Toronto boasted an 11 1 record in the bubble that lone loss came to the celtics, a game in which the raptors never led and trailed by as many as 40. sunday brought game. One of the east semis against the celtics and boston would once again lead from start to finish. Here are the highlights of game one kyle lowry and the reigning champs, taking on jalen brown and kemba walker and jason tatum, and the celtics and boston jumps out on him. Shooting 59 percent in the first quarter, led by 19 and and pascal siakim, had three fouls on the toronto side, so it couldn’t have been a better start. Yeah and kevin walker’s, looking like kimber getting into the lane, shooting the ball and then now, when you got tatum and brown on the outside and kemba doing that on the ins with the ball it’s going to be a good series, ceo could not get in foul Trouble oh give me that it was ‘ 23 after one jason tatum all by himself there and then six seconds left in the half. Both teams have similar styles of play. They both play hard but uh boston. Just got way too many weapons cast that in cash. That in cash that in 59, 42 at the break on we move jason, tatum, 21, 9 Music, marcus smart by the way had a 21 point day and give me the defense right there. He has the steal and here’s robert who he played for my boy.

Taco ball little he’s too 60. tatum beats the buzzer yeah that switch on switch on this basket. I don’t know if you can do that in one second got ta fight through that mark is smart. Again, 21 points on six of ten shooting five out of nine. From deep it’s gon na be a man it’s gon na be a tough series. Man they’re gon na have to really pick it up. Yeah i mean 112 94 is the final, and so two meetings in the bubble and the raptors haven’t led for a second boston takes game. One of that series i mean ciacom, you guys 13 on five of 16 fred van vliet was just three of 16 and two of 11 from deep uh ibaka 15., but man that that boston balance just keeps on coming at you, whether it’s jaylen brown or whether It’S jason tatum, or whether it’s kemba walker or marcus smart with no gordon hayward in there they have talented weapons uh. You know they play hard. They play the right way, but you know when they play as a cohesive unit. Those talented guys, they’re very hard to beat ciaco is not a star he’s, a designated star, because kawhi is left and his his team, former champ you’re, the star of the team and as a star you can’t can’t, be in foul trouble but but boston. As i said well during the highlights, they both have teams that play hard, but boston just got those big name, weapons that you need to move on to from series to series well to me.

Uh boston played great today they got a lot of weapons but listen seattle’s, an all star, so he’s a heck of a player. But this is his first time in the batman role and you have a responsibility as the best player to play well, and you cannot get three fouls the first quarter. I mean because the game was over at halftime, but as a star you have to play. Well, you have to get your numbers, you have to give those other guys confidence, but the one thing you cannot do. You cannot get three fouls the first quarter. I agree. This is his first batman role. You know, you know we saw the shot. Bounce bounce bounce bounce in by kawhi – that would be him now and he and he’d have to, and you have to change your mentality to be that um. You know, meaning when you go from robin to batman or batman back to robin. You have to change your mentality because there was no way that kawhi leonard said i’m not going to get the ball, and so he ran to the ball. Even he walked. We saw the play walk but he said i’m getting that ball and i’m going to score. So ciaco was on the floor as well, but his thought process wasn’t there last year, he’s got to just change his thought process. Then he won’t say i’m going to get three fouls chuck because you’re changing your thought process, but they do it by committee and they did not do it.

I think they’re too little on the perimeter uh for jason, tatum and and um and brown powell’s gon na have to be really bigger in this series. Van fleet is a little too small for the wings at times and when you play lowry and fan fleet together, one of them have to regard brown, and neither one of them can guard what’s. The other kid on the bench: uh boucher, yeah yeah. I think the two guys are going to step up because they’re athletic enough to go against tatum and uh and brown og oginobi. I think it’s right now and and bullshit them. Two guys got to play. Yeah uh those two guys gon na, have to play serge ibaka. Well, sir, like he can’t guard those guys on floor because he’s an older guy, those two guys they can’t guard him either. I don’t know, but you know what they they’re gon na have to put up some resistance. I mean you’re, not gon na stop great players, but you have to put up resistance it’s a tall task, but the only thing boston didn’t do well in this game. They turned it over 23 times, still won by 18 to take the opener over toronto chuck bragging about his college Laughter. He wasn’t really, he was saying. Look i didn’t average much scoring wise, but i knew i was going to lead the uh rebound yeah 10 rebounds that’s. All you have to do that’s all that you need to get on your knees to get those shorts on that’s, just dude i’m, still ugly.

Hey all right, did you make right? Did you make all the murder? Oh uh, uh yeah, the shorts didn’t make it, but you didn’t hear around i’m just checking man that break breasts are good all day. Oh wow, did you ever talk? Did you ever tuck your shirt in? I was a little too chunky to chuck it in again to the acc yeah there. He is that’s the comfort zone right.