Alongside jaylen rose right now, the raptors are up 73 to 51 against the nets and that’s their largest halftime lead in playoff history, so we’re making a little bit of history. Jay rose. I want to take you back to an overtime game that we’ve already seen in game, one of the quadruple headers that we have coming your way jazz taking on the nuggets. The two names you need to know are mitchell and murray. This is a fantastic game and notice. No team gets better without mike conley jr, however, keeping the basketball in donovan mitchell’s hands unlocks his offensive game and he was terrific, the third highest scoring output in playoff nba history, yes, 57 points only behind michael jordan and elgin baylor, but it was jamal murray who Had all the answers down the stretch and poor joe ingles, he was caught on murray time and time again who continued to give him that work off the dribble from three from two. He was an equal opportunity, employer jamal murray 20 of 36 points in the fourth quarter in overtime and he got the win and couldn’t believe how many buckets mitchell had we’re just aggressive and it was back yeah 57. He did, he was killing us well, yes, you did mention it jamal murray that you were getting killed, but you see a donovan mitchell. Those the two names we mentioned before, michael jordan and elgin baylor 28 of his points came in the fourth quarter and in overtime let’s start with mitchell, then, because we knew that he had to do a lot.

There was going to be no mike conley jr he’s outside the bubble, the birth of his son. So what did you see from him so donovan mitchell plays bigger than he actually is when you see him and he’s attacking the basket, like maybe he’s, six, six or six seven well, actually, he’s, six! Two! Yes! So therefore, his best advantage to me is when he’s the primary ball handler initiating offense, because he’s a really good passer, he’s, an amazing finisher and an athlete. So therefore, games like today unlock his attack and he was amazing. Give me some jamal murray facts, because we learned something about him: the sport or assisted 31 of the final 36 points and to think about jamal murray too, is when he get hunched. He like that bow and arrow, and he likes to pick and choose his spots. That’S, the one thing i like about him: he’s, not necessarily a volume shooter but he’s, a terrific scorer, an underrated athlete for a point guard, because he will go up and dunk on you, but fearless once he gets going and has as much confidence as any scorer. In the league jalen, you said it man, the bubble is good to the shooters isn’t it. They look good yeah, because they’re playing tennis, they’re playing golf it’s quiet, you ever heard the term shooting in an empty gym yeah. I do that’s what they’re doing that’s, how we do in the studio game.

Three is coming your way soon. Sixers and celtics have time coming up next jalen it’s the 21st playoff series between the 76ers and celtics and the nightcap. It will be the mavericks taking on the clippers great to see the celtics and the sixers go at it. To throw back reminds me of one of my favorite nicknames that play for the sixers andrew tony. His nickname maria is the boston strangler. I learned something new from jalen rose every single time set together, shout out toronto, fred van bleet and lowry championship basketball up next. That made the crucial plays when it counted most murray ended up with 36 on 13 of 20 from the field. What a start for denver michael porter jr, gave them some great moments early and if you don’t know jamal murray, kitchener, ontario, canada. Let me give you a little geography, malika and doris, because i know malika you’re listening to jamal it’s about an hour west of toronto and it’s known for their oktoberfest activities. Malika down to you thanks so much guys i’m here with jamal murray, who just put on a show jamal. This game was tied with 26 seconds left in the regular in the regular game. What made the difference in overtime? We were we’re just aggressive and it was back Laughter. He was killing us and we we couldn’t, get a stop, so we had to find some offense um and you know we just ran too many games with what was comfortable, that we do down the stretch and able to find a win.

But you got ta. Give him credit man, no bogey, no conley and they kept fighting so good game. So what were the discussions in that huddle to stop him cooking with hot grease? The way mark jones said, i think the discussion was both on the same side uh. They were trying to come up with their two man game. We were trying to come up with ours, so you know it was. It was a good battle, it was a fun game that was a really fun game and finally, jamal you’ve now played inside the bubble and outside the bubble in the playoffs. What is the difference playing in here? It’S competitive, it’s, really competitive that’s, where you see the grace step out. Donald mitchell, i’m gon na keep saying here at 57. we’re just going back. We got more bullets and uh. It was us – and i think it was just great team performance we stuck with it for ot. What do we have to do thanks so much jamal let’s, keep saying it guys. He had 57 back to you 57, but jamal murray had his own. He got a lot too. He got his yet 20 in the fourth quarter and in overtime. What a game one! Everybody exhale real, quick just for a second, because we got another one coming up: brooklyn and toronto right now, we’re gon na send it out to mike green mark jackson and jeff van gundy, guys over to you Music.

Welcome in for the first time, cassidy harbor, hey cassidy, hey mike and talking to some members of the raptors, they agreed with the notion that the personality of this welcome to studio one here in new york city maria taylor, alongside jay, will and jalen rose right now. Denver is up 7 59 to 52 and we heard it during the broadcast. Doris burke was comparing michael porter junior shot to kd, so we thought we’d just like further the entire conversation exactly and that’s okay. To do because look, i said before in the pre game that he was the third franchise cornerstone of this team and that pull up for him being 20 years old he’s watched guys like kevin durant, that is, a kevin durant type shot if he has rhythm, like Shots, he only has eight points in the first half, but still off, yokitch and murray he’s, making shots like that. This is a dangerous, dangerous team and also i’m sorry, and also he got to earn the trust of his vets because you saw the body language of jokic on that play. He didn’t necessarily want him to raise up like that, but you get used to a young fella being able to do it and like oh okay, he should have that confidence, but on the other side, donovan mitchell has to carry it away for the utah jazz they’re. So very short handed no conley, no bogdanovic and he’s been terrific, slashing to the basket and creating offense, not only for himself but for his teammates he’s.

A dynamic young scorer, he’s gon na need to have like 40 40 point nights. He had 17 points in the second quarter alone, so he’s well on his way he’s putting his team on his back jalen spider mitchell. You reach, he teach yoga. You can’t be out there trying to take the ball from that young man. I mean think about. I mean look it’s joe ingles. Nobody else can really create. Has that dynamic kind of style, so that has to be donovan mitchell. Yes, and right now, remember, as we said, mike conley jr is at home. The birth of his son, so we’ll continue to see donovan mitchell taking over here in the second half. We’Ve got more coming your way here at our halftime report. Remember there’s: four games. I hope you got a nice spot on your sofa. Next up is going to be nets taking on the raptor charis, the bird. What about him? Oh, i thought we were going to break i’ll, see you on the back end. This halftime is presented by toyota. We are at halftime of game, one of our quadruple header, maria j will and jaylen rose here with you, so let’s go through and get keys to the game for each one that’s coming up and since you’re kara, burke, karis, levert let’s start with the nets and Raptors j well let’s talk about no spencer, dimwitty, no kyrie, no kd, but that’s. Okay, because cara silvert has been averaging 25 points on 48 shooting from the three point line going against the toronto.

Raptors is going to be a huge lift for them, but it should be a good game. Dominant joel embiid is what i’m looking for for the sixers might as well put 35 40 up on the on the board every night. Can he get help from tobias harris that’s going to be key, going against a lotus, celtics team and anything about the clippers you’re going against luka doncic and chris house porzingis lucas? They need to be phenomenal, going against one of the best defensive teams in the league, and we joke a lot about how players play different in the regular season versus the postseason there’s, something in the nba called playoff kawhi. We need to start playing attention to cause. He ain’t in the conversation with regular season mvp but he’s going for his third finals and finals and we joke a lot about load management. But we’ve got someone on our team that we need to manage his low because he yeah for sure a.m. So we’re going to give you the free lane to go ahead and get it here. Where’S ice we’re going to handle the rest of the half times from here on out. Jay. Will congratulations on your new show. We have to check them out 6 to 10 a.m. Yes, espn2 and espn radio espn news at everywhere. Second, half next nba first round on espn, presented by mountain dew, are at the half ready for the start of the third quarter.

As we take a look at today’s. First, half stats brought to you by buick, encore, gx mitchell with 19 in a big second quarter. The same can be said of jamal murray. It was jokic, meanwhile setting the tone for david kobe. We are james kobe. What is it that we do? The people want. The nba playoffs and the playoffs are officially underway today, we’ll be giving you all the match ups, but we start with the playing game on saturday where it was dame lillard.