, and i think he did that this last series.

I think he could continue to rise as the playoff goes on and i i do believe the sellers are going to win this series on the back of jason tatum well, and this is the one thing that we we all have to account for – that toronto. Raptor team is very experienced. They actually have more experience in the celtics team right so for me, that’s the one kind of edge that i would give the toronto raptors over them. His experience they’ve been there they’ve done that they, a lot of these young players, went to the conference finals. You know a couple years ago, so here’s the thing, this team for a young team and they have not won a championship like toronto has, but they went to a game seven of the eastern conference finals against lebron james, and they did it in a year that Gordon hayward and kyrie irving were hurt and these exact players stepped up. I i agree, but there is still when you are the man and you’re going against the defending champions that believe and they’re playing like they believe they can win another championship. That is going to be a little bit more difficult to dethrone those. This is what i do when i go into a series. I say all right when you look at the two teams, who are the five best players in this series? Okay, now, when you look at the celtics, the best player in this series is hands: down’s, jason, tatum, okay, the next player is jaylen brown, then ciaokum, then kimball walker, oh! No! No! No! So right there already out of four players.

I have three of them in the on the celtics and that’s. Why i favor them. I think i think the second best player is pascal ciao. No, i got jaylen brown all right. This goes to something: okay, commercial break, paul turns to richard, and what did you say? I said who you think is a better player, jaylen brown or ciaco. I got jaden, i said when we’re asking that who are who uh or which one if i took jalen brown off the celtics and put pascal ciaco right there. I think that i think the celtics would be a little bit better of a team, his versatility he’s. Six foot eight he’s bigger than jalen a little bit. What makes him a little bit better with ciaco jalen brown shoots the three: he plays a great role taking second field to tatum he’s, a great defender already a top five two way player. He understands he doesn’t need to have the ball, he can spot up and knock down. Threes now see i come to you can do all these things. It’S close i’m, not taking anything has proven is that he can lead a team. He has led this team with kyle lowry. No lowry let’s not get it twisted lowry, they have gasol come on. They have leaders on this team. He just has to play and be the young guy, but the same with same with jason tatum they’ve got leaders on that team.

Also it’s, not just jason. I think tatum has taken a step when i watch those games when you watch them in the timeout tatum’s. In there leading the time now gets fired up, he gets excited i’m with you. I like who’s, the leader on the raptors, who is the leader, oh it’s, kyle, and i would even go marc gasol and serge ibaka. They have a loaded exactly. They have a lot of spots, they are and they are deeper than this celtics team. They are close if jay, if get some really good ones and we’ve got milwaukee in the heat on the other side of the eastern rocket. Ask me after game, one all right. So i’ll take it to celtics tonight. That begs the question who you got tonight game one of this series game one establishing who you’ve got listen. Toronto don’t have that ruckus home crowd out there. They don’t have those people in the streets. They don’t have the flag going around the arena. I got the celtics come on now. Oh my god. I can’t believe the more i the raptors i’m taking the raptors, the more he digs in the morning. Yeah it’s, just the gordon hayward one crushes it that crushes me, because you think the raptors are winning this game, but you still think boston is winning the series. I think the celtics ultimately will figure things out. They will they will get. I think they will get going as a series goes on.

I think the raptors are are going to punch first now i could be completely wrong and we’ll talk about it again at halftime, but i think the raptors are going to punch first, i mean look. This is an interesting scenario where home court advantage, as you say, right, there’s no jurassic park right now, there’s no bars to guard in that place. They used to throw pennies at us when i was playing against paul our our security they’re, throwing pennies out our security goes duck.