Gregory and nigel duo. The dynamic duo spice man andrew fletcher, is out there. Doesn’T muck around his job is clearly to make hay inside the power play striving for racial equality very wide one. Dj, rafael, there’s, no getting a custom for this reload that one on the big guy in case you’re asking and no, i didn’t, get any runs. But a couple more here, just one: oh it’s, gary pierre yeah, big guy’s underway with a boundary he’s just hit a couple of little squirts, yeah he’s picked. It nicely waited sat back there’s our first one first here at maximum match. Third, who wants it? Do you want it? Oh that’s, remarkable republic bank, classic it was up there. He says i’m, not bothering with that boom. It just got over it. Just got over cornwall gets it shots of all of spain wasn’t that away. Oh, no, no, crazy! Oh direct and it was all over sometimes we’ve – seen that from bullers that’s, brilliant another old boy, just uh look just to commit here, it’s an easy game: oh another screamer that’s it there’s 500. He holds his hand, aloft Applause, 500, t20 gets extraordinary, and what an extraordinary catch to bring up the 500. austin chase is it off the pad? Was it hell? Was it dropped? Was it pad seifit austin chase wants to get off. The mark. Yeah does well keeps it to one third, this, oh you’re kidding me it’s territory as a player.

Get this one through rust and chase as we’ve come to see the historic moment where he achieved wicked number: 500 Applause that’s where he is and who he’s playing with half the time. He’S got another one. 501., quicker deliver delivery, very full right in the block hole. There carry quite obvious a lot of the times sweet. We haven’t seen a lot of pollards bowling over recent. What are years hoping to see from magical azad, obviously to background people and what i want to advise those here it’s, a very good point you make with regards very well move well, as i said in the skids on that’s, also very good, so he will travel Good footwork, interestingly, that it hit the stuff, is taking all the pace away on his home ground, rakeem, cornwall, dismissed caught by monroe, with a bit of drift. Welcome to the hero cpl in season, eight carvings being pumped here for a biggie get a sammy b. I feel are men protecting back in that pocket, Applause, Music and again, but a thick edge should be out kp go ugly, hitting against the spin, not for the first time, we’ve seen batsman, wonderful little change up. Captain pollard oh delightful touch, and it brings up a boundary straight away from muhammad yeah. The deal in singles you’ve got the boundary early on in the over righty o suddenly and over he’s disappeared, decreased at the moment, big shot, perhaps just outside off stump, but they’ve.

Also got javel glenn. You know that he can give it a hit dale hustling for two and he’s. So quick, oh and he’s gone. He hesitated, though double wind up and the captain who’s uh, hardly followed through there. Seven slipping and he’s overcompensated was a gift catch. This ian bishop, at the back of the box, the key here was the direction of the hit and straight towards up up up and a little bit short and but not getting. The connection mark deal pops towards the bottom end of the butt he’s coming and really from the get go has shown. Music goes after this one would have been a Music wide i’m. Probably, making contact with the ground darren samion moved must also only test smash cricket Music. Bravo, he was convinced and aaron sami. He has to go control of this contest. With the current situation, lando simmer found the boundary on a couple occasions for his 30 off 20. Will be reduced then, to that 500 category of t20 wicked reputation and worth madrid.