It is time to preview wednesday’s game against french faros and the champions league second round qualifier i’m joined tonight by hungarian football journalist, gergei morossi kelly. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us tonight. Thank you for having me no problem at all um. First of all, i just want to get a gauge of of where french faroes are at. I think a lot of celtic exporters have probably not seen seen them play and is there another european team on a similar level that you could you could compare them to? Well, i would say they are pretty much at the level of the teams that are usually going out in the champions league with one or two points right from the group, so think about themes like dynamo, zagreb or restart belgrade, a little bit weaker than that. But it’s not that big difference, uh francoise on their good day can be pretty evilly matched with the normal zagreb. But denial is the better team about that level. A little bit a little bit below that not not something extraordinary so to say, but compared to the level of hungary and football in general, they’re, quite good yeah. And how would you? How would you describe their style of play? Are they? Are they typically a a defensive team, or do they like to play to keep possession and play attack in football? There is a major difference between friends, varus playing domestically and in europe.

Domestically they are very much like selfie yeah. All the fans always expect them to be dominant, but this is dating back to the very early, nine well, 1910s and stuff like that. So more than one hundred years now, franz faros has always been a big team, always been dominant. Everybody expects them to attack, especially if they play at home, and they do that. So in hungary, pretty much ference faros is always the proactive attacking side in any game or like 90 percent of the games i would say, and but when in europe, of course the tables are turned, and they cannot do that because they don’t have the quality to Overpower and dominate most of the teams, so they are reverting to much more well it’s, not defensive, but attacking it’s kind of a neutral, neutral approach, they’re waiting, they are very disciplined. They are very hard working on the uh under said of their ukrainian manager and they are trying to take their chances and they are very pragmatic. Pragmatic is probably the best word for it. So if you, if you see them, play in the hungarian league and if you play see them play in europe, you will. You will see two very different approaches: yeah yeah managed by sergey rebroad, of course, he’s, a very famous and ukrainian player spent a lot of time in the uk with the striker i like rebel yeah. They very much miss somebody like him, yeah, like very really quality.

Striker, otherwise, last year i think he last season they’ve been to the europa europa league group stage, yeah yeah. I wanted to ask you but um: how did they perform in the europa league group stage? I think they have outperformed or expectation i mean usually. First of all, it’s very rare for a hungarian team to even get to the group stages yeah. It was in 95 96 france pharoah in the champions league, then one season it was depressing uh and then europa league debrecen and then without one twice in the europa league, and that was it so it’s not like it’s, still a rarity that the hungarian team gets There in the group stage and when they get there, they usually are not holding a whole lot of points. So franz faros gave a really good fight was pretty much the equal of every team that that went their way, including teams like cska moscow and espanol. Also, who have obviously much more experience at this level, they are much better in europe. They are almost every year there and quite well. The fact that they could win in moscow was was a very nice surprise and the fact that they they were in the running for actually qualifying to the supreme knockout state. That happened by one point in the end: yeah yeah, they were very close, yes yeah, and that no hungarian team survived until the spring. I don’t know since 2000, something like that for quite a long time uh, and this i think this gives them quite an edge over other hungarian teams in europe, because now they know how it is now they know.

Okay, they didn’t play against the really really major side yeah. They were playing teams from better leagues who are used to playing higher tempo football and better with better resources than they have as well yeah yeah, and they they were almost evenly matching them. So that is confidence. I think i think if this match up was two years ago, then francoise might have been a little bit intimidated by myself. Yeah, maybe nothing more okay, especially especially when there are no fans, yeah yeah. That was something i wanted to come on to next, obviously it’s, a one legged tie, which is rare in these. These qualifiers um there’s, no, no fans, as you say, which is obviously a big intimidating factor for for teams coming to celtic park, usually um. First of all, who are who are the danger men and the furnished pharaohs team that we should look out for on on wednesday night? Well, i think it tells quite a lot of things that franz farrow’s main striker, frank bali, only scored 10 goals in the league. Last season, okay, this is not very much and everybody’s saying like he’s, okay, he’s, okay, he’s, adequate he’s, a good player but he’s, not somebody who can really give you an edge in front of the goal: he’s, not a rebel nowhere yeah! So he’s not he’s, not a star quality striker he’s, not a striker who would score like 20 25 goals during the season or because he didn’t show that last season yeah.

So most of the most of danger is usually coming from from the two wings, because franz faros has really good players there, and especially from the left where topman is, is really just really good. Well: inverted: winger inside forward the sun kind of a combination of the two he’s starting off from the left, drifting inside uh, looking for the pass options and shooting, and probably the other starting winger uh ukrainian player, alexander zubko, will be out, which is a huge loss For ferret farrow, because for me, maybe he’s their best player, he’s he’s, doing the same, cutting in from the right side looking for passes. Looking for the shots, he has very good technique strikes the ball very sweetly. Uh has has intelligence and has really good work. Morale and they work great, so he is he’s not just going forward and forward forget about everything else: he’s tracking back helping out the full back yeah, which is uh, which, which can be a problematic position because on the other side, is not dead, he’s very good Forward, but he is he’s concentrating most of the energies going forward and attacking yeah sometimes forgets about tracking back, sometimes forgets about helping out left back, and that can cause problems even in the domestic scene and it it can cause very big problems internationally. When a season team comes up against them, so these two usually from the wings they are creating chances not so dominant. On the center forward uh, i i would look out for long distance shots because they have quite many players who can strike from the distance yeah and also after set pieces uh.

They can be quite good. For example, one of their central defenders, mia blasic from slovenia, is really really dangerous in front of the goal when frankfurter signed him in in his first half season. Maybe he scored seven goals, which was quite quite an eyebrow right, a raising thing, yeah defender. He is not that not that much of goal scoring threat since, but he is always there he’s always popping up. He is uh he’s good in situations in front of the goal, not like typical center back. You know yeah yeah, so he has the awareness he has. The technique he can put away the ball he can. He can cause problems uh besides uh, until france varus manages to keep it tight and disciplined and maybe frustrate something i think they are very. They can be very dangerous on the counter. The problem is mostly when they are getting behind: okay, because in hungary okay, they usually have much more quality than uh than the opposition yeah, but in europe this is not okay, and i have doubts about uh about france for being able to turn the game away From home, so if our match plan is not working out, i have big big question marks and also they don’t have that many good good strikers coming in from the bench. Okay yeah the area they probably should strengthen wing fingers they’re all right with wingers, even back upwards, but especially if the center forward the bully, gets injured or or he is not effective.

They don’t really have a very good backup option. Yeah, okay, um that’s, interesting that the the two wingers are a big danger and for us we have a a right throwback. We don’t know i don’t know if we are going to play jeremy frimpong, who’s, very young, attacking minded feelback or hate mlamed who’s, a more experienced and maybe slightly more defensive minded. So if he is up against them, if he is up against two back, then it might be um a big area of danger in the game for us um. You mentioned that there do. You expect finnish followers to come to celtic park and and try and maybe stifle celtic early on stay in the game, and china has on the counter attack yeah. I i i don’t, really see them attacking right away. I mean celtic is like a too big name and probably too trunk of a team for that for them to come and just try to be proactive, yeah yeah but uh the round before, where, when they played jugor, then the champions of sweden. They were very, very dominant, and that was a good sign that was yeah because, okay, if we were like okay, they can get past your golden that’s that’s fine, but i think nobody expected them to win so easily and to shut down the opponent’s attacking play. So completely i don’t know if the if the executive of of your gordon was really something close to zero, it was 0.

20, something so it or even 4.10, something very, very, very low. Basically, they didn’t have a single chance during the whole match. Yeah – and this is this – is very good in euro. I i would be surprised if they could do that against celtic, but but how i i know, rabrov and his way of thinking, think about think about the classical so to say soviet theme in many ways. Maybe a crossover of a soviet team with an xu ghost left team so going forward. They are quite technical and can be quite creative, but otherwise very very hard. Working very disciplined, they will run run, run, run, run or try until they can, until they can that’s a good question, because it’s always a question that how long hungarian teams can keep up with opposition who are used to higher temple. Okay, the local championship is not very high in intensity and tempo, and sometimes you know less is enough. So sometimes parent’s virus looks a bit well a bit too comfortable in league games, so they always have to up their performance and play more intensely more aggressively in europe until they can keep their trade until they can. They can stay disciplined and not do very stupid things they can stay with celtic. I i would say that, like the plan is probably to stay close to sciatica as long as they can yeah now i don’t expect them parking the bus, yeah yeah, even more proactive and hungary.

How are they, how is it the thai viewed and hungry? Are french pharaohs seen as huge underdogs or or is there a real belief that they can they can upset celtic, maybe not huge, but underdogs? Definitely underdogs. I think my my friends who are parents, other fans – are saying that uh they can now imagine a surprise. But to me it would be a huge surprise by the way uh pessimistic, because i remember the last time certified played the hungarian champions, which was mtk and then, and they had pretty much one of the best squads of the last 20 years in hungary. Then okay and they were pretty much regulated so well. We need to be very cautious yeah. We we had back at that time. We had one of the best celtic teams in 20 or 30 years as well. So yeah. Probably there was a difference: yeah uh yeah. Definitely underdogs would be a major upset, yeah uh for our thinking and one of the i think if they won it, it would be probably the best hungarian away win at any european cup tie yeah. It means since 95, before beat under left away, yeah and since then, no it’s, not really hungarian teams, are okay against playing with lower quality opposition or pretty much the same quality but they’re very unlikely to be higher ranked teams. Lately, okay um last question: i don’t want to keep you too long um. How do you, how do you see the game unfolding on on wednesday night bit, cagey and nervous? I i would expect reverb usually plays a variation of four two, three one, which can be four one, four one.

So something like that. Maybe i i was talking with a colleague and we were just guessing because we can easily imagine that he will pack three defensive minded midfielders, okay, so just to break up the attacks and soak up the pressure and win back balls and then just only leave three Men forward uh i they will surely target the areas that are that are being left open behind celtics fullbacks that’s, something they regularly do in hungarian as well uh. They are opening up the channel long ball to talk on the left or whoever plays on the right. It can be zubko, but now he’s injured, so probably with the brazilian isle, and then they will look to combine with center forward or try long shots. And what kg and uh and close close i i would. I would be surprised if this this ended up as a blowout yeah for celtic. I can’t imagine it it ends up as a blow out for fair and sweater. I can imagine that winning like one mill or something like this, but not, but not with the white man or white margin uh, i think a lot. A lot will depend uh on them, not doing silly mistakes in the back which they are sometimes prone to and and how they react. If celtic is playing very intensely first round of the hungarian league, they have played mtk, which is the eternal derby of the hungarian game like it’s like static rangers.

Even the others are similar and mtk are newly promoted this season and they have a very youthful team with the german coach and they are really pressing high high tempo high intensity, a lot of running a lot of sprinting, very youthful team and friends. Father didn’t like that at all, they got away with the draw, but they were a bit lucky to get away with the draw. So if celtic are taking the game to them and pressing very intensely and trying them very intensely, i’m really curious. How the? How will they stand? Okay, thank you so much for your time and and for your insight, and that gives us a much better idea and of what we’re going to be facing on wednesday night that’s it like the video comment, your own thoughts below please don’t forget to subscribe.