Mohammed nabi has been a star for them, they’ll be pretty confident with scott coughlin. The leading wicket takers in the tournament has been keswick brendan mccollum, a strong start for his tkr team. Colin monroe has been good. Narain has been exceptional in the way that he’s played and contributions from the barbara brothers and, of course, kyron pollard as well. Welcome once again to the queen spark oval where things are looking really really good and we’re excited about this top of the table clash um. It takes some adapting on this surface here at the queen spark oval, so we’ll go to the middle and join darren ganga, who is with the captains, welcome to the fun 88 coin. Toss i’ve got the two captains with me: darren sammy, offset lucia zugs uh karen pollard of the trinbego knight riders, michael raguna, the match referee will witness proceedings and it’s darren sammy at home. Exactly that. What are you going to do karen we’re going to have field? First and tell me any changes to your team. You’Ve won three in a row: yeah we have a couple changes: um, prabhan tambi, you know comes in. He gets a game in place of um jaden seals and narayan in offices. Um and tian webster gets an opportunity. Many are saying: you’re already favorites, to go on this cycle a time and now we have the zooks. They have been on fire. You know this year, so you know so far.

It has been heated already. So we need to just you know, keep it calm and hopefully we can come out victorious at the end. You mentioned sunil origin, not playing today care to tell us a little bit more um personal. This is a sort of uh medical sort of injury, um there’s, not nothing to do with his fingers, because everybody’s going to write this has nothing to do with that um. But again you know we’re in the camp. We know why and at the end of the day you know sometimes some things need to be that left one said and he misses out and he i’m not to get. The opportunity which is most important. Yesterday was the first set of matches here at the queen. Spark oval a place that you’re very familiar with uh anything you glean from the conditions yeah. I realize it’s a bit slow, it’s a bit low um. You know a bit dry, you know as well. You know spinners played a a big part in that, so against the reason why we bring in that extra spinner. Obviously we lost the services of the rhinos world class and have done pretty well, you know for us. So again, hopefully you know the young guy can come in and you know give us a bit of impetus. You know i don’t think much guys would have known him and played against him. So we tried to use that as an advantage for us.

I understand today is a special day. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary to yourself and jenna. Thank you very much darren. This is a venue that you’ll be familiar with the two occasions that you got the better of the night riders we’re here happy to play against this uh successful knight riders team, yeah well it’s. In order to take part in the cpr we got to play against them. You know i think they’ve been playing some good cricket, but so have we um would have loved to to bowl first, because it seems to be a little slow and a little dumb as well um. But with that said, um the toss has not been lucky one for me, but um our the way, our our batters has responded. When asked to battle us, you know um, we have to do it here again. Today. You lost your first game in hero cpl 2020.. Now three wins in a row. How does that put you in terms of uh the tournament looking to qualify in the top four well it’s it’s that’s, the first objective. You know we’ve had a good start uh compared to other years um, but, like i said, i’ve mentioned it before the the the the mental uh toughness in our group. You know the the coaching staff, the preparation and the and the planning that goes into each game. You know um it’s been showing off in the way we’ve been playing, and we have to do it here again again today against a strong, trinidad and tobago team.

Are you changing a winning team? Uh we’ve made one change. Um rakhim cornwall, is back at the top uh for yonki money, melius, um and uh yeah that’s. It all the very best to you that was darren. Sammy trimbingo knight riders they’ve won the toss today and they were both over the history of cbl 10 to 2. But that, as we know, is always subject to change speaking of mountains, the man mountain is here with me, tom, uh, welcome and good morning to you big match up today, top of the table yeah. It is and it’s nice to see the zooks in that position. Team that can raise their game to help them continue their pursuit for finals let’s find out about conditions here as well. Danny morrison is there danny, get your groove on. Oh the republic bank pitch check and hey the brolly. It is not for the rain. I tell you what we’ve been spoiled because it has rain and all of our time of quarantine every day. Hence the broly. Now in the sun, it’s out, ah gp catch that scaring me out of control already we haven’t even started the days play now. Then this is the pitch here. We used yesterday right now, we’re just going to do a little mikey jackson, moon book slide over here and we’re here on the second one of the second day here at queen’s park. Oval not much has changed. I reckon the first pitch yesterday, less sunshine hours and everything in terms of preparation, this ground it’s going to be slow, there’s, nothing! You can do about that.

I think has been a star. All rounder he’s only been one of a couple of them, because muhammad nabi has been excellent. Cougar line has the new ball he’s going to be playing his first game. Monroe has been in terrific form same with. Bravo what’s going to be interesting to do the right things consistently and make sure i keep my focus in the right place and go ahead and perform for the zoo at the highest strike greet in cpl, 2019 rookie, cornwall. The feeling is good. I think over the years people have us, as underdogs um we’ve, proven them wrong this year, whereas the way how we come out and play, we think the energy in the team is good. We just back ourselves and go there and do the job beautifully, struck real strength of zadran that sweeps long, i think, they’re more similar to the caribbean. We might speak different languages, but the way how the pitches in afghanistan play are even in the subcontinent. They add up quickly to it and they play spin reasonably well, and this is what’s showing at them in this tournament. So basically, they add up quickly and they’re doing a great job for the zoo, just a length ball sitting up for navier that’s, exactly what he is waiting for nabi. We all often speak about cricket. He understand the game as well. He’S, a finisher, totally different role to me, but just the whole thought process about cricket.

He understand the game as well so i’m, just trying to feed her for him and see what i can learn from it. Zouk’S captain darren sammy just went straight up in the air sammy’s called cougar line out of the contest and takes it comfortably. There is no doubt um sammy went to work up for west indies, he’s a good captain. You have a good relationship with the players. He makes everyone comfortable in the just you he’s a relaxed captain. He thinks a lot because he’s a fast face game, so i think he’s doing a great job as captain everybody have a role to play in the team and he’s playing his role as captain. So regardless, if he’s coming good with the out of the ball, we still have a big part to play in the team as a captain. If we know the captain, we will struggle. Our goal is to get into the top four, and once we get into the top four anything can go from there, just one win away in the top one. For me, in the final, so they just keep pushing in to reach the top four and then we take it from there Music jimbo’s back. He missed the last game and he brings some all wrong qualities to this team when he fires the strike rate last year was unbelievable. Samuel battery has joined myself and tom moody. How much of a bonus is that for the soups to have repeat back it is a bonus, especially what he can do at the top of the order.

We’Ve seen what he did in 2019, the highest strikers in the cpl. He has a clear role, a clip plan. He has that luxury to go out there and strike the ball, and i think once you have that clarity in terms of your rule, it makes it so much easier as a batsman. He has that and i’m excited to see what he can do. He was rested in the last match, so very first for this one all right, let’s talk about someone who’s brought some fresh perspective to this tournament on scott coughlin yeah, look he’s been very, very good. Hasn’T he and the most important thing as a as a genuine pace. Bowler is that he’s taking wickets and that’s what you want when you pick an overseas fastball, you want them to be able to take wickets and he’s, been very, very effective in doing so. Um. You know you’ve also got to consider he’s come out of the winter as well down in new zealand, so it’s not like he’s got cricket Music, their success. So far in this tournament, samuel badger talked about clarity of rules. What has darren sammy handed to scott google line that has allowed him to be successful? I just think that the fact that he knows scott coogler and that is knows what he can do, and the ability to bowl with the new ball and get those really good deliveries going through to the wicked keeper, but also adapting and adjusting to the conditions here.

In the west indies this is his first time in the cpl is the leading wiki taker, so it really speaks to his quality. He didn’t start off, particularly well, unless tom mentioned, we can understand why. But beyond that, he’s been really good a little bit on the expensive side, but you’ll take that once you’re picking up wickets yeah he’s been very aggressive in his bowling. He’S used the short ball. The cutters and everything uh talking about everything, rust and chase has been everything for the zooks yeah look he’s a quality player we’ve seen that in on you know on the test arena what he can do with his backing, and i think what it does demonstrate is That there is a role for someone who plays the classical batting uh role against sort of the power hitter that we sort of sort of we get used to sort of aligning batsman 2 t20 cricket. The classical player has a role as long as he’s. Given that role and has power hitters around him and rosten chase has done that very well and to add to that he’s been a bonus with the ball. You know he’s a very good off spinner hasn’t built a lot in the cricket, but what he has done is he’s, given them flexibility with their bowling, lineup and he’s, given the chance for perfect match ups, particularly against the left hand, batsman you’ve played with darren sami In winning world cups, what is the synergy of the teams that he leads life? How important is that i think it’s very important.

What he does. Another kim kwanwal alluded to it in the earlier interview is that he allows players to be themselves to be expressive to be free, and there is not necessarily that pressure from him from a captaincy standpoint. So he allows you to be comfortable in the environment, and that is really crucial in this format. You don’t want any unnecessary pressure. You want to be free, you want to be comfortable, you want to be confident, and he gives you that i just think we need some more productivity from him. As a player, nice color t shirt appropriate for the day, um suleiman lauren and the knight riders he’s missing. Today tom talk to us and remind viewers a little bit about what will be missing well, they’ll be missing. Arguably one of the best t20 players in the history of t20 cricket – you know we’ve, you know the history is only pretty short it’s about 12 13 years old, but son on the rhine has proved himself to be one of the most dangerous t20 players in the History of of our game, and the reason for that is he’s got an incredible flexibility with the ball. He can bowl with the new ball up front and the power play overs with the batting he can be absolutely destructive. He’S been given that role over recent years. He didn’t start in that role, but he’s been given that role over recent years as a i don’t like calling it a pinch hitter, but an explosive batsman up front with a license where he can just play his game, which suits his suits his game.

He’S such a clean hitter of the ball dangerous player with bat, and we know what he can do with the ball. I just wonder i mean we talk so much about him, not scoring in the cp level top but he’s replaced by praveen tambe. Today, 48 years of age, early historic day in the cpl, the first indian player to feature in the hero cpl at 48 years of age, he has a wealth of experience, i’m really interested and excited to see what he can do. Especially having seen how this surface has responded to spin bowling, so it’s a good opportunity for him to get into the tournament a good opportunity before the trembling knight riders to see what their overseas talent can do and, of course, uh good prospect for the indian viewership. Seeing one of their one on show well, as you know, sammy it’s, not that bad playing at 48, because you retired just past that didn’t you so that’s, but but but i think the most important point to make here is that he deserves his position. In this side, as we’ll see – and i hope i’m – not putting the mockers on him, but as we’ll see over the next few hours, he’s a quality, spin, bowler and he’s still delivering it with great skill, there is no chance that he will go well today. Having spoken about it with such a thought, please come on i’m sure he will well one guy who is definitely succeeding this year, as maybe compared to his start.

Last year, colin monroe talking about his approach in 2020 yeah last year, was you know i started well.–LQlg5gi5c