Basically, they have to have an answer for a couple of guys, julian edelman and cam newton we’re gon na get to edelman in a minute, but let’s start with cam newton. If you were robert sala, what would your principles be? What would your game plan be? Would your strategy be for stopping cam who starts i’ll, go ahead and start sure thinking about this one a little bit you know if i was if i was going against newton this week, i’m going to i’m not going to be doing anything fancy with my front I’M, going to really try to keep my guys in their passing lanes and and force force him to stay in the pocket and just play defense behind it, because i think if they can, if they can do that and be able to still stop the running game With newton uh, they’re gon na be okay because that’s, what really is concerning with newton is his ability to be a power runner, yeah, yeah, yeah that’s. What that’s? What i see i, i think the the best way to combat newton is uh. Just have dray green line and they’re more if quan alexander is able to go. Green law needs to be that second linebacker hands down. I i think greenlaw played the the read out, plays the read a little bit better, but also cam is a very good scrambler. He has seven scrambles of over 12 yards this year when he was dropping back to pass that that’s a big way to extend the drive they.

They need at least green law within eight yards of the line of scrimmage on every pass play on zone defense. Just to combat that they, they can’t, let cam get into space like jack said because that that’s, how the patriots will win yep check out the check out the stats on maverick that was a good stat. I, like that stat it came loaded into the end of the fight what’s up leo. Well, how do i compete with that? You got ta, have stats ready if you want to if you want to compete with maverick step in the bar up forever. So the reason why we praise greenlaw so much is because his sure tackling as well as his tackling angles, and i think the angles is what’s gon na – be key with spying on cam newton. Normally, i would say marcel harris, because this new england, patriots receiving core is just so weak that sure yeah i’ll rather have the safety and i’m comfortable keeping green law in coverage. But i don’t trust marcel’s harris tackling as well as his angles. Green law is kind of a sure thing, so i’m going to go ahead and keep fred warner who’s. Clearly the better coverage linebacker with cam newton’s inaccuracy. I think that bodes well to possibly get an interception because they do like running their offense through the middle. So it’s going to be green law, i you have to spy uh cam newton with green law.

Okay, you guys look. We got we’ll talk about i’m, going to talk about quarterbacks by in a minute, but i’ve been watching the the patriots all week and what’s interesting about them. Is they don’t want to throw from what i see? They want to run the ball as much as possible and their number one runner is camp like he will lead them in carries in this game on sunday, so that’s very unique in in that sense, they’re kind of like the ravens, although i think the ravens actually Would be more, i think the patriots would want to throw even less than the ravens. I mean the patriots if they could run the ball 50 times would be happy to do it. So the niners have to have a plan to stop an 11 on 11 run game, it’s kind of they kind of have to ditch the wide nine like it’s, not built for this. They need to come in with the same scheme they had against baltimore. Last year. Five across the front assignment football, everyone ready to stop the run first and foremost if they can do that, they did a good job against that of of doing that against the ravens, so they’ve been prepared if they can take care of that and be respectable against This patriots run game, which i think is just fantastic. It has everything and forced the patriots to pass. Then they just need to which you talk about all the time, keep cam in the pocket they have to and what i saw from cam he likes to throw, but he doesn’t have that many weapons.

He has julian edelman, and this is about it. So on this team on third down, wait it almost like his first read is the tackles and the ends. If he sees either defensive end get past him he’s out he’s. Taking that b gap and he’s going so there’s two things you could do um you could contain him and make him and make him pass, and i think that works, because he’s so inaccurate that if you get him in a quarterback passing pocket pocket passing contest with Jimmy garoppolo the niners win, but also to switch it up. You can like give him the b gap and then have fred warner, uh, spying, him and sort of like bait him into running out and then have fred warner. Go get him uh because to me fred warner isn’t at. Is it fast enough to spy kyle, murray or even lamar jackson, but he is fast enough to to spy cam newton. I think he could kick nick cam newton’s ass. So i want to see that – and i think i was just watching like if you watch cam newton drop back on third down. If julian edelman isn’t there he’s bolting through the b gap, give it to him and let uh fred warner hit him a few times and we’ll see how daring he is the rest of the game that’s the way i see it but i’m, not a coach, but I should be niner still owe me a nickel for all the good ideas i’ve.

Given him stay hasn’t gotten here. I understand that anyway i mean they can.