Thank you to baby father he’s back from where all my content is found on there, like. Oh on whatever on oh, what is he? Oh, my god, let’s find on the public domain, our praise and phase guidelines together with my own opinions, which are true, Music, it’s, true princess peach. Please i’ve just been eating nuts, not the baby fathers. These ones hold on princess beatrice is married. I got married josh. I just got married people. I just got married to eduardo my peli, the millionaires, that’s billionaire tycoon, prophet sleepy, princess beatrice. You know the frog eyed one, the ginger one prince andrews, aldi sorter. I like about don’t worry, everyone thought it was stuck with. The orchid seek sham likes a girl that looks like. Ah i, like a rare breed. Do you know what i mean bear cheese? You look all good mush and i bet you look mint today. I bet you will look good. I got ginger today beatrice in support and my little pussycat beatrice i’m. Well. Thank you. Baby father apra cheers breaking news. Shams is the first yet again boom. Thank you for the breaking news. Looking up everyone, i just got married in front of the queen to eduardo, repellent he’s, an italian code, so she’s now account tess she’s, not a dutch ass i’m, a good, but she is she’s a duchess of york when a mom goes and the duchess of york. As a princess of york, or whatever has gotten about a million titles but no she’s a contest she’s, my father say he’s good for something not just in bed and the cash sorry footsaty he’s just finished back and he don’t need this shopping yet and i’m gon Na get the food shopping done.

So that means i cannot know dinner that’s gon na starve, but something’s got breaking news. Princess bitches is married and we had to pay as much cash as we had to pay for avi and megan’s i’ll be dominant because there’s, like 20 million in line now shane, we got charles, william george, charlotte larry, abby and megan Music. Yeah number six in life come on. Catherine band got some twins, so we got something in this in the movie. I don’t even know. If he’s seven below when we have the dna test, then i’ll count him it’s everything line till then the way ui75 mush. I have the day night and i don’t see mother, i do not lose megan, then we got um after blue louis hazard in mega trash the storm we get bobby i’m cartoony. Then we got that oh who’s. Next italian is the last of the breeds charles andrew andrew andre zander. Louise i’ll be careful louie, because andrew is a bit of a dolphin naught andrew. If you wanted to remarry until the jfk started, shit come on cory, marvin and i’ll be all celebrate that crap. Then you got beatrice all on halfway here. We have. We got that beatrice then eugenie and everyone’s been chuck, brooks bank, the one that does tequila you never be poor, working funeral baby or alcohol service or fags. Then you got after them don’t matter. Congratulations beatrice! My little ginga froggy eyes all over.

Then you got who’s next, charles andrew. What did the queen have after edward and sophie 5k james the week on before lady louise, his sister one or the other, then you got princess sad. I don’t know how farewell spin would be whatever. Then you got air brother who’s divorcing autumn, ain’t mad a girl from canada. I just saw megan comes after this country, and actually it is the english laws without making a mockery. Yes, that’s autumn phillips people it’s a shame she’s the one divorcing they’re, not megan, but anyway, then you got ta, have this 15th with peter or 14th, and he got zara and everyone’s been mugged into this star gosh times now, it’s too much. But all i know is today, i think, probably about half over again and there we go 12 o’clock forever beaches got married today, people princess beatrice, he’s married. I don’t know how much taxpayers i had to pay for people, but it was less than heavy and megan’s security. I’Ll talk to you until my delivery. For my breakfast comes i’m, just waiting for uh, hopefully, i’m gon na be starving, bacon, sausage, eggs, scrambled eggs. Well done well done bad sausage, but just crispy bacon beans, toast ash brown with a bit of beatrice’s marriage on the side and the breaking news from the queen of meow, the minks. She always comes back. Hi jh danger posted your thing. Look now live well. I didn’t buy before the big, because i got your receipt yeah you can order, cops and mugs off me.

I deleted them when i had a breakdown a couple of days ago but i’m going to put it back up on my website. So can everyone else change? It if you don’t want to donate yeah. What you can do is watch my videos, because every time you watch the adverts don’t even have to watch your videos. You don’t have to watch your videos don’t matter, because i’ll get paid just click on it. Click, the like button and watch your bed watch the 20 second update once you watch that shams away that’s about 10 pence in my bank. If you daddy youtube bonesy, do you know what i mean he’d have to donate? I got you received, tear babes. So if the rubbles we’ve got money but i’m going to put it in the office, so i’ll leave it in my bag and that’s. When i clear that me back – and i know the date order, you know shams too analytic, sometimes that’s water. Now, like people, that’s alcohol yeah by my merch i’m doing them megan, but you know what i’m gon na fucking nobody buy. My cops, i guess champs don’t care key rings: i’m fucking gorgeous look i’ve got shams, don’t care pens. I got loads black ink rubber effects. So you don’t and it’s got more dna sticky, more shams. I need towards a lot more of this. I should have wrapped these up really because i don’t want them scratching, but you get a random color.

Unless you tell me what color you want, but i’ve got shams don’t care, keyrings it’s got jogger dragon shams don’t care stay in your lane, yeah, okay, now you’re right! Everyone coming in! So you got all these yeah. Then you’ve also got you’re even good. I ain’t joking, you even get on your address card shams don’t care special addresses. Much do you know what i mean, how many people do that? I have them wrap it and you even get i make these myself. I’Ve got to cut them up on the laminate. Not the lamp i’ve got a laminate i’ve laminated, the other things you get champs, don’t care stickers on your products. I grab my wires. You guys shams don’t care special colored paper, it’s random, the paper, because i’ll just choose the first one out and then you get hold on you get it i’m ready to rub some more. This is there. It comes now live. I, like you, look i’ve wrapped a couple of so you know i’m, not lying there’s themselves, okay, magnets, you know what bitches might be matching and mom is the merch queen. So if it’s gon na definitely match for the wedding tomorrow, that’d be beatrice in your guard. I always do our dog corpse so might as well: med shams, don’t care that’s, a magnet. You can stick that anywhere what the fuck’s up and he comes wrapped up his special i’m. So care paper no lie because i’m, a good girl, a pre rap.

So when i get orders, i can just get it and go johnny think forward standard. I got everything. Man i’ve even got retirement card bags. Oh, oh, my thoughts, fucking killing my names. These are, for the smaller products, lots of little gift bags. I bought loads of shit business woman of the year so help me out mosh and start ordering things yeah. Thank you dh and everyone else p bank. Thanks to the donation, everyone that has donated Music Music. I don’t know if anyone would wear it. Would you wear these? I can make things on requests, but i think i’m gon na have to have your size and orders before i actually order it, but i would never try overcharged yeah i’ll just make it fear. You know i made it charge the same fucking prices then give me just give me the shipping fucking money standard in it and i’ve got all them. Air dies to get rid of all right. Listen i’ve even got shams. Okay, you know i’ve got boxes right before i was that wouldn’t be. I mean the big boxes for big orders, then the small boxes, the smaller, the smaller ones and the medium size. I got everything more everything, but yeah i’ve done the breaking news and i’ve grown new concepts, i’m going to be queen of the lives. I love it. The little minks has always got news for you. I love baby father. He does my fucking nothing yeah one day, i hate him.

Well, i ate him for like five minutes and then i love him and then i ate him. They love him. She ran. I swear down y’all sleeping a lot of y’all, okay fuck it. I can’t see what you know. I’M writing all the time and i keep missing everything that let’s go and have a look at what birmingham looks like we welcome outside, because no one’s celebrating beatrice and don’t get a break. Don’T deserve that one it’s, a shame. Everyone treats them like as the fucking frog. Let me see ginger’s in that family. You know there’s ivy as well, not just fucking bear treats just because there’s gon na it’s, like an ugly fucking tall, fucking mom. I was just certainly like off kids from your lake i’m, trying to look horrible didn’t it without breaking my fucking leg. Okay, i don’t know what that was where’s, my father there’s a cat. You love it yeah bad father, he’s, just finished playing people so i’m. Saying i’m not saying sure, hey my fucking car alive, my paper: this is tipton. Don’T! Look at me garden! My breakfast is there. I fucking love it i’m in north i’m in love. Oh my friend, isaiah isaiah Music. Well, you know i’m doing that good morning, i’m. So good thanks have a lovely weekend, i’ll probably party tomorrow, though, thank you one another see you later bye, please! Oh, i had your friend running my fucking biking. I’Ll, see you all like.

Oh, the cat’s outside i love where the cats go, but i’ll see you a lot later. Oh about that.