Welcome back to the horror, show at extreme rules, of course, but it is now time for our main event. Ladies and gentlemen, bray wyatt image named braun strowman. The problem is braun: strowman needs to slay the monster in the place where it was created, the wyoming alligators. But the question on everyone’s mind is what sort of unforced for the swap fight Music, Laughter, hey, Applause, Music, so Music, so Music. Oh welcome home Music Applause, Music, Music. They love you bro, then your success, it is borrowed, it is tim now. What will they think of you? Because you can’t see that i am not your enemy. The human race is about that’s. All they know you don’t understand. That’S, why you need me they will bow to us all how they will bow there. We will be ruling like what you have any idea where i’ve been, i don’t care. What i think is worse than anything through my own eyes, not able to control my body or anything. It does look daddy. I got my wings back and it feels good. You, oh yeah. I know what i’m supposed to be. I have to destroy the monster. Come on come on come on, come home, Music. You know this is what you’ve always wanted. This can be, oh god, so you can barely Music.