Having been this long not seen, and what does that mean to you Fred, It meant the world man.. I think anybody who knows me know how special my family is, especially my kids and I miss my girl. I miss my mom. I miss everybody.. My family is the number one thing in my life., So obviously I’ve never been gone about eight or nine weeks now.. So it’s the longest I’ve been without seeing my kids., So that was that was really cool to see that before a playoff game at that we got a little teary eyed there, seeing my son get animated and hearing from my daughter., So that was really cool. Reporter. On the basketball side, late in the first half there., I think you have like eight assists and no turnovers, and you were six for six.. You guys were already up 20 and you have that two for one opportunity. When that didn’t drop. Did you kind of think you know, I should have gone for the two for one to keep the perfect half of the perfect game, on. Fred Na I’m, not I’m, nothing about my stats! Man. I’m! Just not there trying to play and trying to help my team win.. I just I just try to take a methodical approach.. I mean I didn’t really get that many looks in the first quarter. Other guys that are going to have to one layup good transition. In terms of free throws, you know about the passes, were there I feel like I was collapsing and drawing the defense and guys are stepping up and making the shots.

. So just continue to put pressure on the defense., And then I was able to shake free for a couple of threes and few of those went in. I knew I was going to be a big night for me. Thanks Fred Moderator Could go next to Michael Grant from SportsNet., Michael, Hey, Fred, Great game.. How do you kind of take the temperature of a game as it goes on and you’re saying? First quarter, you were kind of trying to help other guys get your game off a little bit in the second What’s. Your mindset in that third quarter, when they’re really starting to chip in the lead, get it down eight.. Where does your mind? Go at that point? Fred, Just possession by possession. Mike. I think I just try to feel what the game is going. With the defense given up who needs some touches Like I still try to approach it as much as the game is going to score for the guards.. I just I try to take that real point, guard approach and just see see what’s available., So whether it’s, true or not, I feel like I can give my shout out at any time, especially to what the defenses are playing me., So just being patient and feeling The game and they were making a big run., So I want to be a little bit more aggressive in the second half in the third quarter, to kind of hold them off a little bit.

, And then you know fourth quarter time is you know who’s hot at That point. And obviously we got Pascal try get a couple of touches, but I was able to find my looks and they kept finding me and that would knock out some open, ones. So I’m just trying to do whatever it takes to win. Mike, And you know, When they cut it down to eight., I mean for for the one point game you guys couldn’t score all that. Well, what did you see? Why why Why were you held at the 20 odd in the third quarter, there Fred They just picked up their intensity. I think we slowed down a little bit too much. We’ve got to continue to keep our offense., So we’ll look at the future.. We could be better, but that team is tough man. I play really hard. And – and you know one of those timeouts – you just reminded the guys like we’re, not going to blow everybody out all the time. It’s, the playoffs.. Everybody belongs to be here. And we did our job by giving ourselves a big, cushion. And that’s what we were supposed to do so then you got to play the lead.. So obviously we would like to win by 40, but that’s not going to happen.. Those guys were close too and made a big run., So we’ll look at the, so we could clean up.. But overall I thought it was a good win.

Score 134., But we got to clean up on the defensive end. A little bit. Mike Appreciate it. Fred. Have a good night. Moderator I’m, going to go next to Dan Waukee from the L.A. Times. Dan, Hey Fred. Typically in the playoffs, you know crowd atmosphere. Is such a differentiator I’m curious? What was it like not having that? Did? It still feel like a playoff game And and if so, how much did the the things like the special national anthem, the intros, to help to kind of get make today feel more special than say two days ago. Three days ago, Fred Yeah. – I mean, I think the atmosphere is obviously night and day., So we didn’t really get that playoff spirit in terms of that., But I thought we hyped ourselves up.. I thought this is the most locked in we’ve been all year.. I felt like you guys, were amped up and energized and having one more. And it kind of puts you at a pace throughout the year and now it’s time to kick into gear.. So I thought we were great gears.. I loved our energy and focus that that’s all you can ask for. We can’t duplicate twenty thousand of the best fans in the world., So who’s got to go out there and create our own energy. I thought we did a good job with that. You know whatever. Whatever gets you whether it’s the anthems or seeing your family before the game or whatever the case may be.

, If you’re still looking for motivation at this point, you’re, probably in trouble., So I think we’ve got a lot of guys that are self motivated. And that helps. Moderator Going to go next to Josh Leuenberger from TSN. Josh Hi Fred., You spent a lot of time on LaVert.. Obviously, he’s been playing really well. What’s the focus in terms of slowing him down, and how do you feel he did in terms of adjusting to the coverages Fred Yeah just make it tough on him. You know like any of the great scores in the league. There’s, not really stopping and just make it tough. On them., I thought we did a good job of them. And it is looks crowded on the floor.. He did a good job of making that the pass when it was there., So you know pick your poison.. I thought we did a good job on him from the scoring standpoint. And I think he ended up with fourteen or fifteen assists., So they were knocking down open threes rather to see where we can adjust there.. But you know we executed our game plan for the most part. And obviously I took a lot of pride in my defense. I feel like I did a decent job with them., So we got to take tape and get some rest and see how we can adjust And get better for game two. Josh! Thank you. Have a good night. Moderator, All right and last question is going to go to Bruce Arthur from the Toronto Star.

Bruce Fred. You talked about wanting to get Pascal some shots in the bubble.. He hasn’t scored at all kind of at the level that he was scoring during regular season. He’s still trying to find it.. What have you seen in his game And are you seeing him getting closer to the Pascal you kind of expect Fred? I mean, I think our record is 801 to be honest, I’m, tired of answering that question. No disrespect to you or anybody else. But Pascal was good. And I think we got a great team of guys who are not really worried about the bottom line, not worried about what the stat line looks like after the game. It’S, just about games, wins and losses. He’s, doing a great job of picking his spots and he’s getting a lot of attention and even kicking him out.. So there will be games. We gon na have big games and there will be games where he needs to draw the defense and kick it out.. So he’s been playing great. My eyes. I love this intensity.. I love this focus on the defensive, end. And I’m. Certainly not going to be a part of that narrative that he needs to score more needs to be the number one option or whatever the case may be for our team. As long as we are winning. And I think that’s all we care about., Bruce That’s, totally fair., And I get that one thing he said that was striking is that at the beginning of the bubble he didn’t feel like his energy was up.

, But now it is. And now, and now he did. – You see that at the beginning, in terms of just him trying to become he’s so energetic anyway, Fred, Yeah, absolutely. And that’s. One thing we’ve been talking about since we got here, is just trying to find ways to get them going in terms of his body language and get his body moving.. I think he is a guy who who plays off the energy of the crowd and plays off of the atmosphere to big games and trash talking and all of that stuff., So it’s a different environment.. I think practice kind of steered him out a little bit.. If I want to be honest., I think nobody would practice on a low score. So beating up on him a little bit and that kind of took him out of it.. But as long as he’s engaged he’s playing fast and he’s engaged on the defensive end of the floor., The offensive will come.