We love this game out early, the lefties called it from the back of the box. Oh, my you can’t keep this man out of the game. Muhammad nabi make that wicked number six for him overall in the tournament. So far, big pitching wedge doors have gone all the way here, i’m. Actually from denis rendon going with the tide, hey, hey! Oh another! One down we’re, just saying his patience has run out early here. Third for muhammad now, that is totally different from the previous shots. There is a d backwards squared there is a deep midwicket, so that’s a lot more risk in taking that option wrong decision by run. Oh, oh, oh you’re, kidding number four tomorrow number chase straight down his throat. Can you believe it you’re gon na have to the pictures then floating here, evan lewis, the key man in this picture – sparting lineup only his second ball of his innings, a top edge. A short fire leg front square enough on it more than enough on it from bend down to end the over 36. let’s. Take our head off when they do get it right, brilliantly. Bold there. It is the googly from zahir khan, the right length, the right line. Just spinning away from the right hand, at hamilton, let’s just held on as well again, you could see the back of the hand, that’s that’s, excellent, pitch middle stump and almost lodged in the pocket for recreational activities.

Um big shot here from sultanvir bendunk actually – and it goes all oh dear down the throat bendunk he’s fallen to a similar trap. Cougar line does not drop those six one down now. You know now that we could down before the patriots looking cornwall just pulling this ball into the surface into the pitch and allowing the surface to do the rest, and this could well be another one for navi it’s a handful for him there. It is five for navi muhammad know his first five wicket hall in the hero cpl. What an achievement if the it’s five wicket hall in hero, cpl that’s, a tremendous accomplishment for the right handed off spinner from afghanistan, he’s been consistent, he’s been brilliant, with baton ball for the zooks and yet again, today, he’s sounded sweet emirates underrated with the bat gets A hero, that’s wonderfully executed by riad amrit, yet again goes high fielder circling and the republic bank classic cuts by guess who martial he’s good in the outfield isn’t. He mark deal made a lot of ground running around probably had about 25 meters to track around that. Midwicket boundary emirate not getting all of it, but got it up high eyes on the ball, all the way, just so balanced, so relaxed. Underneath it completes a very good counting to do, gives it length and azari joseph. He has produced a good end to the over. Here should be taken surrendered, his wicked imran khan.

There was an intent to go over the infield, but with base off the ball, justin get the power it’s a better length, a little fuller. If he’s going to be bowling that change of pace, he’s sitting in the wicket and bouncing, will want to butt the remaining deliveries out. Oh alzari, joseph having different plans, another hero, maximum and first delivery – is what over the top length presented. And, thank you very much says rakim over the top. Does it have the legs? Yes, it does another bomb dream with an offer square, big gigantic, a framework in cornwall making the adjustment with the and another one. This time over a monumental blow. We will have a result and jackie sapple’s delivery, and this one is crashed through the offside from andrea, fletcher, very strong square, massive again from rakim, cornwall that’s out of here. The ball top spinners that angle into the right handers. This should be taken: yeah, good anticipation by real emirate, the captain moving from midon and taking a stumbling catch just trying to get them ahead around this shot. First ball straight after the break remarkable really, you know the plan might have been to try to break the back of this total as quick as possible, but at least give you well well well wasn’t the best of deliveries from imran khan, but it was a sharp Catch to get rid of fletcher he’ll be disappointed. Nick kelly, positioned at a mid wicket, took a nice catch overhead, just skidded on a little bit to fletcher that’s.

Why he couldn’t get the elevation he was hoping to get, but a sharp catch from kelly very well played that’s, not easy to do, and he does it again. This time finer lin doing the chase, but it’s going to run away for another boundary. So two bow gets this one through didn’t try to overhit it, he waited for it up and over there was room, it was full and he had some peace on that delivery. Zadra.