You know it feels like one of the biggest motherwell celtic matches in a while and it’s certainly got an added importance due to the european exit but um we’re used to pressure at celtic. These vlads have been under pressure the last nine years and there’s, no better men than neil lennon scott brown, conor, mcgregor, etc. To deal with that, and god help anybody praying that somehow we’re going to crumble under the pressure, uh there’s, probably more chance of craigie white winning the euro millions tonight and funny enough craig might decide that he’s actually gon na start tonight on sunday now, i’m. Joking guys, uh just a little bit of fun in the in the thumbnail there, but without further ado i’ll give you my team and who i play and make sure to like share and subscribe guys as always comment down below. If you disagree with anything in my starting eleven and watch your starting eleven, let us know guys down below so yeah without further ado. After giving them a wee bit of criticism, i’m gon na start barcass um, i think he’s still the best keeper at the club and the jury’s still opening them, and i think that tells you all you need to know um for me i might feel, maybe i’m Being a bit harsh, you know, maybe i might look back in a couple of months and say you know what i got that one wrong. I really hope so, but to be fair, tommy’s, he’s, okay, but just the other night.

I saw a few things and i was like: oh god, help us if, if he’s gon na be the number one this season, i could be completely wrong. You know but uh, i think what he needs and what we need is a support. Anybody who’s, you know like me, and you know, thinks the jury is still out in them. I think he needs for himself as well for barcas himself. He needs a run of maybe three four five matches in a row getting clean sheets and um. You know definitely the next five matches if you could get three or more clean sheets. That would certainly put me at ease and anybody else. Um that’s a wee bit apprehensive i’m gon na go for a four two three one guys i think it’s, four, two three one or three, five dude it’s immaterial really as long as i don’t really care about the formation. As long as we win as long as it’s a win information personally, if i was a coach i’ve got my own philosophy and my own formations. I like the 433. I, like passing football, high press and football aggression and sort of a hybrid between guardiola’s football and club, really admire guardiola’s barcelona team, especially and really admire this liverpool team and yeah that’d be kind of my philosophy. 433, in your faces, high pressing lots of short passing and attacking football, but of course, i’m, not a qualified coach and i don’t have my ufo license funny enough.

So, who might they criticize formations or managers should have done this or that i didn’t say lenny’s the best qualified man for the job. He’S won five league titles as a player. Five lead titles as a manager. You know i mean anybody else who you’re gon na get. I mean it’s absolute nonsense. Maybe this is for another video, but i’ll. Tell you what i’m i’m very surprised at a certain section of our support. I’Ll tell you that much um what i noticed the other night was. I should be saying: i’ll tell you that much a wee bit more i’ll. Tell you that much. I should be saying. I’Ll tell you that much a wee bit more but anyway, i’m talking pace as usual. Right back would be fring pong. I think it’s the best fullback at the club, never mind right back. You know it’s a bread of fresh air since he came in. I really really enjoy watching him. He’S attacking yes, okay we’ve been defensively, um, not as intellectual, but you know what he can learn on that he can develop on his tackle and i don’t think he’s as bad as some people make out defensively. I think he’s, all right he’s, only a young lad, jesus christ. You know what i mean. None of us were perfect that’s. What is he not? 18. 19. 20.. You know none of us were masters of our crafts at that age. So i mean i really like this young lad, i think he’s a good player and um.

I really really rate him and i hope he gets a lot of a lot of game time this year, which i think he will in the center half position i’m going to go with near beat on. I think um near far wherever you are, i think near, is near enough what we have um, the best that we have. I think at the moment, the partner julian for me, i think ours out of form myers head is not in it and i’m i’ve. Seen a couple of things online as i’m sure you guys have seen and agents asking celtic. How much is your asking price so you can go around and basically you know ask around clubs in europe and all that. So i don’t, i think, guyer’s not there uh mentally and i think um he’s gone. I think he’s he’s out the door and um at the end of the day, like anybody who doesn’t want to be there, then you know you don’t. You know where the door is get out and i certainly second that what neil and said and uh yeah there’s, not much to say on that partnering beat on is uh christopher julian. I think he’s, the best that i have at the club. I think we can maybe bring in one or two more hopefully get duffy in another one of fire leaves and uh yeah. You know julian is the best at half of the club. I think he’s um done really well he’s, capable of a goal strong and attacking aggression.

Aggressive um, positionally very aware got a good pass in him and um as we’ve seen against kierrekovic. You know very good pass. I think his passing is underrated, underrated and um yeah. You know he’s a good defender and i suppose he’s the best that we have at the moment so yeah he has to go in the starting xi. For me. Yes, he’s going to start 11 for me left back, who else we’re gon na play greg taylor. You know i’m, not a uh he’s, a good defender um, but i just think we need another experience fella, as a couple of you guys said in the comments um in my last video and a few videos before that, we do need an experienced left back and Another young left back as well uh, maybe for the development squad some similar age to fringy. I don’t know if we’ll get hickey that’s still up for debate, but maybe try going to the english reserve market again like what we’ve done for fringpong and see. If we can find another young fullback high potential, so i’m sure the scouting team is scouring all over europe and all over the world for a new left back yeah, but an experienced one. I think we need that and also i think we need another young left back as well just to get that competition. As i said, it’s great that competition, it really pushes everybody and and everybody you know, doesn’t let their standards slip and and that’s just um that’s.

What you want in the club, like celtic, you know just get everybody fighting for their positions, and you know if one week you’re not at it, then there’s a new guy coming in and that you have the team and that’s the way it should be. And i don’t think you can have too many good players at a football club, as i’ve said before previously now, in the two just behind the tree i’m gon na play callum mcgregor, i think he picks himself. I think that’s a no brainer callum mcgregor there’s. No one better um, you know he’s done really well since he broke through and i think he’s uh our next captain i’d say you know. You i’ve heard a few things: um he’s a leader in the dressing room, and you see that on the park as well – and you know he just gets on with it – it’s highly underrated. I think um and he’s uh he’s a really good player and he just gets on with it. You know, he’s, not one for social media. You don’t, see him instagram and all that he just gets on with it. I i really like i’m, a good old fashioned phone. I, like myself, just gets on with it and does he’s talking on the park and just gets on with it and works in silence. Partnering mcgregor will be scott brown. I know he’s. A lot of people have criticized him recently, but i still think: okay he’s not peak scott brown he’s, not scott brown of of 25, 26 27 years of age, where he was battling up against pirlo and and and and chevy, and all that and really you know Doing really well against players like that fair enough, but he’s still scott brown.

He still brings so much to the to the club to the team on the park. You know he really is like a leader. Well, he is a leader on the part, but he really is like um the manager on the back, something similar to like roy kings or alex. You know. Two driven people, two successful people and lenny and brilliant are are like that as well. You know really really driven winners and uh. You know. Hopefully they get on a wee bit better than keenan and ferguson in the years to come. You know hopefully there’s not many many books um coming out, but uh nah they get on great and you can see that and they’re both winners and, i think it’s, parliament, scott brown, starts in every important game this season. He just brings so much. He motivates people around them, he’s backing out orders he’s. You know aggressive in the challenge and sometimes that we challenge in the first five. Ten minutes could kind of set the tone and just get the get the boys up for it and tell the opposition. You know f6, you know we didn’t we’re in for a battle here, so yeah bruni is irreplaceable for me um unless his form really really dips. But for me it hasn’t got that bad yet and i don’t think it will and i think scott is going to have a good season. I really really do here’s a surprise guys in the tree just in front of them not the christmas tree, but the one two three um one, two three one: two three irish mick on the mic on the left hand, side i’m playing caramel, coco dembele.

I know he’s a right midfielder, but he can play on the left as well. I’Ve seen him in the reserves a few times, um he’s a very, very good player, and i just think if he doesn’t get at least 15 20 starts this season. I wouldn’t blame the boy to be wanting to go on next summer, because he’s he’s very, very sought after and um he’s, a very good talented player with high potential and look if he’s not getting game time at celtic, then there’ll be people queuing up from from The celtic way all the way over to donegal that’s how sought after he is – and i think, he’s a very good player and i think more fool us if we don’t give him a lot of game time this season and give him a big contract uh a Five year deal hopefully and um he’s a really really good. Winger i’d like to see him start, and i think he should be starting more, and i really want him to break through this season, because i really really really really rate him and i’ve seen him. A few times for the reserves and i’d be very surprised if he doesn’t get a good few goals this season and if he starts on sunday, i’d back him to score. To be honest, i think he’s he’s that good already you know you don’t have to all the biggest clubs around europe looking at you for no reason, so it is what it is in the camp position i’m going to play out, yanusi more often he’s out in The wing, but he can play cam as well, and i think um yeah he’s really impressed with the last couple of matches and now you know he’s he’s, a very good player.

He can get a goal and i think um yeah he’s won he’s versatile. He can play cam left right and he’s got a good shot in the minute he’s, a good finisher and i think um that will work well and then on the right. James forest james, picks himself. Since he’s breakthrough, he’s been an absolute um joy to watch since his debut against motherwell i’m sure it was i’m sure it was motorbike. Lenny gave him his debut. Am i insane? I think so. I think it was um he’s been ever ever he’s done ever ever so. Well since then, trophy after trophy goal after goal and he’s uh, he he will go down and celtic history and right rightly so. You know he’s he’s, an absolute um, amazing winger for celtic and he’s pacey. You can shoot you can get a golden and he’s uh he’s got a good uh football playing as well. You know some things is underrated about james. You know, he’s got a good. Few. Assists over the last um five six years and he’s he’s a really magic player and when he’s on farm there’s, not a full back in scotland that can stop him and uh up top i’m going to play patrick lamala, i think eddie. You know at the end of the day we don’t know is eddie staying going as he fit is young for that and all but clemalla anyway, he’s been on farm during preseason.

I think this is if he’s ever going to break through. This is your time now. Patrick so um, you know because mr patrick clump of clamala, please step up to the place that’s, mr patrick lamala, please step up to the place, but um no he’s been really well he’s done really well during pre season and i think um get a few games Under his belt a few goals under his belt and i think he’ll just grow from there – i think yeah, if he’s not fully fit, give him a yeti. 45 minutes each. You know. Surely they can play that? I mean you can probably get any of us watching now and we’d give 45 minutes and most of us aren’t, fair yoda means so it’s. Just after a wee bit. You know you find your second wind and you know at the end of the day i think uh, unless you’ve got a broken leg, i wouldn’t be uh coming off the pitch or refusing to play that’s. Just me guys. Let me know what you think down below that’s my team, so barcass taylor, julian beaton, fring, bong brown, mcgregor caramel belly on the left. Oh, you knew see cam forest on the right climate up top and then the bench of course pain, um, a yeti um, who else i i put cameron harper on the bench as well. Actually, you know why not for one or two goals up 20 minutes to go, give him his chance.

You know i’m, a big fan of the you players, as you know, guys, um that’s, my philosophy that i like attacking football, developing the youth and bringing players through from our youth academy and that’s our philosophy as well as celtic, and i believe in that – and i Think, as a great mr steen said, we shouldn’t be relying on present legends. We should create our own, you know, and i think now we should be looking to the future and trying to build a really really solid celtic team to continue this domestic dominance, but also try progress in europe and um. I don’t think it’s the i don’t think it would be unrealistic to say this season trying for last 32 and then last 16 is europa league. You know, we’ve got the last 32, the last two three seasons, um of course. So you know why not go one step better. I don’t think that’s unrealistic. I don’t think that’s um beyond us. You know we’re shown against latino inclusion. When we hit top gear in the europa league, we’ve um, you know, we’ve swept we swept closure side and we they knocked those out. So it just shows you, the the drop off can be so huge and when we’re at it and when we’re, not at it and it’s, just about trying to get at it more often than not and just trying to keep those those levels and um bring in New players as well, i think, it’s, a perfect opportunity.

Europa league okay. I wouldn’t totally disrespect this the qualifying rounds in the group stage, but i think why not start to like say: karamoko dembele mikey johnston. You know players like that. A lot more and give players a try, um from the developments go out in the young players and trying to you know, give them a chance. If they, if they’re not given a chance, how can they take a chance? You know i’m, a big fan of the use, pick up the utes but that’s my team anyway guys. Let me know down below what you think and i’ll see you guys for the live watch along, which will be linked down below make sure and click it now leave a thumbs up now enter the competition and get ready for this one it’s going to be very, Very, very good, so i’ll see you guys then, and wherever you’re watching around the world, please make sure to like share and subscribe, join the journey and i’ll see you guys sunday.