Between gloucester and bristol, in terms of the time zone, this one actually works relatively decent for us here in new zealand it’s, a 6 45 a.m, kickoff on the saturday it’s a friday game for you guys in europe uh. Sadly, i don’t have a magnet for bristol. As yet i’ve been using the work printers to be honest and we’re in lockdown, so i’ve got no access to that and my own printer has run out of ink. So apologies for that and i don’t have a kit for either team. I was tempted to wear the lions kit from south africa because it’s, i guess, kind of resembles the gloucester logo and the ackermann connection was there, but with him having left for japan, i figured i’ll just put on the sarasota’s jersey because everybody loves saracens uh, but Yeah i was pretty pumped that this is the game that’s on at a time which is a reasonable hour for us in new zealand, because i mean gloucester, you’ve got cipriani and i’ve looked through the squads and to be fair, i’m going to need some education from Some of you guys for some of these guys, like gloucester i’ve watched a bit in the champions cup, so i’m, probably a bit more familiar with bristol. I know i’ve got some big name players and they are definitely a side which is on the up and i’m sure, because i’ve only been covering like champions cup games. They look pretty certain to make that competition uh in pretty quick time.

I would imagine so it’s only a matter of time until i make them making it up anyway, but yeah i mean with some of the big name: signings they’ve had they’re definitely a side which seem to be one that people want to watch, especially if you’re a Neutral, which i am in this case, so yeah 6 45am kickoff for me – uh – should be a pretty good game, obviously no crowd with the pandemic, but yeah differing fortunes. I mean bristol’s been doing pretty bloody, well uh. Second, on the log, nine wins four losses and a draw. I did manage to see the highlights of their win over saracens last week. That was a pretty a pretty tight game. I think it was just the one try which was a penalty. Try at the end so very tight, and i guess kinda like the the quinn’s game, was maybe characterized a bit by it being the first game back for such a long time, whereas the gloucester game, admittedly worcester, had a man down for the majority of the game. Like that was a right, like i mean saracens and bristol was what 16 was it 22 and then gloucester worcester was like 44 15, so a proper riot in terms of all the tries that were scored so yeah, but gloucester’s record. This season may is this: where aquaman left it’s been a bit like five wins and nine losses. This seems a bit underwhelming, disappointing, shouldn’t gloucester be higher than that.

You guys, who are the premiership guys, will have to definitely educate me on what’s been going on with them this season, because i certainly don’t follow the competition anywhere near as much as i should uh in terms of the lineups i’ve had a look through, obviously there’s A few big names that i know like singleton um he’s, obviously been around england on the fringes, a wee bit and scored a try last week with a little step that he had at the end, which is pretty good for a hooker uh. I come on. I know from his days in australia and polidri is definitely one of my favorite players in world rugby by none cipriani. Is the man to watch again for us, neutrals who probably don’t watch that much premiership? We all know danny cipriani. He is a highlight real machine and sure enough. A couple of those tries in that game last week were him like with a big loopy pass and a cross kick both to thorley. I think and he’s in the he’s in the squad as well. Johnny may is playing even though he went off with that big hit last week from malani nanai um, yeah i’m glad he recovered from whatever concussion protocols they had to put him through because he only lasted like. Was it 15 minutes in that last game before he got a shoulder to the head, so yeah he’s back, which is good news for all four fans? Hopefully he’s still good to go and resembling gets a start at fullback.

He had to come on last week early and scored a try, so yeah pretty happy to see him. I noticed jason woodward’s, not in the squad. Is that just because reece sam is getting a start or is because he’s, not even the 23? Is he injured, not sure it’s, a bit of a weird one for bristol again there’s, a few guys who i’m probably pretty familiar with uh sinclair, obviously, is a big name and he was a big signing for them in the front row, uh vui for samoa back From from his days with new zealand hughes at number, eight um siali pietel, definitely from his time with tonga, uh semi ranrandra is yes one of the best players in the world absolutely world class in that midfield, uh alapati leo. I remember from super rugby uh, but yeah a lot of the other guys. I either know the names, maybe not the faces or yeah just not familiar with so definitely other guys that i should be watching out for apart from those big name, uh players do. Let me know a big name which seems to be omitted for bristol is charles piertail. I was kind of keen to see him play and apparently he’s not injured from what i read, but he is just being rested because i guess with the the flurry of games that is going to come for all these premiership sides as they get back into the Swing of things, the way they manage the players is going to be crucial into how they go.

So that seems to be what uh bristol are doing with pietao in this one, so yeah they did play how relevant it is. I don’t know, but back in january and bristol got a pretty good result. 34 points to 16. at home this time, they’re away so that’ll be a different kettle of fish. The bookies have got this one pretty much at evens with bristol being like half a point. Favorite, so not even a full point and rugby forecast algorithm goes the other way. That’S got gloucester taking it by five points. I guess largely because they are at home, but yeah should be a pretty interesting one. I’Ll be doing a live stream. When i watch the game uh tomorrow morning, like i said it’s only the second time, i’ve been doing a premiership game on this channel uh. Last week i enjoyed the game and i enjoyed watching. I think i watched the highlights of all the other games. Uh. There were some errors. There was some magic it’s to be expected when you’re coming back from a huge layoff, but yeah these guys should be a week. Sharper i’m, not sure what the weather forecast is, but let’s hope it’s a fine one, and we get to see some pretty good attacking rugby, because both these sides have got guys who can just absolutely floor you with with some of their skills. But anyway you guys. Let me know your thoughts on the game.