How are you i’m good thanks? Oh good good to have you on and my good friend john mcginley on as well. How are you, hello, hamish, yep, good to be back on the channel, seem to be on it quite a lot these days, but um yeah i’m good to good to have jackie back um, brilliant, well, we’re, going to get into a little bit of the weekend and I’M sure we’ll get on to that. But first of all and the big story that celtic fans are talking about at the moment is the re emergence of the links to david turnbull. Now we all know what happened last summer, he was pictured inside celtic park doing his celtic tv interview. It turned out that he didn’t sign. However, it seems like um we’re, going to get our mind this time around jackie what’s, your thoughts and david turnbull. As a player, have you seen him much and do you think he can add something to the celtic team yeah? I think he’s he’s won. Obviously last year a lot of talk uh. You know he was linked to a few clubs and it looked like he was. He was saying for us and obviously they feel the medical and he’s since had that operation uh, you know, i’ve seen the last couple of games. He’S looked he’s looked quite good in the in the footage that i’ve seen so. Obviously, he’s came through that quite well. He’S, a young player that you know it looks like he can see her pass and create create opportunities from midfield, a position that it’s it’s not glaringly.

You know obvious that’s the position that we need, but it’s, obviously one for the future yeah and you know one parallel. I thought that was interesting yourself and turn bells you’re, both players who moved to celtic or or turnbull’s, not confirmed yet, but if he does move to celtic you’ll both be players who move the celtic from another team in scotland. Do you think that players moving within the country have a little bit extra to prove, obviously it’s a little bit different these days compared to your time, jackie, but compared to like a fashionable signing coming in from abroad is: do these players have a little bit extra To prove that they’re all celtic quality and do the fans take a little bit longer, you know to get on on board with them. Yeah that’s a good point. I think the you know the the fans because he’s not coming from abroad or coming from england. You know they see them, they can handle the step up of the celtic quality and i think you only you only know that once they play a number of games for the club how they handle it. You know the abilities, as i said a few times now, the ability is always kind of there but it’s how they handle the demands, the expectation, whereas you know the years gone by they’ve, seen a few players that dominated when i was a manager uh. My guy stephen and armstrong, yeah and shift and nadia shifts here as well.

Uh took my front three in the space of six months, it’s how they handle the demands that the united are not the same as demands that celtic and that’s, something that either you know. Neither handle it or they don’t handle that expectation same with greg taylor. Last summer. You know greg, took about a time to to get opportunity there with bully and then he’s taken the opportunity and done well. You know he’s handled the step up and then he understands he demands it at the club now and just on you know the point of armstrong in particular: you had them at united. Does it obvious that a player like that, even when they’re at you know one of the provincial scottish clubs? Is it obvious that they’re kind of destined for the top or does it does? Does that become apparent over time? You know is well the scouts be looking at turnbull and thinking. He is a player who can one day play in the champions league for us, for instance, yeah there’s there’s, two bits there. I think, when you’re playing with better players, it becomes easier as well. You know, because you can understand when you pick up quickly in training. You know if you get somebody like alongside you like, mcgregor or brown or and charm, you know you can give them the ball. They can handle the ball, whereas maybe smaller clubs you’re not sure about that pass, but you don’t know how they can handle it.

You know receiving it and giving it back, so it does become easier. Expectations are harder and the demands are harder and mentally it’s. A lot tougher uh but that’s that’s part and parcel being a big club yeah. You mentioned your old team dundee united that’s, obviously who we were playing on saturday. What did you make of the celtic midfield in general? Lennon obviously played brown and mcgregor, but he had in charm playing as well and they can attack in midfield role. Some fans may be thinking that was a little bit of a fudge. They could maybe be playing instead of brown rather than alongside them. How did you kind of think the celtic midfield um played on saturday yeah? I thought i thought the game. You know, i thought it was comfortable uh. You know with 20 odd attempts and goal, you know, they’ll keep a good day and a couple other wee bits and opportunities, and actually you know looking back you thinking. Has he done that to to give him game time? You know he spoke before the match about giving in charm. He’S, looked good in training to give him game time and they want to keep everybody fresh for the games coming on so that suddenly he needs to start in charm and he’s not played any minutes for a few weeks. So i get that’s why he’s done it and you know i think he’s seen the difference. So when you went to two up right away, one ball, because a lot of balls are in the box a lot of opportunities, a jetty keeps it alive.

He comes back. He gets an opportunity and it’s a goal. You know that’s the difference there, which is changing that and that’s a good thing that he’s got the options yeah. I think that was a big thing that we recognized john, was the how the game changed when he put two up front and um brought a yeti on, and i think a lot of celtic fans prior to the game were looking at the the possibility and wanting Lenin to go with 352 and that you know that feeling’s only going to be um increased after how saturday went yeah there’s going to be a cleveland now, even an even stronger one, just sometimes it’s, just a bit of a disruption in the box like yeti. Just had the determination to kind of keep, keep the ball and play from the kind of rebounded shot off the key part – and you know edward – was there and about it as well. When, when you kind of have players in the box and committing to you know trying to get in about the break of the ball and stuff, then you’re going to get more chances and better and better opportunities. Because most of our efforts from up to that point have been long shots so and having a yeti in there kind of bustling they’re in and they’re in the box finishing off chances like those that’s, exactly what we need. So it was delighted. I was delighted to see that yeah and jackie just touching antanadas again.

Obviously you know yourself more than most it’s a really tough place for big teams to go. Was it just a case of getting that victory on saturday, no matter how we played yeah? Absolutely i think, especially you know after the last game, they’ll be at rugby park. You know the pitch isn’t there, but you know when teams are sitting in and they’re still they’re in your face, and you know they’re stopping everything and the longer it goes. You get a bit anxious because you know if they get that first goal their second goal and their games put to bed, they can make changes. You can freshen things up the longer it goes, but the good thing is they overcame it, and you know i made changes. Uh jetty’s got off the mark, which is important for his. You know for starting at the club, i think it’s a great opportunity for him. Uh to start well when he’s done that um, so i think you know lenny will be absolutely delighted. You know i don’t think the game was in any doubt. You know they didn’t really cause any problems. Uh. I think the last time uh done united won there against celtic was when back when uh we were managing before they took stewart and gaz was that was that two and armstrong both scored and both of them left not long. After obviously, do you see him david turnbull being a success if he goes to celtic, because obviously i mean you’ll be chatting to guys you’ll know a bit about him.

I assume – and he certainly is getting a lot of rave reviews for playing well in a a pretty struggling motherboard team. At the moment, yeah it looks like he’s got awareness, he can see a pass and somebody makes the move. I think he’ll find it. You know he’s again, he’s still young as a big step up but um. You know maybe the right time to do that, to bring them in integrate them into the the club. You know and and be under study. You get brown there you’re getting charm callum uh. So let them see what the demands are and bring them in and out of the team, and you know for the future yeah. I think it’s good, that we’re kind of looking at that succession plan and i’m, not saying that tumble’s going to be a celtic captain in future, but that we’re looking beyond scott brown, because obviously we had john mcginn and he kind of slipped through a grasp and He’S gone on to great things, so i think there’s a feeling that we we don’t want to miss out in turnbull, because he’s, certainly a pretty talented player, guys thanks. Very much really appreciate your time and we’ll be back later in the week more to talk about with celtic. In the meantime, if you’ve not yet subscribed to the channel, we really would appreciate you doing that and we’ll speak to you very soon.