Buzzer, beaters, comebacks surprises., Something for every taste.. We have some series that we already know will go at least 6 games and we have a few sweepers as well. 3 of those sweepers are in the Eastern Conference, and 2 of them will meet each other in the next round of the playoffs.. Hey guys, hope. Youre doing well. Im Purple Prince, and this is my Toronto Raptors vs, Boston, Celtics, Series, preview and prediction. Lets start with the defending champs.. The Raptors had to face the 7th seeded Brooklyn Nets. In their first round series and looky here., I predicted it would be a sweep and it was. 40 an easy first round series win for the Raptors and they are ready for their next challenge.. Every game was won by at least 15 points.. It was never that close. 6 Raptors averaged double digit points in the series against the Nets, with Fred Van Vleet leading the way with his 21.3 points per game., Oh yeah, and right before the sweep the Raptors head. Coach Nick Nurse won the coach of the year. Award. Good stuff., One amazing stat in Game 4, the sweep clinch game, Torontos bench scored a 100 points. 100 points. Just Toronto, bench. Amazing. The Raptors averaged 126.3 points per game in the series and allowed the Nets to score just 105.8.. As for Boston, they had a seemingly tougher opponent in the first round, the Philadelphia 76ers. At least it shouldve been tougher.

. The games were closer, but in the end it was a sweep as well. Ben Simmons, wasnt playing. Embiid was good, but not great.. That whole 76ers team is in shambles right. Now. I predicted the series would go 6 games with the Celtics still going over, but obviously I expected too much from the 76ers. 3 Celtics averaged more than 20 points per game in the series against the 76ers, with Jayson Tatum leading the way with his 27 points Per game. Compared to Toronto, the main damage from the Celtics was done by the starters.. They averaged 112.3 points per game against the 76ers, while allowing 100.5 points.. Currently throughout the 2020 NBA Playoffs, the Raptors have the best scoring offense.. They are the 2nd best at converting their field goals and the best in converting their three pointers.. They are also the 2nd best rebounding team in the playoffs and the absolute best passing team averaging more than 30 assists per game. Boston carries the 9th best offense, the 9th best field goal percentage and 11th best 3pt conversion rate.. They are the 10th best rebounding team, but their passing needs some work.. They average only 19 assists per game which ranks 13th among 16 playoff teams. During the regular season. Both teams met 4 times and actually the Celtics won 3 of those meetings.. One thing to mention., Gordon Hayward wont be there.. He suffered a Grade 3 ankle sprain in the first game against the 76ers, and it was said almost right away that hes gon na miss at least the first 2 rounds of the playoffs.

. It didnt really matter against. The Sixers, but I think it will matter this round. Toronto – has its own injury concerns as well. Kyle Lowry left Game 4 vs Nets and didnt return because of a left ankle sprain.. Now it didnt seem as severe as it was for Gordon Hayward. So I expect him to participate in this series, if not game 1, then surely somewhere down the road., While both of these teams are very similar in their results, they have different ways of getting there.. Boston has 3 clear, cut leaders when it comes to scoring., Tatum, Kemba and Brown all score over 20 points per game and others add something here and there.. Toronto, on the other hand, has 6 players averaging double digit points. And yes, you can say that their best player is Pascal Siakam, but in the first round series their best scorer was Fred VanVleet. Other games. It could be Kyle Lowry or Norman Powell. Hell. Serge Ibaka played some games like a superstar. And even Marc Gasol.. He played only 20 minutes per game in the first round, but hes only a couple of seasons removed from being a 15 points per game. Scorer.. One of the keys to this series, in my opinion, is: can the Raptors continue their hot streak from the distance.? The Raptors made 71 threes against Brooklyn and in total converted on 43.3 of their long distance, shots. Fred VanVleet was especially hot, making 19 three pointers in 4 games with a 55.

9 conversion. Rate. Boston is a better defensive team and they have wings who could guard the perimeter, but if the Raptors can maintain the form from the distance, the Celtics are up for a tough series.. The Celtics, on the other hand, connected only on 35 of their threes, which is still a respectable number but miles lower. What Raptors achieved. The only reliable three point: shooter for the Celtics was Jayson Tatum.. He shot 45.2 from the distance. Jaylen Brown. Converted 34.5 of his long distance looks and the next best was Kemba at 29.6.. I am interested in whos gon na step up for the Celtics., With Hayward out for the series. The Celtics really have 3 players. Who can give you a sure thing on offense., Like I said, the 3 usual suspects scored more than 21 points, each while others didnt even crack double digits.. On the Raptors side, the scoring is much more well rounded.. There were two 20 point: scorers from the first round, and 6 players in total were averaging double digit points.. Another key is bench play., Like I said at the beginning of the video Raptors bench, put up 100 points in Game 4 against Brooklyn.. Yes, part of that was Lowry getting injured. Part of that was that game being a blowout, but its an impressive feat. Nonetheless., If Lowry plays the Raptors, can easily go 8 deep, with all 8 options being able to score. The Celtics dont have that luxury.

Enes Kanter. Can provide some scoring, but that is not a given considering his limited time on the floor because of his defensive lapses.. Should we see some more Brad Wanamaker Grant Williams The bench options on the Celtics are limited.. The coaching advantage, I would think, goes to the Raptors as well., Even though Brad Stevens is a good coach. I cant put him over a guy that just won coach of the year award in Nick Nurse.. Toronto is counting on some easy baskets.. The Raptors led the league with 18.8 fast break points per game, but the Celtics are great at defending that. In 4 meetings, the Raptors never scored more than 13 fast break points against them.. The star power goes to Boston.. In my opinion, the Celtics have the 2 best players in this series in Tatum and Kemba.. I could even argue Brown over Siakam on some nights.. It might not seem important through the early part of the games, but with the game on the line and in clutch moments the Celtics have one big advantage: Jayson Tatum. He can get a bucket if necessary. Im struggling to see who would be the go to guy. On Torontos side., Nobody seems like the best or the only option, and while that reminds us of all the versatility Toronto has, it also is confusing when you need to draw up a play for a certain player to make a shot. Overall. This should be a very fun series.

. The teams are so similar, yet they are very different at the same time.. Toronto has more people to carry the load, but the Celtics have the better top options.. This is so close, but I have to go with the defending champs here.. Their season has been remarkable, considering how they lost their best player and Finals MVP, and everyone, including me thought they will be much worse. Somehow they are even better, though, and its a 7 game series. So I think the better bench and more overall options will play a role., But this will go 7. Ill. Take the Toronto Raptors in 7 games over the Celtics.. I think thats, the smart choice.. What do you think guys? Who are you siding with? Do you think? The Raptors will go to the conference finals or will the Celtics take another step forward and beat the Raptors? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts and your prediction for this series. Should be a fun one. Thanks for watching the video. Please leave a like share. It with others and dont forget to subscribe to the channel for more basketball content.. You can never have enough of it..