Just have to admire that effort. That’S, a gift from edwards i’d be very disappointed if, in this, over edwards does not give shimmer on hedmeyer a short ball and he’s, giving him he’s. Given him as we’ve come to expect from the afghan picks up on the lonely, wicket and it’s a dangerous chevron admirer another wicket for the jamaican followers. Well, wilson says yes, you’re on your way uh. I just wonder if it might have had a little bit too much angle on it towards leg: stump gets back on it and straight to midwicket. Oh, when a plan comes together, it is wonderful. Edwards just go with the short ball and powell had positioned himself out there two deliveries ago, short and tried to help it on his way. Not the control or the connection he would have wanted and rob man paul completes that plan that’s picked up nicely by ross. Steeler he has a wealth of experience and the warriors will need it now: russell full and taylor just hitting through the line taking advantage of the field restrictions. It is the last over where the fielding side can only have two outside and again not pre, meditating russell. Just trying to make the adjustment was a little too short it’s just wide off the keeper. Luckily for puran it didn’t carry but he’ll. Take four nonetheless should get four. The placement was exceptional from ross taylor, Music and let’s clean them up the big fish.

The informed nicholas puran such an excellent bowler and strikes again foreign look at that look at the fingers right arm around what a great delivery just slides on and quicker than you think straight up. Oh it’s, just too easy and it’s all happening here, there’s another mystery bowler for you, sammy, b chief in rutherford. There you go so hitting against the turn. His first delivery facing standing, blaming chinese as well, so not giving himself an opportunity. Long off the field is out big, shot forever. Andre russell, not happy with that, but andrew russell, he’s elected seems to have been full and straight and it doesn’t matter. Rockstealer has raised his hand, you have to go. Oh if he hasn’t hit it. He i think, he’s saying he is as he’s running if he hasn’t hit this taken to carried robin said. It has umpires fingers underneath for me it’s up to leslie reaper jr tv Music. As out you miss, i hit the perfect yorker from fetal edwards. Yet again gets rid of kimo paul that low slingy arm tails in late would have hit like stump and that’s keeping it simple go straight and goes long hero. Maximum welcome runs here for the warriors he’s, a good stride, there’s no shortage of ability from navino hack with the bat either he can play with innovation and power. I’Ll. Tell you what, if the talibans don’t get this and they go back for another, one should be run out.

Anti climatic end to the innings straight away, gets a loosener wide from green boom. Such quick hands. Music sucker punch another wrong and that’s bold that’s, just snuck through that backpack a little bit of hesitation in defense on that front, foot freely as he’d like forget about strike rate. If you’re playing shots like that, maybe that five years sort of absence has worked up a little bit of anger, yeah a little too short this time and it’s got pumped by blackwood. This is a beautiful shot, really yeah, which is important when you’re playing on a slower surface. Oh a wonderful pick out and that’s gone all the way. Yeah, here i’m maximum, oh it’s, a big one, a hero, maximum, a different response to you, sami badri, well picked from glenn phillips through the line of that one and into the stands just hitting with the two with the angle, with the seam position. So he’s gon na add to that tally. Beautiful shot, that’s gon na run away, that’s four more absolute class here and from glen flips a bit of width on off up. Oh this time, he’s got him out chord and the commentators kiss once again, navino gets his mark officially and straight akimo paul, who completes a relatively simple catch and the second wicket for the jimmy well that’s in the air and that’s our caught. That is a republic bank classic catch by the captain chris greene, and continue to take wickets the guy on amazon warriors exactly what they needed: a brilliant catch from chris green.

The captain full stretch commitment, not an easy catch, diving forward, oh he’s, going for it. The captain has, he got all of it. The guard now he’s taken that’s it chris green in the deep, safe pair of hands. The captain and the captain of the jamaica towers, ralph and powell has got to make his way back to the dressing room. Is this history repeating itself the jamaica taliban seem to be imploding here at the queen’s fab, oval great shot, lovely shot by jermaine blackwood. Those are the areas where he’s so very strong in that beam down the ground. Applause Music. Joel wilson wants to find out if that’s, that must be the discussion whether it carried it, looks pretty good and that’s. Perhaps why that’s very pleasant and they’re very easily put away by him russell decides to launch this at the back, but muscles is back. Ah, yes, just freeze his arms on this occasion when he gets it. Oh look: how dumps? Oh yeah, no price, stopping this one skipper tried, came second they’re crunched duck for cover holy sh. Oh pleasing it’s, about time russell he’s spent a fair bit of time out in the middle. Just like that i’m going to stick my blade out of the white one bonner tries to sized it away backward a point. There’S four two to go disappears and sixer finishes in style bonner and he gets to 30 and some fist pumps with andre russell and they’ve done it with exactly two overs to spare a little bit there slightly short smashed away.

Is it going to race away all the way to the line just slowing up gets to the rope? Four runs. First, boundary of the innings nicely struck Music Applause, yeah tim murder, just offering a little bit too much with the sharjee khan and that piece you know, he’s going to feast on that and despite the slowness of the outfield he’s pierced the gap and he’s off the Mark with a boundary, oh, that one’s lifted high high high and carries the rope just by a meter or two six runs picked up, beautifully thought he might have gone under a little bit but safely away to the rope. Music Applause absolutely magnificent, shot from charging khan he’s just held his ship he’s, kept that elbow nice and high. As you can see, he doesn’t pick his bat up too highly, but he just held his shield full face of the bat and he’s just deposited up straight over long offer. Six and a great start much to the satisfaction of his of his short pulled away. Great shot, zips away to the boundary rope. Applause has taken a bit of a fancy to tim merger here: Music, yeah, 10 murders – obviously after the last ball of the previous over was was hit back over his head for a sec. So now, oh that’s picked up beautifully, saw that early Applause chicken on the full just over pitched from i’m, not pitched at all, but slightly full chance from mccarthy Music.

Oh six off two balls again: driven away that’s a beautiful shot and it’s four, more races over the rope that long on chin off three balls getting after barry mccarthy, six over is gone 28 for one Music.