An excellent delivery here, Music from hidden walls jr, would be a challenge it’s all over now for red emirates time for an eldorado celebration and note Music. This is time i beg your pardon. Samamir, has been knocked over Music he’s, given him he’s. Given him doesn’t, look happy george worker Music, a lot of people, another wicket as well it’s all happening here at tabina there it is there’s the sneaky wicket peter walsh. Jr. Take a bow and he’s going to get another one it’s going to be five: oh that’s, brilliant! What a night for hayden, borch, jr, absolutely magnificent it’s in the air, pollard’s gone big! All right has taken it. The captain. The captain takes the captain it’s a huge wicket and massive wicked look at the captain. Go hayden walsh. Jr he’s got another massive wicket and holders straight over to pallard karen pollard. Having this account. Oh wicked, another huge wicket, hayden walsh jr is the man again he’s on fire it’s. Another brilliant bit of cricket he’s really made the difference. There was pressure on this winner and look at him go look at the crowd go Music. Is it going to be a? Fourth, oh he’s got him he’s got him over. The youngster is having an absolute blinder out there taken. Well, he has a knack for producing wickets. This is his first on the night. Jonathan carter makes no mistake this time around and he’s got him that’s out.

He got five the other night you can’t, keep him out of this game. He’S taking his second wicked hayden, welsh jr. Will it be caught? Will it be caught paul again gets in the way he strikes immediately, hidden walsh, jr up in the air. It should be taken. Will it dominique takes it and well they’re romping now they’re rumping? Now the trident Applause should be should be the final moment. Yes, jason holder closes it off and it’s another wicket for him, jr it’s, the first time since 2015. The barbados stridents will move to the playoff round. What a moment for jason hold on his team. Music finger goes up and walks junior strikes again what a wonderful googling his cpl just gets better and better. For me, Music gets Music. This year’s hero, cpl and he’s. Still counting well, this one’s gone miles in the air who wants it? Oh, what a spectacular, diving effort, hayden, walsh, jr Music, got him another one for hayden wards, jr in and amongst the carnage. He has been a shining light, oh dear well, this is a brain explosion of note, Music junior.