Oh, i thought i sort of hit a little tickle here ends the third one 15 without lost left arm round right from the outside, challenging length, lift angle, good line. This is a picture it’s a home game, but it’s being cleared at the queen’s park cricket club. The great man bran charles, laura honor, of the pavilion being named after Music him uh the patriots more of alzheime a little bit of bottom hand in there, so he won’t get it. No one will get there. Music, very easy johnson, charles that’s, a natural swing to leg this one, no different. He sets himself just breaks the wrists nicely on that. One. No slipping now big ring field on the offside we’ve got a deep backward square and a man it’s a very straight sort of wicket. Those are the two men outs. The third man finally got to be precise, Music shown there it’s very disappointing, especially as a team searching for its first win. All departments of the game will come into play. They’Ve got to be spot on there’s that little change. Some patriots around the patriots, home games kits and nevis – if you like it here, don’t you be about this place: Music, beautiful islands, parts of the hollywood islands, in fact, frigate bear lovely tourist spots that you can enjoy. If you’re searching for a destination have some fun relaxation and water sport, this is a place to be how the zingers are working on strikers in yeah.

We love it there. Some kitts and nevis beaches and little rum shacks food outlets ah follow your heart to the shipwreck. Some kids and nevis, subtle change of pace liking this four done 24 without loss, that’s it nine off the previous over kicking along here. Having been put into bat barbados couple increases will uh mentioned being quite effective, Music. Remember the last time they played against the patriots. They lost three early wickets, so are you seeing them conservative approach in the power play overs as if to rectify that wrong? In that first encounter only produce 153? I think that’s the pillow park listening squad, the queen spa, google, get them to 153 patriots. They looked on course. They felt amazing the patriots on two wheels good man.