There were all kinds of big time: trades, free agent, signings monster, contract extensions and some intriguing draft selections too. But as we’ve all learned throughout the years, the vast majority of blockbuster moves don’t pan out here are 10 notable offseason moves that these teams may end up regretting in 2020., number 10 rams give andrew whitworth, 30 million dollar extension. The cap, strapper los angeles rams, saw a ridiculous amount of notable impact players leave this off season, including todd gurley, brandon cooks, eric weddle, corey, littleton dante, fowler, junior nickel, roby coleman and greg the leg zerline other than that their offseason wasn’t that bad well, i mean Actually kind of was rather than try to keep two or possibly three of those key players. The rams decided to give past this prime offensive tackle andrew whitworth a three year extension worth 30 million dollars, he’s a great locker room guy and all. But how is he deserving of this 30 million dollars? Whitworth received a mediocre 72.8 grade for pro football focus for the 2019 season, although he only allowed one sack per pff. Whitworth was penalized a whopping 14 times he’s becoming more and more of a liability on that o line. The rams would have easily found a quality replacement at a much lower price. There was no need whatsoever to give whitworth this much money and term. We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if gm less sneed regrets it. After the season number 9 broncos signed melvin gordon nfl teams have quickly learned to stop throwing giant contracts at the devaluing running back position.

Just look at todd: gurley david johnson, le’veon bell and devonte freeman, four former pro bowlers, who quickly became replaceable. The los angeles chargers knew this and were smart to not pay pro bowl running back melvin gordon, who sat out the first month of 2019 due to a contract hold out. He left in free agency and landed a two year. 16 million dollar deal with the afc west rival denver broncos. With all due respect to john elway. We really don’t understand this contract. You already have a two time: 1, 000 yard rusher and philip lindsay on a cheap deal. Why are you overpaying for a second running back? You don’t need second year qb drew lock already has enough weapons in lindsay cortland, sutton, noah, phant and rookies jerry judy and kj hamler. He doesn’t need an inconsistent running back, who fell to average four yards per, carry in four of his first five nfl seasons at least it’s. Only a two year deal, i guess, number eight vikings trade, stefan diggs to bills throughout 2019. It was clear that stefan diggs was playing out his final season in minnesota. The trade rumors ran wild during the season and diggs didn’t, exactly deny them in the early stages of the offseason, the vikings traded diggs and a 2027th rounder to the bills for 2021st. Fifth and sixth round picks, plus a 2024th rounder. The vikings used the number 22 pick. They got from buffalo on lsu wideout, justin, jefferson, one of the top receiving prospects in the 2020 draft class.

We have little doubt about jefferson’s ability to grow into a star, but the digs for jefferson swap doesn’t do a whole lot to help the vikings win now and they’re built to win now, not in the long term. Future many lost four starters on defense. This offseason and offensive coordinator, kevin stefanski also left to coach the cleveland browns diggs formed excellent chemistry with cousins it’ll, be tough for jefferson to replicate that without a proper preseason. This digs trade could very well pay off for minnesota in the long term, but we just feel like they would be better off, keeping digs for at least one more season with their competitive window. Closing fast, only time will tell if the vikings made the right call by trading a proven star receiver, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they feel uneasy with the trade. After just one season number seven lion sign. Jaime collins, jamie collins had two brilliant tenures with the new england patriots. The guy was anything but a star during his two and a half seasons with the cleveland browns. So maybe just maybe the guy is only a star if he’s playing in bill belichick’s system. You know a system that can make anybody look like a pro bowl talent, collins had perhaps his best season. Yet upon. Returning to new england in 2019. he had seven passes, defended three forced fumbles, a trio of interceptions and seven sacks that earned him a three year.

Contract worth 30 million dollars from the detroit lions, who were coached by former patriots, defensive coordinator, matt, patricia sorry, but the lions have invested more than enough already as they try to bring the patriot way to detroit and news flash it hasn’t worked. Bob quinn, shouldn’t be gm, patricia shouldn’t, be the coach just because you’re bringing in a bunch of former patriots players, it doesn’t mean they’ll reach the same level of success with the new team, not to mention that patricia clearly isn’t capable of getting the most out of His best defensive players don’t be surprised if collins ends up being the latest former patriot to fail in detroit number, six titans give away jarrell casey to broncos when you’re coming off a trip to the afc championship game. The last thing you should do is give away one of your most valuable players for pennies on the dollar. John robinson quickly asserted himself as one of the nfl’s best gm’s, but trading away. Five time pro bowler jarelle casey to the broncos for only a seventh round. Pick we’d love an explanation for that. One casey has recorded at least five sacks in seven straight seasons now and his leadership in the locker room meshed. So well with the fun culture implemented by head coach mike rabel casey was stunned by the trade claiming that he was thrown away. Like a piece of trash i mean, can you blame the guy if the titans young, guys don’t step up in 2020? They’Ll really regret this training number five brown sign: austin hooper, the 2020 free agent market was lacking in quality, playmaking pass catchers, so former atlanta falcons pro bowl tight end austin hooper was bound to be paid more than he was worth sure enough.

Hooper landed a four year: 42 million dollar contract with the cleveland browns. He picked the right time to have a career season with 75 catches for 787 yards and six touchdowns during a contract year in 2019 thing is the browns made plenty of notable offseason moves to the point where hooper feels more like an unneeded luxury rather than a Necessity, i mean that’s, not bad, but it’s not necessary. They had to fix the o line, and gm andrew berry did just that with the jack conklin signing and with the jedrick wills draft selection and with otto beckham jr and jarvis landry in the fold past catchers weren’t an area of concern this offseason, not to mention Cleveland already has a young tight end in david ninjoku and they wound up drafting 2019 john mackey award winner and florida atlantic product harrison bryant in round four miles. Garrett already received his mammoth extension baker, mayfield, denzel, ward and nick chuck will need there soon as well. So why throw all that money in hooper with a ridiculous amount of pass catching talent already on the roster it’s gon na be very hard for this team to live up to that contract. Number four jaguars sign joe shobert. The jacksonville jaguars made the right decision to. Finally, rebuild this offseason. They somehow managed to get rid of nick falls. Awful contract and gm david caldwell cleared up cap space by moving on from expensive veterans, calais, campbell, aj, boyier and marcel darius, but if they’re rebuilding, why did they bother to throw a five year? 53.

75 million dollar contract to joe schobert. This team has an embarrassing history of getting very little value out of a pricey free agent signing and they already have miles jack, josh allen and promising rookies kayla von chason anchoring their front seven. Why overpay for an anchor linebacker shepard recorded a very lackluster 59.1 grade from pff for the 2019 season? He doesn’t offer much in regards to sax or coverage. So where is the value in that 53.75 million dollars? Mediocre production too much money lack of a needed, linebacker yeah. The jaguars could so regret this contract. In short time number three titans give ryan tannehill, 118 million dollar extension here’s the thing the titans kind of had to extend ryan tannehill. You do not let a guy walk when he led you to the afc title game and won comeback player of the year honors. We don’t think that tana hill will flop, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he failed to live up to the 4 year. 118 million extension that the titans awarded him – i mean townhall, isn’t, going to repeat his career best 70.3 completion percentage or his career best 13.3 yards per completion percentage, nor his career best and off the charts, 117.5 quarterback rating. Those were all numbers well above his career totals it’ll be hard for him to do that again, especially in a full 16 game season. Don’T forget tana hill had a concerning amount of injuries in his final three years with the miami dolphins.

He wasn’t awful in south beach, but he wasn’t great either if tannehill regressed, big time and if the titans don’t get back to the playoffs robinson might regret not pursuing somebody like tom brady, teddy bridgewater or cam newton number. Two panthers replaced cam newton with teddy bridgewater speaking of cam, a shoulder injury hampered him throughout the second half of the 2018 season, as the carolina panthers missed the playoffs following a promising 6 2 start newton only played two games in 2019, but before a liz, frank Injury forced him to hit the season ending ir those two injury, riddled seasons, prompted the panthers to release the franchise icon and then replaced him with teddy bridgewater signing the former new orleans saints back up to a three year: 63 million dollar contract yeah newton had injuries, But 31 is still young for a quarterback and bridgewater hasn’t played a full season since 2015.. He only made five starts with the saints in 2019, because drew brees suffered a thumb, injury, yeah, bridgewater won all five starts, but john payton and the rest of the sane star, studded roster, may have had something to do with that. Bridgewater could flourish in matt rule’s system with weapons like christian mccaffrey, dj moore, curtis, samuel and robbie anderson around to support him, but there’s also a chance that bridgewater fails to produce the way he did in new orleans. There’S also a great chance that newton revives his career in new england, proving carolina was silly to give up on him so quickly.

Number one seahawks trade for jamal adams. All pro safety jamal adams got fed up with the new york jets refusal to grant him a contract. Extension adams requested a trade and then later called out both head coach, adam gase and owner woody johnson, which ultimately forced gm joe douglas to give in to his demands. The seattle seahawks stepped up and made a deal to acquire adams and a 2022 fourth round pick in exchange for 2021 and 2022 firsts as well as a 2021 third rounder, plus veteran safety bradley mcdougall. This was a great trade for the jets they aren’t anywhere close to competing anyway. They have plenty of draft capital now and mcdougal does a fine replacement at safety for the time being, there’s. No denying that adams is a world class talent by far the best safety. In the game, but this is a lot to give up, the seahawks defense will undoubtedly improve with atoms, but they still have glaring weaknesses at quarterback and on the defensive line. You don’t give up this much strap capital for a safety. The seahawks will be playoff contenders in 2021 and 2022. Solos first will likely be later picks anyway, but what if adams doesn’t produce the way he did in new york? What if the defense doesn’t make leaps with him? What if the seahawks aren’t able to extend him long term with so many questions, centered around this trade it’s, a move that gm, john schneider and head coach pete carroll could very well end up regretting what other offseason moves? Do you think could be regretful join me in the comment section below make sure to follow myself and tps on social media youtube, instagram, tick, tock! We are on everything.

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