Last year, you guys obviously went into milwaukee and took game one, and then he went on to lose the next four. What is different about this team after winning game one of this round, and why do you have confidence that you’ll continue to succeed in this series? I mean we just won a game you had to bring last year up. This is different. I mean this is just a different environment, different team um, you know. Obviously we remember we won. You know the first five games of the playoff last year, then we lost four in a row um, but you know last year’s behind us. This is just this is just this is different, all around um. You know, we know it’s not going to be easy another day to defend the champs for a reason um. You know we just got to take it one game at a time from a confidence standpoint, though, what makes you have trust in in this team that you will continue to play that the way that you did today and during the first round, um just continue to Watch film, um we’re, not gon na be perfect, but we just need to to follow the game plan and play with purpose and just play hard and compete that’s. What we did tonight, because we know toronto they’re going to compete. You know they’re not going to give up and every every night every game is going to be a dog fight, um, you know, and if we go out there and give it our all, we live with the results.

Gerard bloodly, yeah jason. I wanted to ask you about just the earl well two part question two serpent questions early part of the game where you weren’t, shooting the ball, but you guys were in in control of the action, talk a little bit about just how you’ve been able to pitch Yourself as a player and not force the action and also second question, you guys came into the bubble with two purposes to be successful, both on the court and keeping the conversation going that began outside the bubble. How do you think you guys were able to balance those that in this first game? First question: uh yeah, you know just you know things that i continue to to learn about uh for myself and just playing in these games in this. In these situations, uh just kind of realizing the the attention you know that i get you know when i put the ball on the floor um, you know, and you know, they’re great defensive team they’re not gon na make it easy so it’s. My job to to you know, find an open man. You know if i have, if they double. If they you know, i got a lot of attention. A lot of eyes on me so that’s, just something i’m, constantly trying to improve, trying to get better at and then find my spots. Second question: yeah um! You know, i think, just what we’ve been doing off the court is a big reason why we came down here uh.

I think you know the world has seen how powerful we are as a collective as um as we just together. The things that we can accomplish. You know when we all come together as one question in person, gary washburn jason, um kind of piggybacking off mark’s question: how confident are you in this team? It just seems like you guys are playing the best ball. You have probably all season, maybe starting with that. First game against toronto and then that you guys didn’t, let up you didn’t, let them back into the game. They didn’t make a 15, nothing run you kind of kept counter punching. I mean. How confident are you guys right now? You know, i believe, in each and every one of those guys in that locker room. You know we just spent so much time together down here and uh, putting in work every day. You know we come prepared and um and know. I said it’s not gon na. Be perfect, um every every game. We know how good toronto is, and you know how tough they are uh. You know, so we this is one game, but we can’t can’t think about it. No more. We got ta get ready for the next one, because we know they’re going to come out and play even harder, so we got to match their intensity next game. Jared weiss right before the game talked about how, because her defense is so aggressive and they’re used to scrambling, you need to make sure you make that extra pass and be really patient with the offense.

Do you feel, like you guys achieve that, especially with the way you’re able to stretch out to the corners and get a lot of good corner? Three point looks yeah. I mean they’re great defensively. You know it’s, not gon na be a game where you can. You know stare down the defense and just attack um. You know we got ta use each other. We got ta move the ball uh because if you just try to uh, obviously there’s situations where you got ta do that. But you know, for the most part, everybody just got: ta contribute abby, jason, uh, again brad pulling you relatively early in the first quarter and putting you back on the court with a lot of guys from that second unit. What is it about your game and that group that makes you so effective with them uh? You know, i think, it’s my job to go out there and play you know: brad gon na do the substitutions and depending on match, ups and situation in the game. You know put the five out there at different times that he thinks his best and uh. You know you got to be aware of the guys you playing out there with um. You know it might call for you to do different things and i think that’s just a part of just reading the game, reading situations and knowing what we need at certain size, final questions and bundles jason. You guys have really had a lot of success so far without gordon, obviously, the key piece to your team.

What has allowed you guys to be able to not only you know, maintain how you were playing, but also you know, arguably times play over the past few days without uh, just not making excuses. I we miss g um. You know you know just hoping that he continues to get better and speedy recovery because we we definitely need him we’re, not we’re, not better we’re, better. When he’s with us – and i think, that’s obvious – we know that he knows that how much he means to this team. I just think in this circumstance that we just got ta. We just got ta play cards, we dope um. You know a lot of teams deal with injuries and different things. We can’t make excuses. We love to have them. Hopefully, if we continue to keep winning that he can come back but uh. You know.