He goes that 189. They went down really dude JD by Tina’s. Right now it comes to three nothing dilatation, the first baseman in the outfield Bishop, Richard Fernandez. Now our key matchup is presented by Sullivan top and a base set ripped into right field. Martina is in the second, so the Red Sox, building something right away against the Phenom I’ll. Tell you what you know with whatever’s. I don’t keep very often, usually they let lowball hitters right back up the middle. A shar pei said Martina is on his way. He will store and the Red Sox take a London on the lead center Bogaerts right back up the box, with an RBI single to Jason, Katie Martinez back to back sharp base, hits by Devers and ball gratzel. I flyball that one well struck that ones way back there and that ball is gone mitch, moreland launching one for a three run, homer and mr. Pearson gets a rude welcome here to Fenway Park once again center cut fastball and he loses it into the bullpen. Now he finally twist his wrist and struck him out, as that one has rolled toward the first baseman Borland, with the step enough to begin with this whole season, let alone the first homestand is lined up for July 29th. I went up the middle for a base. Hit by Ty Oscar Hernandez first hit tonight for the Blue Jays, so disgust is a possibility.

Buffalo left hand. Hitter has some power to yank that one.

Maybe the two vets trade he’s recovered from a spreche species. He can hit a boost upon any where the line goes up. The middle show us some good hustle there to beat it on Verdugo’s abort, yeah, it’s kind of like a swing punt that times right over bear hundred, you know say in the low I had on the infield and shop Ron ready. He said that he’s sick of cheering for both teams, right here on Nessun against the Orioles Bichette, the Biggio got one and he’ll turn the DoublePlay. They said third inning. These are like the old depth. 67 changed all of that yeah, a good pitch there on three and one is finally just around the I don’t know I did little flare on the mover, Duke Bichette gets away with a little thing down the right field side, the shed drop it. This is a rookie and that one smacked by Biggio that will hang up, though, for verdugo Jansen tacking here’s the throw to the plate Applause, so he gets in and Toronto gets on the scoreboard Biggio with, but turns out to be a sacrifice in an RBI. If that throws on the plate, he might a hat him. Yeah it’s, pretty good. Now yeah let’s get it all out of the way, because by opening – and I did jammed another good scoop by Devils of Galland, the first base to get the out as another run comes on into Suites.

He made in which he criticized to run evening wrong ever yeah that’s. What swung on and beds down. He goes for strike three, but Toronto gets a hit spring training for all of us. This point don’t, you think I mean there’s in the old days. Yes, you know the old days they wanted you to take a lot. He’S got to get into it. Well, his power has been, but the right field on the run, Hernandez all the way to the wall out there that’s him serious, carry on it been attendee back to first base, oh really carrying out there to right. That seems like it is to look at the New York to face the Mets in the Yankees. They express surprise at how the bad early in the center and he can’t get it Hernandez, got a slice over and make the play, but it drops in and Bennett nd will advance and devar’s has another hit. That’S, a soft one performed Eva’s right man, Music in check and he did not swing he’s still in an effort, the cold, the atmosphere throw down a second, it sucks up or two in the pot for us tonight, here’s the 1 2 and yes, he did. That is strike three two Randal Grichuk go for wine lined to center field is tied him up beautifully there and he struck him out so Grichuk down hacking went away that’s his that’s his best pitch right there. I think that that two seam fastball that runs in one big switch hitter well 220 and popped it up long run for Raphael.

The over Anna tried to reach up over his head to make the put a long run for him to strike him out now. Looking to make it a 1 2 3, your Los Angeles, and that one is stroke and in the outfield Bennet Eddie will scoop shy of the warning track and long single for Hernandez see he got him struck Yamada fans three in the quarter and struck him out. Nikhat, the ninety eight to strike him out two up and two down, or he reached back for that 98 haven’t, see very rough. First inning Red Sox did get him for four runs. Romano kominato appeared in 17 games out of their bullpen last season, see a lot of big arms from everybody, Romano’s pretty nasty. There strike him out and a number nine hitter Danny chance and leave it off here that one poked the other way and caught line shot. Moreland collects that one popped up easy play here for Mitch Moreland for Garen when she turns – and you know guys at the pitch – he also drove in a run and a ground ball to the shortstop position, and that is a quick innings that that leadoff spot as Jerry mentioned Koopa turn and that’s pretty shot that’s the gorgeous shot. I hate to make judgments on a guy in a short period of time, little pop up right pretty Dixie’s last year, and then he tried to pick it up again. Berg there won’t be any to the games, as that one is fly that one’s deep headed for the wall and high off the monster been intending in the second base.

He’S got himself a wall ball double with one on the pathetic that’s. The way to bounce back right there, you know, puts a charge into that one deep to right field or Nana’s back there. He sucks it the other way. It is a classic JD Martinez, opposite field stroke. He makes it a two run homer. What a great sign that is really taking that pitch right there fastball! Does it try to do what Boston tonight they’re, not in our studio? Are they any chance? No, I believe they’re in their homes, sander hiss he’s also hit into a fielder’s choice that would staff. I Bichette and throws him out of the Red Sox at Fenway, but we’re, not we’re here in Watertown, in the studio to basic Vlad Guerrero, jr. one for three and on it first, and that is in there 88 miles an hour. He just froze him there and struck him out another pair of shoes tonight, I’ve ever done in his 60 game. Boo season is 43 and 17 gone under that a very high fly that went deep toward the wall and that ball gets out of here up into the Matsu seats. Rowdy rowdy will touch them all for a two run homer, so that takes a little bit of the glow off it for Weber, giving up the two run blast here: it’s a less hit 21 in his rookie season that a Oscar Hernandez and a bouncer for Devers To set him down and retire he hit him.

They were good. This one popped into right, field or net his creeps in for the out incredible. He made the Colorado Rockies roster, which that is strike. Three catches for the years used up they’re one of the top three swinging him. Is he put him down on a knee if third base, I believe, bass lots of changes here over the last inning. He strokes that one pretty well head racing back Pawar that gets outs it’s another Toronto home run the solo shot here by Derek Fisher. His second home run in his many innings and now it’s a one run game see a curveball there that gets out of the ballpark yeah. I tell you what you make solid contact, you get it up in the air and there’s, nothing stopping it not to the opposite field to right field. I should say up off the bat Jansen’s calls that one but that’ll be about it. Some players have talked about it and jam job and a ground ball. Peraza will handle that. So I can’t stand it’s like I’m gon na be able to go out to the mound and have a conversation played a number of different positions in the minor leagues, as he will too for the third time, he’s hit into a double play and popped up around The board broke to the center field, an attendee who tonight it 2 2, another good block there by Janssen, whose will advance. Nonetheless, he gets safely honesty and he’s gon na take a walk for the second time tonight.

Red Sox have done a monumental thing here: Lou ground ball in a second one on the first, not in time. What about second to guinea touch that back and a cousin of Daniel Bart? His dad was a linebacker for the New England Patriots. He swings and misses down a go strike. Three, so two down got him on a slider. I could read Foley coming on trying to get out of a jam not of his making. We will talk at the big league level, zoo Whelan’s numbers with the paw Sox. Last that one, the other way but it’s, going to be caught bit of a stumble there evening, Red Sox with a six to five lead in a terrific year. Fastball curveball cutter here, but he got another hook, struck him out panic Don hacking, one out in the eighth Venable there.