It is time for the starting eleven production for tomorrow’s second round champions league qualifier at celtic park against ference faros. That is a huge game for us. Obviously, these ties are one leg and absolutely no room ferreira. If you want to find out more about how fairness faros might set up and what we can expect, all of them who the danger men are, you can catch that in the previous show that i did yesterday with hungarian football journalist gargamerosi before we get started on The team tonight again every week that i don’t mention the canvases a lot of people comment and ask about them and they are from celtic canvas art. If you use the discount code fanstv, you can get 10 percent off and it’s always supporting the channel as well. Also, please don’t forget to like the video and subscribe as well. If you watch every week, we are not logged in you just need to log in and click the red subscribe button and we’re nearly 24 000. Now so the quicker we can go over that’ll be milestone the beta and to the team. For tomorrow. I think we’ll start on goals with velciela’s barcass. Obviously, and again, he’s played three games for celtic. Now we can’t judge him too much. I think he looks really good with the ball at his feet and he’s only really one shot to save it. Tana dice on saturday. It was a good save. He held it well, but um we’ve not been able to judge his shot.

Stop mobility too much i’m. Sure that will come in in the next few games. I don’t think we’re going to go 3. 5, 2 and i know everybody’s dying to see it. I know yet they came on and impressed at the weekend. They got the winner, but new enemies seems to be persistent and he’s, not quite at full match sharpness. Yet so i think that means we won’t go three five, two again um at right back from came back and i got this wrong at the weekend. I thought al ahmed might keep his place. I think this is a position that we’re going to see rotated quite a lot this season, and particularly all the games in europe and domestically, i think, we’re, going to go with el ahmed tomorrow. One of the main talking points from the preview, video that i did yesterday with gergie was that fence fire also really dangerous down the wings and, on the left hand, side. They have tokmak and goon he’s a really dangerous player for them, and so i think we’re going to need lmed just for his defensiveness and a little bit more defensive mindy than frimpong. And so i think that strength is going to be important for us in this game because, as i say, it’s only one leg and we can’t make any mistakes. We can’t have a bad game, there’s no second leg to try and correct it. So i think alamed gives us a bit more defensive solidity and and a big game like this, where fence pharaohs are really strong on the wings.

So i think it’ll be ella, made it right back in center, half christopher julian, no doubt about that alongside them near beton kept his place that’s another one. I got wrong at the weekend and i’m, not really sure why christopher has been dropped. I don’t, i know there’s been a lot of talk about christopher, i was formed. Maybe the back end of last season and stuff and he’s also been linked with moves away. We know that um. I was i’m a little bit surprised that he’s missed two games now. He’S been in the bench, he came off the bench late on on saturday. I don’t see any reason why beaton isn’t going to keep his place tomorrow left back greg taylor. I again come in for a wee bit of criticism at the weekend. Um in terms of final ball and and stuff like that, so we don’t have anybody else at left back we’re wanting to to get someone in there to challenge him and to push him. But he’ll start a left back. No doubt in the midfield scott brown will play alongside callum mcgregor, better talk about scotland at the weekend again tim’s forum. I know he’s not quite up to speed, yet we need to remember he’s in his mid 30s um. We just did four or five months off. We then had the stop start with the two postponements, so i don’t think he’s quite at full sharpness. Yet and there’s always a lot of debate about scott brown’s place in the team as the years go by and particularly when a living in charm is there and there’s a growing and a growing section of the sport that want to see enchantment the team every single Week, um, but brown will start no doubt carl mcgregor alongside them and in front of them we seen olivia and charm get a start at the weekend.

That was one that i did get right on saturday. I thought he was okay in cham on saturday and played well and spells of the game. I think it’s difficult for him, though i don’t think this formation suits them and that that’s not down to him or his ability, because that is absolutely undoubted, but i don’t think playing in that sort of ten role and that four two three one formation system – i Just don’t think that’s his best position. I think that’s something that we knew already. He didn’t start instead of ryan christie. At the weekend he started basically um ahead of james forrest and christy went to the right hand side. I fully expect christy to come back in his normal position and play in that 10. Tomorrow, christie got a lot of stick at the weekend and a lot of stick on twitter. From from what i’ve seen and read, benny played well, and he made some bad decisions going forward. They took some shots on when he shouldn’t have and his decision making in the final third, and that was symptomatic of the whole team’s performance for much of the game. On saturday um, but i expect him to keep his place. He got seven goals in europe last season and counting the qualifiers and group stages. So i think he will play um, as i say, he’s he’s, just more unnatural 10 than in chalmers and that’s, not in sham’s fault um.

I just don’t, think and charm, starting in this system and gets the best out of that’s something that we can look at. Okay, when we go three, five two maybe have an that three man midfield works a lot better, but i just don’t think in this four two, three one, four, three: three: whatever you want to call it. I just don’t think it gets the best out in chat on the right hand, side. James forrest, i feel expect him to come back in. He did come off. The bench played from the left hand side on on saturday when he did come on. He got five goals in europe last season again, i’d like to see him get back up to the sort of form he’s shown in the last couple of seasons, that’s a big game. We need the most out of him. On the left hand, side, l university, i think he’ll keep his place as well. He was another one that was poor on saturday um. I just think he’s so he’s inconsistent and we know how good he can be i’ve raved about him at times, and i was really excited to see him if he can stay fully fit this season. But he’s going to have to be a bit more consistent and i just okay wingers can be inconsistent, that’s that’s, just a symptom of that position. It seems to be, but i just think at this level the level he’s played that, where he’s came from the kind of money he’ll be on, i just think he needs to be more consistent.

Hopefully it can bring his high level performance tomorrow because i think we’re going to need it and up top it will be austin eduard six goals and eleven champions league qualifiers for us made a big night for him as well. I think it’s really important that we start this game quickly. One of the things that gergie said is that french faro’s playing in europe – they maybe don’t, respond well to going behind. So i think it’s important that we start well start at a high tempo and get another lead if we can and then control the game from there because, as i say, we’re going to be at it and we can’t have any slip. Ups it’s, a one legged tie fetish, faro shouldn’t, be underestimated and we’ve seen last season with a team like cluj who, i think, before the tie, we were confident we would beat. I know that was at the third down stage. This is only the second round but we’re confident with beat clues last season, and i think we did underestimate them to an extent. So we can’t have any of that in these one legged ties. We need a big performance tomorrow, night that’s, the team that i think new end will go with like the video comment, your own thoughts below and, as i said at the top, please don’t forget subscribe.