Tell you what jerry. I am never waiting for a real baseball game. Yeah. I think we all need it. We all need the normalcy of a fastball. He touches 100 miles an hour. He’S got that slide in the cup 58 and 60 with one tie and camp. This guy is ready. He is primed. For this start, this guy goes here’s a look at the baltimore lineup now and leading things off is austin hayes. It’S, the first baseman left to right andrew bennett and he’s jackie bradley jr has some power and that one driven deep racing back pillar he makes a leaping catch and up against the bullpen fence. Well, that’s. The kind of defense you’re to see from him red sox have seen it against them for years of, all they was upset about. Is this fact that his family could not join? He is battling cobia 19. he’ll chop, her back to nate two down orioles, of course, losing 108 games. Last week a little bit. They see the defense nunez on deck, just getting started here in game. One puts that one in play for peraz is at first base tonight. Jackie bradley in center field and newcomer have a surprise, starter he’s, a journeyman when journeymen were journeyman there and severino doing the catching for malone, sure old dribbler to albert they hit him very well.

Jd one of the bogarts, the other, oh, he went fishing that was out of the strike zone and down.

He goes so malone strikes out, devers, two away, show and jerry. You also mentioned this getting the opportunity to start opening day more than up to it. Lunging at that another play for a volley off the hill one away. You mentioned garrett, austin garren good evening to you and whenever he finally got hit, it was here into the puts it in play and here’s. The first base knock tonight a single through the left side, alberto he’s, a very, very tough out last year he hardly ever struck out he batted over 300. that might have been a split thinking, basketball, shot for the red sox yeah. That was a little uh. A little tapper to the second baseman again, people have watched the national league game for so many years. I know they yeah they that’s what they, then you never get. Bartolo cologne, you know hitting over you’re, going to get 25 extra strikeouts on the year 25. Did you start one i wasn’t sure about, but i think i’m going to love it at about 11 o’clock and got him picked at first base and bad very close to being a bulk move swinging a miss strike three in the end and make it two lead Offs pounding ball picked off by chavis in the second one back to first tape. No double play red sox, get one out of that as severino is erased at second one man gone comebacker could be two got him at second opening night, jackie bradley.

To start it and stings that one that’s gon na be a fair ball down into the corner. That’Ll, go all the way to the base of the wall and jackie trots into second with the season’s first that one ripped and that’s going to get all the way to the monster. Jbj trucking around into second base, with a run scoring double jose perazza, not a bad way. To start your red sox career. First, two men have doubled in the third red sox on top, not too sure you’re facing this field. Tough right handed hitter he’s, always going to be cute with him. Second did get something, and he turned on that and another rocket pulled to the wall. Perazo scores easily. First rbi of this season for jd martinez, red sox. Double that lead to looked up. He was at second base he’ll, take ball, fastball that you could do any damage with he’s gon na nibble, with oh one, throw down to first base, not in on cue he’s on the uh catcher’s arm there, the the pitches and away, and that one gets away From the catcher and the runners are going to move up, it got by severino, so martinez to third endeavors to second, oh, swung on and missed 79 miles an hour, and he struck him out for the second time tonight. They stand with that, breaking it torn into another one down the line, a carbon copy in to score jd, martinez and right behind him.

Rafael, devers, pilar already vasquez with a high fly ball pretty well hit backing up centendare and he makes the catch june 9. 1946. But when i came out here it was occupied, so i had to kick walk strange out there. If i didn’t have my number on it really would nobody wouldn’t make it one manny passport 97 popped up lasius, knocks that one into right onto pillai not going to get this he’s going to go all the way to the wall, iglesias digging for second, so he’s. Turning on that, one debra’s high throw and they won’t get him in first base and iglesias shuffling on down to third, so that one torn into by renato chris davis, trying to be a lot more aggressive. This year i heard bottom just falling out he’ll hit that one and ceremonial first pitch robert story very inspirational red sox in the world, and we want our young folks from cities from back and as long as i’m exercising doing the right things and i’m. Just you know it’s um i’m alive in it not tempting it up at 96 and jackie there’s. Another hard hit ball base it into left field. Chavis will stop at third as the throw comes in and the bases are going to be loaded for andrew benintendi barraza. Two for two now he finally throws a good hitter in his career, with runners in scoring position, he’s really excelled and walked him and that’ll bring in another run that’s.

The third man he’s walked already in this inning. This one picks up an rbi for ben tina is out no place to put him. They are loaded again, 30 plus home runs jd, xander, bogarts and rafael devers. They that’s hammered that one deep to right field racing back santander. He can’t get it it’s, going to bounce off into the seats for an automatic double another double for the red sox yeah. I thought this ball had a chance, it’s slot. It was slicing away and from bounty ball on the infield ruiz martinez at second and a line shot base hit into center field andrew benintending in the score, as that throw is cut off martinez into third eight to nothing, boston, third, and that one hit the other Way for a base set, that’ll bring in martinez and the red sox as xander scoots on down to third base have opened base head looped into left field and the red sox get to 10 as xander bogart’s touch. Guess all with hits to follow and swung on admit, that’s true, it was tiring, but finally got that swing into miss strike three and that finally comes he’s been very sharp alberto leading things off in the second breaking ball hammered, but debra scoops that one away one Two and he snuck it in there to strike him out ruiz will take a seat to gone. You see a little cutter all set up. They go on strike or whatever you’re good to go.

For a couple years. Hey man, la’s everybody’s, laid back back. There ball. Four and they’ll never have the pressure there is to win and boston swung out. Rolls that one right to iglesias, the red sox, oh ben, attendee, down hacking, two away. I can’t remember the year it was, but it was. It was a red side. I was a free agent, oakland was in the restaurant, driven in three runs and he tags another hit that one headed for the alley, stewart over to cut it and each of the last three at bats, jd martinez, with the base hit. He has done this. Evers raffy looks that one to center field and hangs up for hayes and that as the season moves along here right at the feet of xander bogarts up and over from fenway park. Also the start time for sunday that was trey mancini back in march, backing up ben attendee that’s, going to catch the green and heading into second base sliding in safely santander has a double yeah. We certainly do, and you know what he’s going through is not easy. In the clubhouse after the game, three defeating la was like they had won. The game struck him out. Lacie’S fans, two down that was because of nathan naval’s performance and went doubles crazy at four doubles in that inning, with two down and stroked into left field down. The line that’ll take a hop up into the corner. Santander will score so there’ll be no shot in the sox, bullpen nate up to 86 pitches power, hitter swung and missed, and down he’d go well tonight.

Over six innings, he looked like a number one: five pitch a pop up and a play here for chavis for the outwa belts that one to right field, pilar racing back and this one he won’t get it’s off into the bullpen ruiz with 12 home runs last Year gets his first of 2020, a solo shot second, run of the ball game for the orioles home run of the night. I knew somebody would really waste that trip it was were invited. He was serving champagne trip, i mean coming out of spring training and cutting a miss and down goes severino, oh swaying and a miss. He blew it past him three for three on the night, with three rbis the run producer. This is the run producer during the game. That’S disallowed is this one in the right field that they normally would do. I mean you have to 2 2 hammered in here into the second baseman alberto and a shot for a base hit by alberto goldman. Missed it dominant. Our ooze here will sting that one out at second base on the first play to retire saturday and sunday, and then the new york mets are in town for three we’ll have the first two going with the situation in buffalo. I had heard that had lighting didn’t make the roster he will be up here sooner or later.