Yes, it is, and do you also know what day it is national ice cream day? It apparently is national ice cream day and i didn’t know it was national ice cream day. I don’t really believe in made up holidays like that about to say you don’t, even believe in the holidays at all yeah. I actually despise these kind of made up holidays like national ice cream day national eat a taco day, national, whatever you have a kind of day like it’s any day can be whatever holiday. You want to make it like it’s just they’re silly, but i can get behind national ice cream day. I think yeah yeah. It is a good one, it’s a good one for us, because we dabble in the ice cream arts i’d like to say we do yeah. We definitely do we. We enjoy a good ice cream. I believe our freezer is pretty much always stocked with some type of ice cream. Yeah right now, i think it’s stocked with at least four different types of ice cream. Is it four yeah and that doesn’t even include popsicles, oh yeah, so we have a lot of ice cream and one uh particular type of ice cream that we have in there that i am a huge fan of personally are ice cream sandwiches which i believe blend Uh two amazing things together: ice cream as well as sandwiches, cookies, cookie kind of but it’s, also not really cookies, it’s like it’s, some type of and uh.

You know i one of my favorite snacks that i can ever have anywhere is an ice cream sandwich and of course you know we talk about disney and the other stuff that we do all the time and and disney is this amazing place and people love their Mickey bars, i think those are complete garbage i don’t like them. I go for the ice cream sandwich so last year when disney released the mickey bars in their ice cream sandwiches to grocery stores. It was like one of the greatest things ever and we have continued to stock our freezer with them, but and well that’s. Actually, one of the things we’re going to be having today is one of the mickey ice cream sandwiches. So i don’t know which one is which one of us is going to have it, but the mickey mouse ice cream sandwich is a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich made with a light ice cream, which i can guarantee the stuff that you’re getting at the theme Parks is not made with light ice cream. I think it’s made with extra extra whatever they put in there, sugar heavy cream heavy cream, something to make it even more unhealthy, but actually as much as we like the cookie and cream mickey bar. I think both of us are even bigger, fan of another type of ice cream sandwich that they released in grocery stores, and that is the millennium falcon star wars.

Ice cream sandwich, which is a vanilla ice cream sandwich once again made with low fat ice cream i’m. So excited about low fat ice cream. It means i can eat more ice cream sandwiches and not feel guilty. I don’t know about got that far yeah yeah. I have lots of stuff to feel guilty about ice cream. Sandwiches is probably one of them. They are both delicious though i love them and it’s, since they have started popping up in grocery stores. I don’t think we’ve gone, maybe a couple weeks without having them in our for, because they’re the perfect size like it’s, just they’re wonderful. I almost want to double check the calories on it because i feel like it’s not that bad it’s, not that bad it’s, um they’re only like 150 calories, i think per one i’m gon na. Let you open it and i’m. Actually gon na go check. Okay, star wipe what’s the calorie count so for the millennium falcon it’s 160. in this bad boy, 180., 180, so off camera, while we’re checking those. We have decided that kylie is going to sacrifice herself and eat the millennium falcon, so hard i’m gon na eat mickey mouse which i’m okay with so for those of you keeping track of our calorie counts at home, that’s 160 for kylie and 180. For me, which is actually probably the healthiest things we’ve eaten on camera, yet compared to donuts and mayonnaise corn and hot dogs and ronto wraps, i feel like the ronto wraps, have the potential to be healthy.

They do. I love the mickey mouse ice cream sandwich. Oh no go ahead. I’Ll talk while you’re eating. I love this thing because the one that they give you in the theme parks. If you buy them, i mean yeah they’re, like five six bucks, so you want a big ice cream sandwich, but ultimately they are massive. Like you, don’t need to eat a whole one of those in the theme parks like this is actually the perfect size. This is a nice little serving i’d say it shrunk down by about a third of the size, maybe even a half, but and then they come in boxes of six for it, like our publix grocery store here, you can get them for 7.99. I know sometimes they’ve been bogo, which is always awesome for us, uh and other times, i’ve seen them at like walmart for five six bucks and so on and so forth. So i think they actually they’re a great deal in the long run, but do they actually taste the same? Oh, this silence was not awkward because it was filled with wonderful music that we now have thanks to our friend samuel myers. So you can find information about samuel in the description here on youtube. If you want to know more about his musical composition. So thank you, samuel, Music, but anyways back to what i was saying before that little plug there. I think they taste just as good as they do in the theme park, actually even a little bit better.

In my opinion, especially like the sandwich to ice cream ratio is really good. Exactly and uh in the parks i feel like it’s, almost always frozen when you get them and it’s hard to actually bite and chew through where this is ice. Cream is frozen, it’s, yeah, i’m, okay, with frozen, i don’t, want too frozen eat the sandwich you ate. My ear i’m gon na take a bite of yours now, maybe it’s just that we don’t eat vanilla, ice cream sandwiches as often but this one’s superior. It is so much better um. This thing is good, but it’s, just not as good as that. One it’s really not, but i don’t want all that. Oh, oh that’s, a leftover when you blend the both of them together use a little vanilla with a little chocolate and cookies and cream extra little chrome on my arm. So i guess the question now for everyone out there watching is: have you found these in your grocery stores? Yet are you still in that weird area of the country where it hasn’t come and you’re very sad about it? So you can always let us know in those comments and uh if you’ve had both of these varieties and have a favorite. You can also let us know about that. I wan na i’m interested and i know a lot of people are gon na write in and just say: well no, the ice cream, sandwiches or whatever it’s all about that mickey bar and to which, i would say, you’re absolutely wrong, you’re entitled to your opinion.

Well, i think, you’re wrong. I think you’re wrong. I think you’re wrong and i’m yeah. I you’re wrong. It’S. The ice cream sandwich will always be superior to a mickey premium ice cream, uh bar, which i am not i’m, not okay with. But you know what on national ice cream day, you can have whatever ice cream. You want exactly and i’m. Not even i there’s a chance that we might dig into one of the pints that we have in our freezer, so we get custard from a place called abbots that is uh somewhere close to our neighborhood and it’s. Technically, it is custard. I don’t know. If custard can be eaten on national ice cream day, i don’t think it can legally. I think it has to be ice cream, so uh we might eat some of that, but say it’s. You know it’s okay, because we already had ice cream and that falls into a different category. I don’t know i don’t know these things. I don’t, i don’t know you don’t know either well. I think we ate all the habits to be fair. Oh well, then, none of this matters anyways and i could have just erased the last two minutes out of all this. While i was having an existential crisis about the difference between frozen custard and ice cream, yeah we’re having a bit of a meltdown, i don’t want it. I want the last taste to be the vanilla, okay that’s, fair enough, but i think that’s it for this lobby time we’re gon na, oh, i can’t, say we’re gon na continue eating because we’re already done so we’re just gon na continue on with our lives.

Sure enough, yes, we are so thank you, everyone for watching. We hope you enjoyed this session of lobby time and again leave us fun comments.