This one over extra cover for a hero maximum. He got good support from brandon king who hails from jamaica playing for the warriors struck some lusty blues before this happened: dwayne smith, getting the prize wicket off the in form hitmeier. Meanwhile, brandon king kept going with his stroke play Applause, the best performance for a season 59 off 37. He was in some good form, lewis came on and immediately he got the wickets up, brandon king good catch there in the deep that brought nicholas for run to the crease. That was a lovely shot behind square for six, and then this one down the ground again from him: Applause, Music, Applause, 15 off six uh. He was given a reprieve that one in particular went off the park vicious swing of the bat. This was uh when he departed good catch by dwayne smith. That was the moment when sure malik brought up his half century. His 11th in cpl’s history uh, given a break there by gail his first half century the captain in this edition and given another reprieve there. As well, he glued the innings Applause, the warriors finishing on 218 for six malik top scoring with 67 and had really good support from brandon king at the top of the innings. He got 59 from 37 balls, so the tallowers had it all to do chris scale and glenn phillips, opening the batting gail with a big six to begin somewhat flattering to deceive Applause, this one straight behind the boulder – and that was nicely timed through the offside eventually Walton didn’t quite put away a full toss.

Yes, making no mistake: devel glenn came to the trees powerful strike off the ball. Didn’T do much with the bat he went caught by sure malik, but meanwhile, glenn phillips tried to accelerate the scoring worker. Couldn’T quite get things going, he departed and that brought andre russell to the crease may have been a missed opportunity there, but russell in his own style kept pouring a few sixes, bringing some hope to the jamaica tala. They needed these guys glenn phillips, showing his class. His style until russell punched, one away and didn’t get away with it. That was the biggest partnership of the innings between russell and phillips. Phillips uh had to carry the batting with dwayne smith, who looked good after that shot and then phillips departed, and you felt that the warriors were just going to romp to victory. Smith eventually went on the field in the offside pokemon. Paul took three wickets to destroy this uh tala was batting, that was the run out of zarya khan. Had one clean strike and went for a hero maximum and then the other chimron hit meyer got into the way, so the dominant guy amazon warriors continue. Their forms, jamaica tala was thumped. In the end, we see they’re not enough in the batting of the taliban tonight to test the perfect performance.