Matchups for the week doing start sits and just going from there uh, so without further ado, we’ll get into it. First off we got the panthers and the saints we’ll start off with the panthers side got teddy bridgewater he’s going to be a sit this week unless you’re a really quarterback needy team, or in a two quarterback or superflex league uh, mike davis. You can start him in this one. You just got ta kind of tamper, your expectations with him. The saints do have a pretty good run. Defense dj moore robbie anderson. You probably start both of them this week, curtis samuel is still going to be a sit ian. Thomas will be a set as well. Panthers defense is going to be a sit and question mark for the panthers kicker. We do not know who it’s going to be graham gon na is on the covet list and they did bring in some guys to try out with the new nfl rules. They had to be tested like five consecutive days or something like that so they’re both. So they got like three guys in doing it or they got like a practice squad punter slash kicker. So you want to avoid that situation altogether, like i’ve been saying last couple weeks not going to talk too much about kickers, if there’s anything notable like this situation, i will mention it though. Then we got on the same side drew brees. You can start him in this matchup he’s the low one quarterback one this week.

Alvin kamar is a must start. Every week, latavius murray is a borderline like low end running back two flex play in this matchup panthers run defense isn’t very good. He should see some opportunities, michael thomas, if he plays you can start him if he doesn’t play he’s. Obviously a sit emmanuel sanders. You could start if michael thomas doesn’t play triquan smith is going to be a sit uh jared cook. If you’re a tight end needy team. You can play him in this matchup, but otherwise. You’Re, probably gon na have a better option, so he’s probably a set in most cases, saints defense. You can start and then the next game we got is the bills and the jets. So on the build side we got josh allen is going to be a start. Just defense is not good overall devin singletary is a start, but he’s like a low end running back to flex play zack moss is going to be a sit until we see more from him. Stefan diggs is his start. John brown’s, probably like a borderline wide receiver. Three flex play in this matchup. It just depends on how much they throw the ball. We see if he’s healthy. I know he did play last week, but he’s been banged up quite a bit. You can start him if you need to, but if you don’t just go ahead and set them uh, gabriel davis is going to be a sit cole beasley if you’re in a pbr league, and you need you just need somebody to plug and play at wide receiver.

You can play him otherwise, he’s, probably gon na be a set. Dawson knox is a set bill’s. Defense is a must start this week against this jets offense and then on the jet side. We got sam darnold, joe flacco, not really sure who’s gon na start yet we’ll have to keep an eye on that, and sam darnold has practice in a limited fashion. So this week i believe it’s, probably gon na be joe flacco going again, so it probably makes the jets offense even worse than it already is frank gore, the michael p, reim they’re, both low end running back two flex play options. P ryan played more, but gore got more touches last week, so let’s just see how this situation shakes out. I’Ve tried to avoid both of them if you can, but if you need to plug and play one probably leaning gore just on the volume rashad peppermint is going to be a set jameson crowder if he plays he’s a start. If he doesn’t play he’s going to be a set, he did miss practice. I believe it was yesterday, so we’ll just have to keep an eye on that see how it all plays out if he doesn’t play and sam darnold’s, the quarterback brexton brios would be an interesting name in ppr formats, uh. Otherwise, take a look for jeff smith, but they’re, not anybody i’m, rushing out to get in start chris hernandez, obviously is it just defense is a set as well.

We got the browns and the bengals and on the brown side we got baker. Mayfield he’s gon na be a set unless you’re in a two quarterback or superflex league. I know he did pretty well against the bengals last time they played on thursday night football, but he’s still kind of banged up. So we just have to keep an eye out on him cream hunt’s going to be a must start: durianis johnson’s a sit odell beckham jr. You can start jarvis landry’s kind of a borderline guy, uh it’s, not the worst matchup in the world for him. But if you need to start him, you can, if you don’t, you obviously said him austin hooper. You can start this week. Low end tight end one category brown’s defense. They could be a streaming option this week. It just kind of depends on how this game goes. Uh last time they played, it was a little bit more high scoring. So just keep that in mind joe burrows gon na be a set. Joe mixon is gon na, be a set, as he’s been ruled out for this game. So giovanni bernard comes into play, you can play him in this game. He’S more, like a low end, running back to flex play type of option better in ppr formats than anything he should see enough volume to matter. But overall the bengals offensive line is not very good and the browns are decent against the running game.

Tyler boyd, you can start he’s kind of like a wide receiver. 3 flex play type of guy this week, probably more on the wide receiver, 3 type of play. Aj green, he did show us a little bit last week but i’m still going to set him not too much more. To say about that honestly t higgins, you can start drew samples to sit and bengal’s defense could be a streaming option as well with baker mayfield banged up it. Like i said, with the brown side, it’s kind of the same way talked a little bit about both those in my dfs video as well cowboys in the washington football team. Cowboy said we got andy dalton he’s going to sit. He didn’t look very good on monday night, so you don’t want to roll him out there ezekiel it’s, obviously a start amari cooper. You can start michael gallup, i’m sitting cd lam. I think you can start as a wide receiver. Three type of guy uh dalton schultz, probably like a low end, tight m1 high in tight end two. So if you need to start them, you can cowboy’s. Defense is going to be a sit uh. It could be a decent streaming matchup, but i just don’t trust their defense with how poorly it’s played so far this year, kyle island’s a sit antonio gibson, jd mckissick are both starts this week. Cowboys defense is not great overall and if you’re playing in ppr leagues, kisik offers a safe floor and gibson offers some upside for you, terry mclaren.

I do like his start this week. I do kind of like him in dfs as well. He wasn’t really in my video since he’s at 5800, but he’s still at a decent price and he could put up some stats against this cowboys. Defense, dontrell edmonds is sit. Logan thomas is he’s like a borderline guy, he’s, probably like a low end title one high end tight end too. If you need to play him, you can, if you don’t, you know, washington’s defense could be a decent streaming option with how poorly andy dalton played. How banged up their offensive lineus and how good washington’s defensive line is, then we got probably my most interesting game of the week. For me personally since i’m, a texans fan is the texans and the packers. We got deshaun watson, he’s going to be a start, david johnson. You can start in this one packers run. Defense is not too good. Overall, duke johnson is going to be a sit. We’Ll follow brandon cooks. You can start both of them. This week, they’ve both been seeing quite a bit of targets, especially since bill o’brien left town randall cobbs is sit. Darren feels you can start. If jordan akins misses again. If he doesn’t, then you can’t start either one of them texans defense is obviously a sit. Then, on the packers side, we’ve got aaron rodgers, you’re, gon na start him aaron jones. You can start obviously, and then jamal williams is actually an interesting name.

If you play like in a in a very deep league and you’re needing a running back to just kind of plug and play this week, he wouldn’t be the worst option in the world. I expect the packers to be winning early and him to get a lot of carries later on in the game, because they won’t need aaron jones davonte adams is obviously a start. Mvs is a set. Robert tonyan is a set as well he’s kind of banged up. I just don’t trust his production, especially with adam’s back now. Packers defense is a sid as well, and then we got the lions and the falcons. So on the lion side, we got matt stafford, he’s a start falcons. Defense is very poor against the past, so stafford should have a good game overall, adrian peterson he’s a low end like running back 2 flex play type of guy. If you need to play him, you can same thing with deandre swift, swift’s, probably a little bit better in ppr and peterson’s. A little bit better in standard formats. Kenny gallagher is a must start for me. This week, marvin jones he’s, probably like somebody you could put in your flex spot. He just hasn’t done that much this year, so he’s kind of hard to trust, tj hawkinson is a start for me. Lions defense is obviously a sit and then online side, matt ryan’s. The start lions defense is almost as bad as the falcons defense.

Todd gurley is the start. Julio jones is the start. Calvin ridley’s all start as well. Russell gage and haydenhurst i’m going to be sending both them this week. I just don’t trust their role in the offense enough to be worth it and then atlanta’s defense is obviously a sit. Uh young hoku was back last week, so he looks like he’s gon na be the kicker moving forward. Then we got the steelers and the titans on the steelers side, big ben roethlisberger, he’s gon na be a start. Titans haven’t done too great against the pass so far this year. So i think you can start big ben in this game and be all right. James connor is a start. Juju smith schuster is going to be a set this week. Deontay johnson is kind of a borderline guy for me. If you need to start him, you can, if you don’t, just sit him and let him and let and let’s just see what he does this week, especially with the emergence of chase. Claypole johnson has practice this week, so it looks like he’ll play then claypool. You can start uh just kind of tamper, your expectations with him, especially with johnson returning to the lineup. Then we got eric ebron. I think you can start eric brown in this matchup. If you need to, if you don’t, then obviously you’ll send them steelers defense you’re pretty much starting every week. I know the titans have been pretty good on offense, but the steelers defense is one of the best in the league ryan, tannehill you’re, going to start ryan tannehill are starting until further notice until he shows us otherwise derek henry’s.

Obviously a start aj brown. You can start in this one as well: corey davis is going to be a sit adam humphreys. If you’re in a ppr league, you will probably roll out if you need somebody at the end of your lineup, but otherwise you probably should be sending him. Johnny smith is going to play, it looks like he did, have that ankle injury last week, so you’re starting him, but just kind of tamper, your expectations, since he is a little bit banged up, titan’s defense is going to be a set. Then we got the raiders and the buccaneers, and on the reader’s side we got derek carr, dear car’s, going to be sitting this one he’s played very well this year and the buccaneers one weakness is, they can be beat over the top and oakland has the weapons To do that, but even and then i’m not trusting them to do it often enough to make their car valuable. This week, then we got josh jacobs, he’s a start, but just tamper, your expectations. They have had um some issues with covid testing for the linemen, so they could be without some starting lineman and it could affect his production. Quite a bit. Henry ruggs is going to be a sit, he’s kind of boomer bust. We just want to see a little bit more from him same thing with nelson aguilar. Darren waller is going to be a start. Raiders defense is a sit then, on the buccaneer side, we’ve got tom brady he’s, going to start oakland’s defense isn’t that great honestly, ronald jones is pretty much a must start this week against oakland, who has given up the third most points to the running back position.

Uh and jones has had back to back to back weeks of 100 yard games. So look for him to continue his streak leonard fournette. He did miss last week, which was kind of odd since he played two weeks ago, but until he really works his way way into this offense, we can’t trust him at all. So he’s going to be a set mike evans, chris godwin. I think you’re going to start both them in this matchup and be fine gronkowski and cameron breit. You could probably play gronkowski in this game if you need to otherwise you’re going to be setting both these guys tampa bay defense, you can start pretty much every week. So keep rolling with them, then we got the broncos and the chiefs on the broncos side. We’Ve got drew locke he’s, an obvious set for me talked a lot about him this week. He didn’t play good last week and he hasn’t played good against the chiefs. Last year, and then we got melvin gordon, you can start him, but just kind of tamper, your expectations. I expect him and philip lindsay to be 50 50 split, philip lindsay’s guy that you can throw in there. If you really need someone otherwise you’re going to be setting them tim, patrick, i think you can start as a wide receiver three this week and be all right with it jerry judy, i just don’t trust enough. I’M gon na be sitting him no offend.

I think you can start just kind of tamper. Your expectations coming back from that ankle injury that he did suffer broncos defense is a sit for me going against the high power chiefs offense. Then we got patrick mahomes he’s going to be a start. Clyde oward solaire is a start. Le’Veon bell should see some play in this game as well. Bell is pretty much a set for me until we see what his role in this offense is. Demarcus robinson is actually a sneaky guy. This week i think he’s somebody you could plug in as a wide receiver, 3 or a flex play if you need absolutely need to and he won’t kill your team nicole, hartman’s gon na be a set. He just doesn’t see enough volume. Tyree kills the start. Travis kelsey is a start and the chief’s defense is a streamable matchup. In this one going against drew lock this week, then we have the chargers and the jaguars. So on the chargers side we got justin herbert he’s, pretty much uh easy start this week. Jaguars defense is not that good overall justin jackson joshua kelly, so i expect a 50 50 timeshare with these guys, depending on the game script. I think this could be a better week for kelly, so i’m going to be starting him. If i need a running back, if you don’t need a running back i’m, probably gon na avoid both these guys jackson’s, probably a little bit better overall in ppr kelly’s, a little bit better in standard mike williams is somebody i do like is a wide receiver.

Three this week, i think he has a lot of potential in this matchup keenan allen is going to be a start as well. He’S been seeing a ton of volume since herbert took over so that’s. Definitely a good sign for him. Hunter henry is a start as well chargers. Defense is going to be a set. Then we got gardner. Minshew is gon na, be he’s like a borderline guy. You can start him if you really need to. If you, i doubt you probably need to, if you’re playing in one quarterback league, though uh james robinson, you can start in this one just kind of tamper expectations, chris thompson’s gon na be a set dj. Tark is kind of a start, but he’s more like a wide receiver, 3 or a flex play this week should be going up against casey hayward, not the best matchup in the world. For him, caitlyn cole is the start as like a wide receiver. Three leviska channel. You can start in like a ppr league if you need to i just don’t trust him enough this week, i think desmond king’s gon na be on him and i don’t think he’s gon na be able to do a lot. Uh tyler ifer is a sit. I believe he’s injured, i don’t know if he’s gon na play in this one. I haven’t looked too much into that one. Yet honestly, but we can uh look more into that as we go.

Jaguars defense is a set, and then we got the patriots and the 49ers on the patriots side. We’Ve got cam newton. You can start cam newton in this one. I consider him like a low end, quarterback one this week he didn’t look the best coming back. Last week, their offensive line is pretty banged up and dealing with kovitt as well, so just kind of tamper. Your expectations for him patriots running backs i’m, not i’m, not staring at anyone unless i’m in a pbr league, then james white is okay to start nikhil harry julian adam and damir bird ryan, izzo i’m. Pretty much setting all these guys until we see a little bit more from the patriots offense overall patriots defense, you can play in this matchup and do be all right with jimmy garoppolo, honestly he’s, a guy that i like going forward. But in this matchup i don’t particularly like him so he’s going to be a sit. Mckinnon is going to be a start, especially in ppr leagues, raheem mostert’s, going to be out for a while now so he’s going to be probably the lead back. But i expect a lot of a committee in this one something’s going on with mckinnon the 49ers aren’t telling us and he hasn’t played as much the last couple games so it’s very concerning so that’s. Why i’m leaning more towards ppr, jeff, olson, jr and michael hastie they’re both going to be sits unless jeff wilson jr does not play if it’s just mckinnon and hasty, you could probably play hasty in like a standard league, then we got brandon iu, debo, samuel they’re.

Both kind of like wide receiver, three flex plays for me. You can play them if you need to. If you don’t need to then just set them. George kidd is a must start and the 49ers defense. You can start them if you need to but it’s, not the best matchup in the world. We got the seahawks and the cardinals, so we got russell wilson he’s an obvious start. Chris carson’s, the start, dk, metcalf and tyler lockett are both starts, greg, olson’s a sit and the seahawks defense is also a sit not too much to say there it’s pretty much what we’ve been rolling with all year with the seahawks coming off their bye week. Hopefully, hopefully, all these guys are going to be as healthy as they’re going to be all year, so definitely good news there. I expect a lot of offense in this game. Overall, tyler murray is a start. Kenyan drake, i think, is a start as well chase edmonds. You could probably play in like a ppr league if you need to they’re, probably throwing the ball a little bit, especially if they get behind early deandre hopkins is the start. Larry fitzgerald just sit. Christian kirk is like a borderline guy wide receiver. Three flex play you. Can start him if you really need to should be a positive matchup for him and he’s been shown a little bit more in recent weeks, then the tight end position dan arnold daryl, daniels you’re going to be sending both of them.

They haven’t done anything this year. Cardinals defense is a set as well, then we got the rams and the bears. So on the ram side, we got jared goff he’s going to be a set for me this week. You should have better options available to you. Chicago bears. Defense is above average, so i wouldn’t expect golf to have the greatest game in the world. Then the rams running backs i’d, start daryl henderson and set the other two uh just kind of tamper. Your expectations for henderson this week. We may see them work more towards the committee role than what we’ve seen in the last couple weeks, robert woods, cooper cup. If i had to pick one i’d start cooper cup in this matchup robert woods, you can start as well, but with fuller on them. You just kind of can’t tamper, your expectations, both the rams tight ends, tyler higby gerald everett i’m, not playing in this matchup they’re, just both not seeing enough volume to matter. At this point, the rams defense – you can start they’re, probably a middle pack defense. This week, then we got nick foles he’s a set unless you’re into quarterback or superflex league david montgomery. You should be starting him pretty much every week at this point honestly he’s going to get enough volume to matter. He might be a little touchdown reliant, but he has seen some catches as well, so that helps boost his value, especially in ppr formats.

Al robinson is a must start, anthony miller, darnell, munoz and darnell mooney. You can set both them until they show us more jimmy. Graham, this is an okay matchup for him, so you can start him as well. The bears defense. You can start too all right guys. So that was the starts and sets for the remaining 13 match ups for this week. Hopefully you guys all enjoyed this. Hopefully it gave you a little bit of insight and help into who you should start and sit for this week. If you have any other start set, questions at all, please feel free to leave them down in the comments below. I will respond to each and every one of them and with that being said, if there’s anything else or any certain matchups you’re watching this week, let me know down in the comments below as well. If you guys need to reach out to me for any reason at all whether it’s start sit, who should i pick up? Who should i trade anything like that? Uh feel free to leave it down in the comments below or you can get a hold of me at my email at coachgreg sports on the coach, craig sports facebook page or on twitter at coach craig’s support. But if you guys liked and enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up if you haven’t already subscribe to this channel, please consider doing so. It helps build the community that we’re trying to build here at coach, craig sports that’s one that’s built around you guys watching my videos, helping you enjoy fantasy football, more this season being competitive and bringing home some championships.

But with that being said, please be sure to also hit that notification bell. It’Ll, let you know every single time i post a video like i’ve, been saying i post up about five videos a week monday is the top performer from the previous week. Tuesday is the way rewire video wednesday. We talk about the thursday night, matchup gon na do a little preview on it start tits for that game thursday. We talk about dfs value, picks for the week on draftkings and then friday. We go over all the other remaining matchups. Just another note all right: i did test out the internet here.