m. Yesterday i dropped the raptor celtics matchup preview. You can see that video up at the top, with all the tendencies you need to know for both team starters and if you want even more detail and all the reserves make sure you follow scout with brian on twitter i’ve got a thread there. That’Ll also make sure i pin uh on this video that really dives deep. This video let’s take a look at the key plays for both teams, as well as the identities of two teams that are very similar almost to a shocking extent. Raptors main plays first of all, delay a set hit. The trail big, playthrough, gasol great passer up at top split game. The slip of the back pick there by vanvleet against the switch gasol again really good passer, really good. Reading the floor from the top he’ll keep the ball moving when he gets switched on to he’s going to try to roll his man down to the post, where he’s still got a little bit of game down there against smaller guys. They’Ll also do down screen into a long curl. Here, keep the ball moving side to side nice little interchange. There ends up getting powell a corner. Three trail four little hand off to siacom the trailing four man boston. Has the personnel try to switch almost everybody onto him except kemba, and sometimes tice? You see it again here, try to really get siakim downhill off that little brush screen dribble handoff in transition they’ll also have ciacom handle some invert.

It he’ll do the handoff to the guard: try to get lowry or fred a downhill attack. They’Ll even do a variation with the guards playing games with each other. A little trail brush screen, dho guard to guard, usually vanvleet and lowry. Lowry looks like they were trying to set this up to get him to his left hand. Also. 41, 4, 1 high pick and roll for ciacom. You see boston in a show there with kemba trying to avoid the switch worked out pretty well there, but then again, toronto’s gon na keep the ball moving, keep driving and kicking another show by kemba here, brown’s gon na have to go under for that. Ciaco might have that pull up jump shot off that action. Early you’ll also see some of it out of a pistol alignment. A little step up guard screen, boston again switched it here, mark a smart onto him, flare the guard and then five man can come into a side pick and roll for ciaco boston, iced. It there pretty good defense by them. Pulling in again here, you’re gon na see a little step up and then bam did the tag off of gasal, which is going to leave him potentially make some shots up at the top. On that action, dho stagger pretty self explanatory here, stagger powell stagger vanvleet off the dribble handoff again you’re, going to see nice and simple gerbil handoff bring og to the top and now vanvleet after kind of lulling, his man to sleep going to sprint off that double A baca like a saw if he gets a switch, not going to be shy about taking his man down to the post or he’s, going to go to that left.

Shoulder jump hook similar looking set here. Let’S call this one delay floppy, going to look a little bit more, like delay, hit the five man he’s going to go into a dribble handoff and then it basically just becomes floppy van vleet can come off a double here. Lowry comes off the opposite side. Again very similar, looking set, you know, ends up being virtually the same thing, but this time again hitting the trail big going into the handoff floppy action, single double for usually freddie, come flying off. Those screens make sure you stay down on his shot fake side. Out of bound play, spain, a lot going on rip screen here, pinned down and then it’s all just fluff to get into this stack or spain pick and roll boston was in a trap there. I don’t know if that was their game plan, or just they kind of lucked into it. We’Ll see it again. Here starts with a little ucla type cut, hit, pin down swing it rip, screen, pin down into again stack really what they’re looking for spain pick and roll ibaka just happened to drop this that one last time i’ll. Let you see it here again see that rip screen bring freddie to the top, and then this one we went right into it. Lowry’S going to slip out of it again got to be locked into that side. Out of bounds play really good play that they execute very well celtics main sets for them.

We’Re, going to see a lot of touch, quick little pin high, pin down into options out of it. They can hit back the trail. The five man right away, split game kemba, loves to fly off those both those screens where he’s pretty dangerous. Coming up for his pull up, you see tatum’s, going to get the pen here hand it right back to kemba and then again way to get him into high pick and roll off a little bit of movement motion again hit hayward here, hit the big go right Into split game, tice keeps the ball moving that time, going to the weak side, a lot of different options. Basically, just a read and react out of that simple action to start boston, going to run a lot of different sets. Both these teams, huge playbooks, probably the biggest in the league, dive delay, we’ll call this one dive. The wing out here, brown to the opposite corner point guard fills a strong corner. Now we go right into delay like toronto runs, pinned down into the dribble handoff there, heyward filling behind he’ll obviously be sorely missed in this series. Again, you see the dive. Kemba fills the corner this time, we’ll go into the back pick option out of it. Kemba sets the rip screen then gets the dribble handoff again the disguised way to get right into that delay set this time they’re going to make it look similar, but tice, instead of coming for the catch, is going to spin off and go pinned down on the Slot tatum who’s going to turn the corner and then hit back to jalen brown with a really nice pass again here, we’re going to see ty spin out get jalen brown.

This time then go right back into a high pick and roll brown pretty good. That mid range elbow, pull up, swing, side, swing side. You can even see brad calling it out here swing side, then one of their favorite side out of bounds play, pin the five to the top swing it and then inbounder is going to come into a double staggered side pick and roll toronto, pretty locked in they Switched it boston ended up having a hit big back cut. Hayward ended up losing the ball here. If you don’t switch it, you could get in trouble here. As you see, the staggered pick and roll that time and tice gets behind the defense, where again marcus, smart, really good playmaker, horn’s 21, usually gon na hit the big at the elbow guards split game. Tatum. You see he’s gon na tight curl to the rim. Kemba go play high pick and roll with hayward deadly coming off for that up off pick and rolls from three again hit tice brown and tatum love to play this game together as well. Brown’S gon na back cut tatum’s gon na end up calling for it up at top and then he’s gon na go into high pick and roll really good. Keeping his man on his back tys loves to set that gortat type duck in the screen. How the raptors play overall again, these teams very similar, but toronto, defined by their unselfishness. The ball is never going to stop moving, get into gaps.

Kick kick swing. Ball stops for just a second, but now we’re gon na move the ball again. Hicka saw catch and go swing, it extra passes 10 plus passes routinely on possessions. They are super unselfish. You see it again. Just out of a simple drag screen here: lowry’s gon na end up hitting og og’s gon na hit gasol cut right off him. Doesn’T get it all right, hit larry swing, it corner, hit back cut swing, it pick and roll lowry pull up non. Stop movement motion really hard to guard five out unselfishness carries over to defense. You see gasol takes charges, then lowry leading charge taker in the nba, relentless sacrifice by him always willing to step in take charges. Super super tough. Beyond that really solid, usually man to man, defensive team. Look at them here, you’re going to see og, usually the stopper type guy, but look at them flying covering for each other. Multiple efforts, the foundation, a good defense ends up forcing a 24 second violation. Here this one against miami you’re going to see they have a lot of pac line principles in their defense. They can switch a lot of actions a lot of long, similar type defenders, always in the gaps always covering for each other, always flying around force. A lot of turnovers that way you’ll see some funky stuff too. They played a little, i believe, there’s a triangle in two against brooklyn man, man, other three guys are in a little triangle type zone.

They got some funky stuff like that. They got a little box in one you’re gon na see the triangle in two again here: lowry’s in man and then powell’s and man up at top the other three guys you’re gon na see again triangle right here, guys in a zone forces teams to kind of Do a little too much thinking, not enough, just playing boston will have to just play run their offense anyway, regardless of sometimes the funky defenses toronto runs. You see here little zone with ciaco up at top little 3 2 make him the trap guy up at top. How boston plays again very similar, also super, unselfish offensively like to play up tempo extra passes, tatum, obviously huge, huge leap. This season loves this side step three way to get his own shot off a lot of different creative ways for him to get shots and then great execution team as well steven’s. Obviously, one of the best coaches in the league, like nurse almost everything, is designed for a purpose that time to get jaylen brown, a corner, three jaylen brown again, another guy’s made a big leap. This season able to get his own shot off at a lot more frequency. A lot of their sets gon na basically end up being this chicago action again pinned down into a dribble handoff, with the five rolling hard four rotating behind jaylen brown, great job, keeping his man on his back there. They do a lot of that.

Kemba horns. Twist action here, he’s got the potential in this series to be the best scorer he’s got that kind of ability to hit those shots off pull ups. That makes him really dangerous and deadly marcus smart tries to be the heart and soul of this team, relentless hustle grit motor always going to be the first guy on the floor, going to be a high pressure defender. Take charges step in against anybody that guy gets the team going with his heart, with his motor, obviously in the starting lineup now without hayward they’re going to need him to make. Some of these plays like this to robert williams, high level, playmaker, creative, secondary ball handler and then boston, though like toronto at their core, really good man to man. Defensive team move their feet. Well, as you see, smart, do their hayward kemba doing a great job in the gap than flying out to contest shots. Gon na be really solid again, a lot of pac line type principles, a lot of switching tatum able to switch onto ciacom and then you’re gon na see here. Hayward ended up on gasol all right doesn’t matter now. Powell’S going to attack hayward is going to switch on to him tatum’s going to go, get gasol he’s going to flop. Tice is going to cover for him they’re both going to fly at the shooter. Multiple multiple efforts by both these teams you’re going to see a little bit of zone from boston, not a ton but little 2 3 type, often times robert williams, when he’s in the game.

But again they still fly around doesn’t matter.