On the other hand, he was struggling to find his uh timing even got an opportunity. Shamar brooks not hauling on behind point. That was the dismissal of alex hills caught behind from riyadh, emirates and johnson charles off and on got a couple boundaries. He got good support in la nico who came in at number three yeah. They kept a good partnership. Both these players of the spinners off the bases kept getting boundaries laid a good foundation to the innings. These two voucher, in particular, playing in only his second hero. Cpl match that was johnson charles, bringing up his first half century in hero, cpr 2019 and then soon after perished for shama brooks all the time baucho kept going. That was a beauty overlord for hiro and he brought that moment when he got his mid and half century. In t20 cricket jp dumani, the experience of the south african international, he played a fine innings. Music 48 runs in the last three overs. These two collected assisted a bit with some mischances shamar, brooks in particular wasn’t good at all in the outfield Music and boundaries kept coming. That was the last delivery put down again. Dominic drinks, the culprit on that occasion. This is what they produce. It was 186 for two at the halfway stage in pursuit of the patriots they were looking for a good start from evan lewis and devon thomas thomas departed. What a delivery from jason holder that brought laurie evans to the greece, evan lewis, followed soon after the catch by ashley nurse, and it was off the bowling of jason holder.

He had a really good spell couldn’t hold on to that. One evans showed his true class and scale. They were looking good jason mohammed before he departed down the lake side and evan evan brought up his half century nice shot by sir, who looked good at his time at the crease before suddenly accounted for his wicket. What a good catch by ashley news, lori evans, departed, Music Applause, Music, ramachani, the buller, then fabian islands, the star player in the last match, couldn’t quite make an impact with the bat bratwut as well. His poor form continued lamachani, picked up three wickets before rin delay and then, when the resumption took place, hidden walls junior got a second wicket. Patriots had an opportunity, but they lost too many wickets too early. That was uh red emirates being caught by jason holder and then the last up pierre added 49. Bringing some respectability to the total Music eventually got to 168 for nine was too much in the end, and the does tridents went on to win by 18 runs so that’s.