, As you guys, adjust to all the switching you guys. Second half the offense was was much better.. What did you guys get out of your offense in the second half in regards to sort of taking advantage of the way they were defending? I think just started diving a little more.. I thought we got kind of stagnant as as they were, switching a bunch but we’ll keep working on it it’s a long series. You know I don’t. I think one thing we learned is: you know you can’t overreact quarter to quarter possession to possession., So just keep working it. I was able to shake loose in the third couple of guys ever shake loose. Norm was able to do so. Just got to keep probing. Keep running our stuff., I thought we did a better job of running our stuff in the second half, regardless, if we actually scored on it or not. Just getting some player moving, get some body movement and then try to crack the gaps when you get a chance. So we did a better job of that we got ta just continue to keep. You know finding ways to get guys open. Shots. Reporter Appreciate it. Moderator Were gon na, go next to Ryan Wolstat from the Toronto Sun. Ryan, Wolstat, Hey Fred, Im just curious about uhthe play the foul on OG. If that sparked the team at all, and do you feel like that changed anything him tonight and just sort of when he’s more aggressive? How does that that change things for you guys Uhnot to think too much about it? Obviously, you want to protect your teammates.

. He obviously wasn’t too happy about the play.. So whenever OGs you know mad, I like it. I like to see some type of emotion out of him so um I liked it. I liked his fire. I like the spirit he actually asked me for the ball. One time I kind of read his eyes and threw it to him on the drive he got to the free throw line. So you know we need him. We need them to take advantage of opportunities when they’re there and stay engaged and stay locked into the game with his great energy and did a great job on Caris in the second half. So we know we’re going to get OG and he was great for us tonight, especially in the second half. Ryan Wolstat Thank you. Moderator Gon na go next to Eric Koreen from The Athletic. Eric Koreen, Hey, Fred., Two questions.. First, when Jarrett Allen isn’t out there, I mean how much more of an emphasis do you put on attacking attacking attacking the rim and, second of all, what did you think of Norm’s dunk there in the second quarter Yeah, I think that’s a big emphasis for us When they go small as to keep putting our head down trying to get to the rim., I thought the whistle was a little not in our favor in some of those situations in the first half. But we stuck with it and even when he’s out there on the floor, we still got to continue to drive.

You know with the thought of him, you know don’t disrespect him he’s a good shot blocker, but keep driving putting pressure on the defense – and you know I told Norm before the game just felt like a Norman Powell game, so just want him to stay ready, stay Explosive – and you know he can get – he can get hard on himself when he doesn’t play up to his standards. So just keep you know, staying in his ear and and understanding that he’s gon na have opportunities to crack gaps, with the way that they’re playing defense and he’s probably got extra 20 30 inches on his vertical than I do. So Im getting in there. And I know what Im seeing so I want him to just attack those same gaps that I that I do and you know rise up.. So he was able to do that a couple of times with some some big dunks, and that one in the second quarter in particular was was huge for us. Eric Koreen. How do you think about it that made you feel it was a Norman Powell game or you just you know, using some BS to try and pump him up? No, I mean I just I saw him. He was a little slow in the first game and just a little behind and uh. You know that that can happen. You can try to get lost in the Florida game.. We got a lot of weapons out there and all of them aren’t used all the time.

So you know I just I just felt like he had a bounce back coming in. I saw what opportunities were going to be in terms of being able to drive and get to the rim, and he was doing a great job of that and just you know, He’S got ta use that extra lift to get up there and finish so he was. He was amazing for us tonight. Eric Koreen Thanks Fred. Have a good night.. Moderator Next question is for Michael Grange from Sportsnet.. Can you hear Mike Moderator, Michael Grange from Sportsnet? Are you there? We do not have Michael, so we are going to Aaron Rose from si.com., Oh Michael’s, there hold on Aaron., Michael Grange. I should never multitask. Yeah.. You know when this game got into a little slower pace than game. One kind of more of a half court game: what do you guys have to do to to thrive in that environment? Obviously it won’t be the last time you’re gon na face that as you as you move ahead, Just keep running our stuff. You run our stuff find opportunities. I thought we were great. I mean um there’s, obviously a lot of room for improvement, which is good, but at the same time like you know, we won the game. We found ways to get ourselves back into it. Our offense wasn’t really helping our defense.. They were making everything and we just kind of get stagnant that’s how the flow of the game goes, but we’re able to figure it out a little bit.

More. Guys going to have to keep continuing to create shots for themselves and for others – and you know, playoffs – is about making tough plays and making tough shots and keep trying to generate open shots as much as possible.. So we did a better job. I thought in the second half getting to the line into the rim and being able to kick out but the way they’re playing. You know that’s we’re, going to see that we’re going to see switching we’re going to see teams loading up. And we got ta – continue to keep trying to fight through that and make and just make tough plays. So um. Overall, you know it was probably not the best offensive performance, but it was good enough for us to win and we got our defense to rely. On., Michael Grange, Could you I mean Marc wasn’t, one of his great nights and, and you know he played a big chunk of the second half without him. Did you did you feel his absence a little bit or what could he contribute to kind of unlock things? A little bit Yeah he’s, obviously another playmaker there at the top of the key.. So we can run our motion and are you know, passing and cutting a little bit more through him, but um? You know, obviously the flow of the game, just it didn’t allow for him to to be in there. Coach made a decision to stick with Serge and that’s.

I think that’s, all that was so. I got to go back and look. I know he had a couple of cheap files and a couple opportunities where he got hit, where I thought you know how should have went to the line. So you know it is what it is.. Weve gon na need Marc he’s, a huge part of our team, but Im not concerned about him and I never look at his stats. To be honest, I just I love. I love having him out there on the floor. He does so much for us., Michael Grange. All right. Thank you. Have a good night. Moderator. We got two more questions.. First, one goes to Aaron Rose from si.com., Aaron Rose, Hey Fred., Im wondering with their switching what kind of problems or benefits. Does it present you having a guy with Allen size defending you? So of that He’s a good defender., He’s he’s, one of the better bigs you know defending out there on the perimeter, but we got ta keep you know continue to be aggressive. I had a couple opportunities from three that I take and didn’t take. We ran out of gas a little bit.. I was able to get to the rim, so I think you just can’t stop., You can’t stop and be staggered. You just got ta make quick decisions. Next action, basketball move the ball from side to side we’ll be able to to get. You know, good shots.

You know whenever we want, I feel like we’re good enough to do that., But give them credit. Those guys are playing hard they’re flying around they’re, making it tough and that’s what the playoffs is about.. I mean I think at some point I know for our team. We stopped looking at it. You know the way the rest of the world is looking at it. Like it’s, a tough team and they’re playing hard and they’re well coached, and they got a lot of hungry guys and you got to go out there and beat them each possession and each game and that’s what it’s going to take. Aaron Rose. It seemed like a few times with their switch, and you guys had some mismatches inside that you guys couldn’t find Late in the game. You went to Ibaka at least once and you found that mismatch. Did something change or was that an emphasis late in the game? It seemed to work kind of at the end. I mean we’re, not really a post, op team, so that’s not really anywhere in our offense, but I think for the most part, whenever we can get Serge down there on the small as long as he catches it. Deep to where he can turn and shoot before the double comes that’s cool but there’s. So much. You know it’s hard to post up in the playoffs like they’re loading, up. There’s, a lot of bodies down there. The rest are letting us play so it’s.

A lot of bumping and moving – and you just if you are posting up – you better – be ready to pass it out because you’re going to get a lot of attention so give them credit. They make it tough, obviously, when they switch when they know there’s a mismatch. They’Re sending a lot of help and a lot of pressure on the back side., So we just got ta keep continuing to play and when we have an opportunity to get it in get it in. But if not, you know move it on to the next guy. Aaron Rose. Thank you., Moderator And final question is going to Andrew Lopez from espn.com. Andrew Lopez. Hey Fred., Just curious. If you saw the body cam footage yesterday with Masai and kind of being vindicated and all that and just kind of what were your thoughts on that Yeah, I saw it.. I saw it and obviously we’re with Masai and he’s a part of our family, and so you know we had a one on one conversation about it and then it was presented. You know to the team, we all watched it together and that was heavy stuff man. It’S heavy stuff., Obviously we are all privileged and Masai is pretty privileged in his world and you just you just stop and think about. You know how good we got it, because there’s there’s people who are going to be in that same situation, walking down the street who don’t have money to fight the case? Who who don’t have 30? You know 20000 people in the stands and and don’t have the abilities to counter sue, or you know like how many times do cops.

Do things like that without the body cam or without arena footage like it’s, a tough situation.. So obviously we ride with Masai, and you know we all have his back and we had it from day one but it’s just crazy to see. You know how things work and it’s unfortunate.. I think that’s why we all are in a situation now and fighting for social injustice and equality, because you see how quick things can get ugly, just by somebody’s word or one bad cop or a bunch of bad cops or a bunch of you know.