Here, watch will start first and then they got into stride. 47 was the score before the first weekend fell and that brought chadwick walton to the crease, and then it started to rain six’s boat himself christopher henry gale. They put on a record in cpl a record partnership 162. It was, and some really powerful stroke play from these two on the pitch walter bringing up a half century after he had a barn spell in 2018, but christopher henry gale followed suit, got to his half century and then continued lots of deliveries went high into the Night sky, over and out, every single bowler got the treatment. It was absolute carnage, gail in his typical brutal style and some innovation as well from chadwick walton didn’t choose that option used brute force and was disdainful. That was the moment he brought up his 22nd t20 century walton after his fireworks departed good catch by the captain of the patriot, scarlet bratwute, but boundaries kept coming off the back before gail departed as well carlos bradford, getting in the way of that one andre russell Didn’T have many deliveries to get going, he got an early boundary and then one went straight up into the sky Music. Fourth, catch up the innings for the captain, carlos brathwaite atari joseph ended the innings with a maximum. They finished on 241, simply outstanding. The striking from gale and walton jesus was impressive and in the end 241 before daunting, to say the least, but this pitch is simply outstanding.

It really is a wonderful surface, so they needed to get a record score and evan lewis got into the things early Music uploads for the evan lewis devon, thomas, who scored a half century the last match against the warriors. They got things going very well at a rapid pace. After six, they were 89 Music and we continued to see a lot of boundaries behind to the sky over point. How about this from evan lewis throwing his back bringing up his 50 and he did so in 17 deliveries, the fastest half century in hero cpl? That was the man in which he went andre russell picking up that wicket. It brought lori evans to the crease and he continued the tempo of the innings as required in the situation. He got the 41 of 20 deliveries and all along. He got the support of devon thomas, who brought up his second consecutive half century. That was an easy. Let off walker putting that one down and it’s allowed. This partnership to blossom evans eventually fell when the partnership was on 76 andrew russell. Making no mistake. Look at this beauty from glenn phillips behind the stump Music once supposed to be a changing moment in the match. A couple wickets uh in the middle jason mohammed talus, brought with not troubling the scorers or shane thomas getting four wickets before shabar brooks he had different plans. What a cameo from him an excellent support. The composure from fabian allen just kept the patriots in the hunt.