Well, honestly, uh, i would say it’s either like right on par with my expectations or or even exceeding them um, and i like, i would say that just because, like the the type of person that he is you know on and off the field you know is, I wasn’t really sure what to expect in that regard. Um, but like ever since he got in you know: he’s been the same guy. He you know he’s very he’s, very humble he’s, very hungry. You can tell that he’s he’s, really working to try to you know not only to just fit in with finding space like in, like within the team, but also to you know to be the best leader he can be. You know to to put us on game and and really give us as much knowledge as he can um and then like on the field, i would say he’s, you know you see why he’s hot so highly regarded as he is. You know, like there’s some past, that he throws i’m, just like man like that’s, like that’s, unbelievable, like the amount of touch that he has on the on his passes. You know he can still drive the ball like when, like when needed and like he has like a really good idea about where to go with the ball at all times. So you know, it’s been it’s been really good. So far, most nfl teams, i think, would be happy to just have one guy that they can consider a number one wide receiver quote: unquote, you guys have two in yourself and mike evans what’s it like to to be able to push each other and know that You’Re among the best at your position, but to keep making yourselves better and also you know bruce mentioned us the other day how he loves the fact that you guys, you know you have a team first mentality and personality you’re, not divas.

He said exactly you know. So what is it? What is it about that? How do you guys approach the game that way and continue to sharpen each other? What does that mean to you uh? It means the world honestly um. You know i’ve been so fortunate to be in this position. You know and and to be able to to ascend, you know in my short career, thus far uh, you know with mike evans. You know to to kind of lean on um. Everyone knows how dominant mike is, i think he’s one of them like, i think, he’s still one of the more underrated receivers in the league, but you know every time we go out there at work. You know we just got, then we and we push each other. You know he he knows he can lean on me. I know i can lean on him and just we know that together we’re going to push each other to be the best that we can be um. You know like b was saying you know what we’re we’re team first guys. You know, i think the biggest thing with us is like if we’re, if we’re winning you know. Yes like we feel like you know us contributing is gon na. Be you know, um is gon na be to the team’s benefit, but you know at the end of the day, if we win like that’s the most important thing, and now we have you know myself: we got mike, we got grog oj cam.

We have so many weapons. You know that’s going to be on display a lot more. You know, because they’re going to be games where you know we may not necessarily be featured as much but like we’re here to win. You know we’re we’re, not sure to win a couple games, we’re trying to win every single game man. You know what i mean all right. Next that’s going to be greg almond chris, for you, knowing this off season and and the opportunities you guys have as an offense, were there things in particular, you wanted to work on that you wanted to improve on from. Obviously, what was a great season last year for you personally uh, i don’t necessarily know if there were like any like little things in particular, i just i just try to like really just improve on. You know my game as a whole um, i think, just as we go throughout the days of practice, like you know like if there’s something that i messed up on they’re like the next day i’m, focusing on not making that same mistake, i really feel like taking That approach will allow me to really be as well rounded as possible, but also to be able to continue to step, for you know, make the right steps forward and not make the same mistakes. Okay next is going to be james palmer. Chris of all, the kind of traits that make up good receivers, i feel like catch radius, is one that’s not really talked about as much as some of the other ones.

You have a pretty good size. How do you is that something you can work on in the off season to expand that, and what kind of advantage does that give you specifically with a quarterback that can kind of put the ball where, wherever they want, where you can just get it, i think It um, i think it really uh, gives you a really really good benefit. When, especially, you have a quarterback like tom who, who is so uh precise, with his passes, um and like there are some times like where it you may appear to be covered. You know to the untrained eye, but with a great ball, a ball location, you know and a really good catch radius. You’Re able to make you know some spectacular catches or make some tough catches that most guys can’t really make um and i’m not that’s, not really something like that. I work. I really just try to you know work on catching the ball like wherever it comes. My way, you know, i feel like as receivers it’s our responsibility to be the eraser, and you know so, if there’s a bad ball thrown like you know, for me, i’m like i, i can still catch that and i get i get really hard on myself when I’M, not you know when i don’t make the play or when i’m, not in a situation where i might yell like. I should have made that so that’s kind of my approach.

You spend so much time in the middle of the field and obviously that’s a place where tom’s made his career. Has he taught you anything about playing in there that you didn’t know uh already earlier uh, not necessarily uh, like that? I didn’t know it’s more of like um at this point. Just nailing down. You know the particulars in terms of like what he’s expecting uh you know not just from myself. You know and working in the middle of the field, but just for all the receivers. You know he he’s, letting us know his preferences. You know in terms of like angles in terms of what he’s thinking on certain routes, and so as we continue to build this throughout the days of practice, will really really narrow down that that exact pinpoint you know, location of where we need to be so hope. You know when we get to new orleans. You know we’re clicking on all cylinders. Okay, next up is going to be rick stroud. You know chris brady’s been known to be very demanding of all his receivers and right now everything seems really positive and it is um when you get into the to the real action and – and he confronts guys uh with a little more fire. How do you think you’ll respond to that? Your receivers will respond to his competitiveness on game day and have you seen that yet uh we’re, starting to kind of see the you know the fiery edge of him come out? Um i’m.

Sure, like a lot of you guys, can hear you know on um on the sideline of the field, but you know i. I fully expect that you know that that we’re going to be in situations like where we hit adversity, you know and there’s, going to be tough conversations, but you know like i was mentioning earlier about all of our guys being team. First guys, we understand that you know these things. Aren’T coming from you know a place of malice. You know we like we’re, not our attacking people’s characters. It’S, just you know in fact, the matter that we have to be better um in order for us to get to where we need to be. You know, we’re gon na have to hold each other accountable. You know so i fully expect that to happen and when it does, you know i expect guys to really take that, as you know, as take that criticism and really flip it and make the play the next time. You know there’s, not many teams that have two talented guys with as much talent as you and mike both made the pro bowl and and you’re going to become a free agent at some point, um just how how important would it be, or matter to you to Be able to keep that combination together because of how well you guys produce off each other yeah i mean, i think that would be really dope. You know i i think me and mike have have grown so much over the last couple of years and and, like i said that that’s someone that i that i really look up to i admire and he’s helped me so much you know so you know so Keep it at intact would would definitely be something that that would be beneficial for all of us.

You know, like i said, like that’s that’s, my guy, you know anything i can do to roll him i’m rolling. Okay, next is gon na, be ira kaufman, chris uh fans and uh. Some players like to throw around the word uh unstoppable when they’re talking about offenses – and you know chris, you – you guys ranked very high in points yards last year and and you still led the league in giveaways. So if that gets cut down significantly chris, are you ready to uh use the word unstoppable for uh this offense, i don’t, i don’t know if, if we’re quite there yet, but what i will say is that you know if we’re able to to significantly reduce not Only the turnovers but the mental errors on you know on everybody’s part. If we’re able to keep you know pulling the rope in the same direction, i think it’s, i think it’s pretty scary. You know what our offense can be and you know i’m not really sure. If there’s a limit on that um, you know we still got a long ways to go. We we’ve done some really good things so far in camp, but you know by by no means are we you know, are we where we need to be so? But we got some time and we got the right guys with the right mentality, so we’re gon na keep keep getting after it. Okay, we have time for a couple more we’re, gon na go to general lane.

Chris, you mentioned a few minutes ago. Spectacular catches, you had one yesterday at the very end of practice in the corner of the end zone. When you have those kinds of moments, especially when it’s a new quarterback. What does that do for you? What what did that moment yesterday do for you and how did that kind of impact uh, where you’re at in terms of developing chemistry with brady, you feel like it reached another level. Yesterday yeah, i would agree with that. I think catches like those and plays like those are are really really significant, especially early in camp, because you know, like you said we’re, you know we’re still trying to build our chemistry. We’Re, trying to you know, build that rapport in order to do that. You know in order to build that trust. You know quarterbacks need to feel like if i, if i give you a shot on a 50 50 ball, that more times than that more than 50 i’m, that you’re gon na make the play um, and i think you saw that you know with you know the Question i made and then the next you know the next play j.y made a play and then later on a couple places later oj made a play. So, like we’re really, can you know beginning to build that chemistry just all around um, like i said we have so many talented guys and – and we got so many guys that can really make spectacular – plays that if we just keep working we’re going we’re going to Be right where we need to be okay, we’re going to go to tom krasnicki hi chris thanks for doing this hope, you’re doing well, uh! I just want to piggyback on rick’s question from a couple of minutes ago.

You mentioned that you wanted to be here long term. You aren’t a contract here. So have the buccaneers approach you yet about a contract extension um. No, we we haven’t, we haven’t gotten uh too far on that um. Obviously, you know there’s there’s, a lot of things that need to go on. You know behind the scenes, um and that’s, not necessarily something that i’m really focused on. I think the biggest thing right now for me is it’s just trying to make sure that i’m ready. You know for for new orleans um. I think we have a really really special opportunity here, uh, absolutely like with the load of talented guys on both sides. Um of the ball you know, and and for me i’ve always been focused right on team and on making sure that i can control the things that i can control and that’s my play on the field. So you know i’m gon na do i’m gon na. Do my best to continue to do that, be the best teammate i can be. You know in hopes that it shows on the field. Thank you, okay, that’s! All for our regular media availability. We have one question from carmen from our junior bucks program: hey chris um. I actually have two questions from two little junior bucks fans for you uh. The first one is: who do you think is the fastest buccaneer on the team. Oh that’s, a very that’s, a tough question, but i would definitely have to go with my boy, scotty miller.

Uh he’s uh he he’s so small, but he’s so fast, like there’s there’s, so many times where, like he’ll, run a route and i look at you know mike or or jayla i’m like yo how’s. He so fast, so uh got ta, give shot. Give props to my boy scotty, okay! Well then, another junior bucks fan, who looked about four or five years old, wanted to know um how fast you are, and if you think that you could beat him in a race, oh do i think i could beat scotty or or the junior bucks fan. No, the junior box fan, i don’t know if i can beat him uh, but i i i’m pretty fast but uh. Clearly i need to work on my speed, though uh you know sometimes kids can get up on you and and they’ll really take off absolutely thanks. Chris appreciate it no problem that’s all for today, chris appreciate you taking the time.