The hungarian champions which knocked out drew gardens in the previous round it’s a home in celtic park, quarter a kickoff, no fans just yet at the game sad times, football’s, not without the fans, as we all say, the famous truck t stein said, but look at um. Oh for a tough game, it’s not going to be a walk about like the way we doing kr rekovic. This team mean business. They want to cause an upset and we’re gon na find it very hard to break this team down could be a walk in the park. A full time, you know, could be three or four unavailable i’m expecting a two nil victory here, i think um. They surprised a lot of people in the previous round. They um their team that won the league by 14 points very similar to those last season. They have over 20 toilets in hungarian football. They’Ve won over 20 cups as well. They wear the hoops they’re meant to be a fascist club that’s. What that’s? What people are saying to me on social media? I don’t really care because the fans are not going to be there anyway, it’s just going to be the team, so um, okay, tough game. I could see it being an ill, a half time and then with sebastian in the second half me, starting lineup will be backcasting goal. He was quite good. The weekend came out, fell. Three coins were coming out for one on ones, controlling his box, even with corners and crosses he was quite good.

I was very impressed with him even playing from the back. He was quite good, so um bearcasting goal right, back’s, a tough one, because alameda is obviously starting to two games against reykjavik and on the annoya. I think he’s going to stick with mohammed safe option. You know, i think he will. I would play fringpong for pace and velocity, but he’s not gon na start ring pun. He could change his mind, so fringpong and won’t be getting the nod up, but table hammett left back is going to be greg taylor. You know we have no competition. I left back at the moment. We need to strengthen that position simple as that i’m sick of saying it. When it comes to greg taylor, we give craig the benefit that they we bring him in last summer. Let him give him the time if he’s injury free and he can provide assist with them wings and defend well that’s, all we’re. Looking for you know, it’s all we’re, looking for so greg left back, i bring oya back in take beat on him. Obviously christopher lawyer has been playing the last two games. He featured it against dundee. You know the second um half of the game, but you know what bring him back in him and julian in there are quite solid when they want to be. You know there has been stages so far, obviously, and stuff they’re wearing at the levels, but at home they should be more comfortable.

Obviously you know the pitch quite well so um julian and i aren’t in there defensive midfielder. A lot of people are calling for olivier the champ to come in i’m gon na go scott brown. I back scrap brown he’s fully fit he’s. Our captain let’s cherish brilliant moments. As i said before, we need him in there for the european games. He knows how to intimidate players on the the other team and we’ll wind them up so brilliantly. In there all day, every day, midfield i’m gon na go with um same as it was the weekend. I’M gon na go with ryan on the right, obviously rolling plate decent enough on the right spells. His distribution was poor from corners and stuff, but i’m gon na give it to ryan christie. Obviously it was his shot that caught his damn got us the um shot chance for the goal. Yet he’s got all the weekend so i’m going to go with royne on the roy on the left, mohammed anusi. He was brilliant against reykjavik for reykjavik our assembly pro team. You know this is a stronger team. Hopefully you can turn up for the game. He was lost the weekend. He just wasn’t great the weekend. There were spells where she’s, just like where’s muhammad anusi. Where is he you know um calamac? He was lost as well the weekend as spells of the game he needs to turn up. You know, kylo. Mac is a phenomenal player, he’s, probably our best player.

Besides edward, you know, he’s unbelievable and hopefully he can get together and be in there and then olivier as well i’m going to play. Olivia you’ve never said defensive, defeater i’m going to put olivier in there. Obviously paul calamac as the number 9 olivier we saw bruni and then edward up front as well like edward, obviously didn’t score the weekend, let’s see if he can score for us at home in european qualification. A mars emerged from massively as well like, especially for his valuation down towards the end of the season to leeds fans to villa fans de bruyne fans. Wake up, he is not leaving celtic until 10 in a row is accomplished. So stop all his instagram pokes saying. Oh we’re, going to get with 20 minutes, he’s not gone that’s. It he’s not gone he’s, not being sold and that’s it. If you get sold boy october fair play to whoever gets him but he’s not gon na go, you know he loves celtic. He feels like he’s part of our family at celtic, so i can’t see him going anywhere. Speaking of transfers and let’s move on shane duffy it’s a bit of a twerking situation. At the moment, his brother pulled up a picture on instagram of the celtic crest on as he’s story and his picture as well so could be. A hint could be a hint that we could get him over the lion and then there’s pictures of mon playing.

Today. Obviously, he’s playing it he’s going to play actually he’s not going to play he’s got on the train and say andrews so that’s. What the crack is there we’re pointing and hove albion and look. He has the reports that he snubbed the offer from west ham permanent deal of 8.5 million he’s, not newcastle, he snubbed late. He wants to come to the champions he wants to make history. He wants to be a part of 10, the role, maybe a quad treble winner as well. If we get the scottish cup as well over, the loin we’ll have to see obviously progress for europe as well, which is martian for him as well. Okay, we all want shane duffy there’s, no question about it. Whoever disagrees not to take shane duffy is mad they’re, absolutely mad off the heads, but come on duffy get together, get the representatives aboard get celtic aboard. Hopefully we get this finalized win. The next couple of days, so we can all chill out a little center back and focus on getting left back and maybe defend the midfielder sword as well. The other news is david: turnbull is meant to be a done deal for motherwell. This is a guy that was basically meant to be done deal last year, pictures of him, obviously with neil lennon in the board realm and then the medical failed down to his knee injury. Look it he’s, holding right boys, scottish people in the scotch game.

He was injured majority last season, the previous season. He was absolutely cracking. You know like 18 goals in the whole the whole season, then i think it was like 70 and assists could correct me from wrong with the assist but um my personal opinion, david turnbull. I wouldn’t sign him just now, as i said before, i’d give him this season that murder well to get back into the gist of things. I know what about struggling at the moment and you need someone like them. I just think there’s no point haven’t. We have a great midfield department, we have rogers in there, which is done what’s going on with tom lodge. If tombow comes in. I wish him the very best i will be looking forward to seeing him obviously represent the hoops, but we still think i’d give them the season that murder well, but the reports is 2.7 million with 200 grand add ons and there’s talks of what was loaned a Player out to them, so if it’s owned henderson going the other way, i don’t know what to think of that. You know young hendo’s class. He is or maybe um, maybe the young boy as well. I can’t even eat them at the last one liverpool, but yeah that boy there. You know o’connell that’s that’s his name, luca o’connell. We have to see what happens there and that’s. Really it. You know there’s not much else going on regardless of the tour jersey.

I absolutely love it. I love the way that the clover is class and it’s um. Obviously, the love street mint down this down there and then it’s black, the v neck is class on it. Obviously the clover on the back of it, like the two other jerseys, a lot of people, probably will boil without the daffodil. You know like this jersey’s about to die for a bit, but um i’m going to actually get it with the daffodil. I think the color brings it out a bit more it’s. 72 quid 72 euros for me. If i want a boy in ireland, i brought out the celtic star, but right now, 10. I have to give it about 9 out of 10.. You know i just think there’s something missing me. You know i like the way on the on the sleeves it’s, unbelievable, like the cuffs are unbelievable and the arms i like the way it’s designed with the little pin, pin stripes on it. So um nice kick looking forward to obviously going in trouble, he’s getting started away, wins and it will have to say, but always enjoy the channel i’m 100 away from 4k. I really appreciate if you could subscribe and comment below what you think of the game on wednesday coming up and let us know what you think of david tomball, shane duffy tom rodgers, being out in the the dark with this qatari links. You know, let us know what you think and i’ll speak to us all.